The move,

Two twin sisters non-identical move to London. There was one girl there who hated them. They didn't think they would be liked, until they met five boys.


10. more of the party

Lauren's P.O.V

Harry told me that Louis wanted to talk to me in the hallway. Why would he want to talk to me? I walked out into the hallway with a massive smile on my face. My smile went when I saw that Louis was crying. 'Whats the matter?' I asked. Whilst giving him a hug. 'Its Eleanor!' He replied. 'What! What has she done?' 'I new it. I told you. She was cheating on me and when I told her it was over her boyfriend punches me in the ribs.' He lifted his top up to show me the massive bruise on his stomach. I gasped. The bruise was massive. 'Where is the toilet here?' I asked Louis. 'Upstairs.' He said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs. I got the flannel of the side and soaked it in water. I pressed it on his bruise. We sat on the side of the bath, and Louis just started at me.

Louis's P.O.V

Whilst she was pressing the flannel on my bruise, I just starred at her. I couldn't get over how beautiful she looked today. 'What you staring at?' Lauren said while smirking at me. 'Ah,not much really!' 'Cheers Lou,' 'Oh god I didn't mean it like that!' ' I know, I know' she laughed. 'But you do look beautiful tonight!' 'Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself'. I just smiled at her. 'How about we go downstairs, with all the others?' she asked. 'Yeah,we should.' We walked down the stairs, I was behind Lauren she walked into the living room. Harry said 'What were you two doing up there,aye?' While winking. Lauren hit his back playfully and said 'Shut up Harry!'

Harry's P.O.V

We all decided to watch a movie. The only things on were things like Shrek, little mermaid and Monsters Inc. Rebekah had her legs draped over Liam's lap. Lauren had her head on Louis's shoulder and I had my head on Lauren's lap. Niall was on the floor with all the popcorn. Zayn and Perrie had gone home. 'Move your head Niall!' Liam shouted. Niall turned around and said 'Shut up Liam!' Whilst throwing popcorn at his face. Tonight was a good night, other than what happened to Louis.

Lauren's P.O.V

Today has been good. My phone vibrated on the side. I picked it up and it was a message from my dad. It was 9 o'clock. I completely forgot about the time. The message said:

Hello Poppet, hope everything is alright over there! Is it okay if I pick you up about 10:30?


Louis looked at my phone and said 'Aw. Lauren can I call you poppet?' He was laughing. 'Sure you can call me poppet!' I said whilst giving him a cheesy smile! I replied to my dad:

Hey dad, yeah sure! That's cool. See you then!:)

-Lauren x

'So guys,what do you want to do!?' Louis said. 'Hide and seek' Niall said. We all looked at him with our eyebrows raised. I looked at everyone and said 'We mays well?' 'Okay I'll count!' Niall said. 'One rule we have to hide in pairs, I mean it's only fair because me and Lauren have never been here before!' Rebekah said. 'Fine fine,but I'm picking the pairs!' Harry said. We all agreed I was kind of hoping he'd be nice and put me with Louis. 'Lauren and Liam and Louis and Rebekah, and me by myself!' Harry said. I wasn't disappointed, I guess it was good seeming as I haven't really spoke to Liam.

Niall's P.O.V

I heard two people run up stairs and someone run into the back garden. Someone ran down the corridor in the hallway that led to the garage. I counted to 50 and then shouted 'READY OR NOT IM COMING TO GET YOU!' I decided to go and look in the back garden first. I swung the door open and walked outside. I heard giggling, it sounded like Rebekah. I thought they would be hiding behind the pool underneath the rocks. I walked over and crawled over and kneeled down and looked under. They wasn't there. I went to go and look in Harry's mums allotment there were trees everywhere, so it was pretty easy to hide in there. As I walked further into the allotment I heard more giggling this time a girl and a boys voice. I got to the back and shouted 'FOUND YOU!' Louis and Rebekah were hiding where the gate was. I ran into the house and ran along the corridor in the hallway and went into the garage. I heard someone come in here. There was many places to hide in here other than behind the freezer and under the car. I don't think that Lauren would get underneath the car. So I looked behind the freezer no one was there. I walked to the other side of the car, got on my knees and put my head under the car. Harry was there giving me a cheeky smile. 'Found you!' I said. I walked out of the garage and ran up the stairs. I didn't know which room to look in first. I looked in the bathroom they wasn't there. They weren't in Harry's mums room or his sisters. So they must be in Harry's room. There was only one place to hide in Harry's room I thought anyway. I looked inside the wardrobe and the weren't there. I walk in to the bathroom again and they wasn't there. I heard someone laugh. It was Liam and Lauren, I walked back into Harry's room. Liam let out a loud laugh. I looked up and they were both on top of Harry's wardrobe. Everyone ran upstairs and started to laugh at Lauren and Liam on top of the wardrobe. Liam helped Lauren down. We all went back downstairs.

Liam's P.O.V

Once we had all got back down stairs I noticed Rebekah was shivering so I gave her my jumper. She looked so cute with her dress and a jumper on. 'Thank-you Liam!' She said snuggling up into me. I put my arm around her she was so cold. By this time it was only 10 o'clock. Lauren and Rebekah had to leave at 10:30 I didn't want them to go we were having such a good time. Rebekah looked up at me and said 'Are you okay?' 'Yeah of course I am! Just day dreaming!' 'Aw' she said.

Louis's P.O.V

Rebekah and Liam were all snuggled up and admittedly I was cold to. So I put my arm around Lauren and she moved closer to me. She laid her head on my shoulder. She took my SnapBack of and put it on her head. She looked so stupid. She started to rap. 'Yoo, it's Lozza and Bexy in da house!' She rapped while pointing at Rebekah. We were all laughing so much. She put the hat back on my head. She laid on my again. Her phone vibrated, it was a message from her dad it said:

Hey I'm on my way now,see you in a minute:)

-Dad x

'Before you go, could I get your number?' I asked her 'Sure!' She said. She scrolled through her contacts to find her number. When she found it she gave it to Me. I saved her under Poppet. She also gave Harry,Niall and Liam her number to. Rebekah gave me her number as well. We heard a beep outside. It was there dad. Lauren and Rebekah got up and said 'goodbye' to everyone. Lauren gave me a hug I whispered in her ear 'Love you poppet!' I pulled away from the hug and winked at her. I also gave Rebekah a hug and they gave everyone else a hug goodbye to. They said goodbye for the last time and walked to there dad's car.

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