The Doctor's Child

Tempora Tyler once knew of The Doctor from her mother's stories, but after her tragic death, she forced all the stories away and forgot all about the fantastic man. So after getting rid of all those memories, she's in for a surprise when in her junior year she finds a man with a blue box.
This fanfic is Doctor Who based but main characters are OC, but don't worry the real characters will be put in. It's also AU so don't hate me. I accept criticism and this book is in progress so I'm open to suggestions. No hate please. Enjoy!


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

We must've fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being woken up by a loud beeping and buzzing. I lift my head from Xander's shoulder and turn off the T.V. to hear more clearly. I check the table to see if my phone was ringing, but the screen was black and the noise was still going.

"Hey, hey Xander, wake up." I shake him until he wakes up.

"Huh? What?" He asks groggily.

"Is that your phone?" I ask. He looked confused.


"That noise, is someone calling you?" I ask a bit more concerned. He takes his phone out and checks. He shakes his head. I stay still and quiet and signal him to do the same. I listen to where the noise was coming from and notice it was coming from my duffle bag on the floor. I get off the couch and slowly walk over to it. As I get closer I remember what I found earlier that night at the football field. It can't possibly be that could it? I unzip my bag and ruffle through the clothes until I reach what I was looking for. The silver wand-like thing was vibrating and there was a blinking green light at the tip.

"Is that what I think it is?" He asks slowly. I turn to face him with a befuddled look on my face. He huffed, obviously not comfortable with explaining to me what he meant.

"You know...that." He said moving his hands in a rolling motion hoping I would get it.

"Not understanding." I say. He lets out a heavy sigh acknowledging the fact that I had an innocent mind.

"Is that a female pleasure imitating apparatus?" He had difficulty finishing his question. Then it clicked.

"OH GOD NO! Xander why in the world would I-ugh no!"

I hit him repeatedly with the silver wand as I yell at him. Then another noise was heard. It overpowered the beeping noise from the silver wand. I recognized that noise instantly.




The blue box from earlier had materialized in my living room. We stopped bickering and stared at the box.

"Xander, please tell me you see that too." I plead. He quickly nods his head in response. The door opened and the same boy that I saw at the field came out. In result of my shock I dropped the silver wand.

"Oi! Be careful with that!" The boy exclaimed. He ran up to us and picked up the gadget that was at my feet. He popped back up examining the thing.

"This is a sonic screwdriver, it's a delicate piece of machinery. You don't just drop it willy nilly." He scolded while pointing and wiggling the sonic screwdriver in our faces.

"A what?" Asked Xander. The boy let out a huff.

"Slow this one isn't he? It's a sonic screwdriver. It's gotten me and others out of trouble quite a few times. I guess I must've dropped it when I ran into you earlier." He pointed his screwdriver in my direction before giving it a toss and putting it in a pocket inside his blazer.

"Sonic screwdriver, why does that sound so familiar? " I thought out loud. The boy scrunched his eyebrows together.

"Familiar? No, no that's not possible."

"But I swear I've heard it before..."

"Nope absolutely not."

I look at him questioningly. I find myself blushing as I take in his handsome features for the second time that night.

"Am I the only one questioning why there is a police box in the middle of your house?!" Exclaims Xander pointing his hand toward the box. I quickly snap out of my daze and get my senses back.

"Right. How did you get here? I saw you at the field with that box and now you're in my living room, with that box!" I said. He didn't seem taken back by my sudden change in volume. He had a smug smirk on his face.

"That, my dear lady and gent, is my TARDIS." He explained with a proudness in him.

"Your what?" I asked.

"It's my TARDIS. It's my ship. Time And Relevant Dimension In Space that's what it is." He seemed very excited about telling us what it was. He gets a little closer to me, making me get butterflies in my stomach, and talks in a quieter voice.

"It travels through time and space." He slowly backs away, awaiting our reactions.

"You're crazy." Claims Xander. The kid raises an eyebrow at his remark.

"Then you must be crazy too. You're the one who saw a blue box materialize in the middle of her apartment." He smirks. While the kid easily outsmarted Xander, my mind was racing to figure out who he was. Everything seemed so familiar. The TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver, even the way the boy carried himself, it all seemed like I've known about this all my life. Then it clicked.

"Doctor!" I yell out. "You're the Doctor!" It all makes sense. All my mother's stories, the ones I pushed away because she died, they all came back and hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Excuse me?" Asked the suspected Doctor.

"You are the Doctor. Of course, it all makes sense now." I replied. He had a sort of concerned/interested look on his face.

"No, I'm not. Well, of sorts, I suppose I am. I mean, I'm not him literally. I'm more of him. People always confuse me with dad. I am more like him than my mother, I suppose that's because of my father's stronger Timelord gene." He rambled.

"That's, um...interesting." I reply. He starts walking back to the TARDIS.

"Yes, yes. What's your name exactly?" He asks while unlocking the door.

"Tempora. Tempora Tyler."

He opens the door and puts one foot in and turns to face us.

"Well Tempora Tyler, it seems like you are the interesting one."

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