Innocent Little Creature

I was listening to a random song on YouTube when I was inspired to write this. :) (P.S. The only mature content in this is some rude language.)
Lucasta was dying, she knew it from the moment she saw the man made from shadows, when she watched him turn and leave, she knew death its self had walked past her and that soon they would meet again, maybe not tomorrow or next week, but soon. She knew that her time would come to walk into the shadows and never return to the light of the living. The strange thing was as she looked where the man had been standing, she realized that at the age of six, she was not afraid of dying.....


2. Twelve years later....

A pale figure wondered through the market, completely at ease with the environment around her. An mahogany hued coat encased her body and soft leather boots made no sounds against the stones. Coming to an abrupt stop, she scanned the buildings until her cold eyes landed on a white washed hall. Keeping her face hidden under her hood, she kept walking.


She slipped inside and crept towards the fire exit.


"Lucasta Adalgisa, stop right there!"


Slowly Lucasta turned round, a woman in a nurses uniform leaned against the door frame. Her skin the colour of roasted coffee beans and her hair was a bleached blonde, her emerald eyes were narrowed at Lucasta. She grimaced at the blonde and tucked an imaginary strand of midnight hair behind her ear.


"I was just coming to find you Sage. Honest...."

"Don't bull-shit me Lucasta, get your arse in here before I have to drag you in myself."


Mumbling under her breath, Lucasta followed Sage reluctantly. Flopping down into a chair, she stared at the ceiling until a cup of coffee was forced into her hands. Sage watched her as she sipped the hot beverage.


"What is it Sage? I've told you everything already."

"This is what Lucasta."


She tossed a newspaper to Lucasta, on the front page there was a dark grainy picture of a woman. She looked harder and raised her eyebrow when she saw that most of the woman was covered in blood. She dropped the newspaper into her lap.


"Your point is?"

Sage rolled her eyes. "You don't get it, do you? Lucasta somebody was murdered last night and the boyfriend said she was often followed home by a guy who never showed his face in light."

"Go on..."

"Lucasta, what if this is the same guy that you saw twelve years ago? What if he's looking for you?" Sage's eyes teared up at the thought of losing her best friend.


Lucasta rolled her eyes, and hugged her friend. Maybe it is him, she thought , maybe it's my time to become a shadow myself. She kept her thought to herself and left. Flinching as cold rain hit her hood. She walked through the street until she felt a cold shiver go up her spine. Pulling her coat tighter around her with long, white fingers she looked up. The rain obscured her vision until she could make out the shape of a man. She gasped and held her breath.


She was looking at her memory from the time she first saw the man. Details became more clear. The tattered black long coat. The green waist coat with silver patterns on it and the mysterious dark stains on it. The black trousers and formal black ankle boots. The white shirt with dark stains on it. The skin that was as white as his shirt and the haunting cat green eyes. The frosted smile.


He was staring at her, there was nobody behind her in the rain. Nobody else that he could be smiling at. He moved toward Lucasta. She was glued to the spot and soon she felt her chin being tilted to look into his eyes.


They were twice as bright as she remembered, her knees were weak and her hands shook. Her lips parted involuntarily. Her breath stirred a few strands of dark mahogany hair and he chuckled. Raising his free hand he pushed back her hood and stroked the onyx waterfall crowning her head. She flinched as a cold finger traced her lips.


"You're twice as pretty than I remember." He chuckled softly.


Lucasta blinked and then, she was no longer held in the grasp of the stranger. She was alone in the rain, shivering with cold and fright as the reality of what just happened sank in.....



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