The move,

Two twin sisters non-identical move to London. There was one girl there who hated them. They didn't think they would be liked, until they met five boys.


11. home and school tomorrow

Rebekah's P.O.V

Me and Lauren got into the car 'Hello girls!' Dad said. 'Hey dad!' We both said at the same time. 'How was the party?' 'It was good, what have you been upto?' I said. 'Just been catching up on Waterloo Road!' Dad said.


The rest of the car journey home we were all silent. It wasn't a awkward silence, there was nothing to talk about. When we got home me and Lauren went to our room. Lauren said 'You do know that you're still wearing Liam's jumper right?' 'Crap!' I said. I got my phone and went to text him but I already had a text from Liam it said:

It's fine you can keep my jumper if you want;) I'm serious, you can keep it wear it tomorrow if you want!:)<3

-Liam x

I replied:

Are you sure? :)<3

-Rebekah x

I put my phone down just for it to vibrate two seconds later him to reply, he said:

Yeah of course I'm sure, I'll see you tomorrow babe:)<3

-Liam x

I squealed. I made Lauren jump. 'What,what?' She said. 'LIAM CALLED ME BABE!!' I said. Lauren looked at me and said 'Please re-evaluate your life!' 'Oh you can talk POPPET! Don't try and hide it I saw you blush every time he said it!' I replied.

Lauren's P.O.V

Me and Rebekah got our pyjamas on. We laid in bed watching a movie, the movie was dodgeball. We laughed a lot. I felt a vibration above my head. Louis had text me, I felt myself smile. He said:

Hey, you better be in school tomorrow! All of are classes are the same! Hope you had a good night poppet;)<3

-Louis x

I replied with:

Hey, of course I'm going to in! It's only my second day of school silly;) and stop calling me poppet Tommo;)<3

-Lauren x

I put my phone down and about five minutes later he replied, he said:

Okay we have deal here, I get to call you poppet and you call me Tommo! Anyways I'm going to have to get some sleep see ya tomorrow beautiful:)<3

I didn't reply, instead I just fell asleep with a smile on my face!

Dad's P.O.V

I heard the girls get up and out of bed. I got up an went down stairs and started to make them eggs and bacon for breakfast. They can't go to school on a empty stomach! I really want to know who this Harry person is. Is it one of there boyfriends? I'm not going to ask because it'll just embarrass them.

Lauren's P.O.V

I got up and rubbed my hands over my face. Rebekah was sitting on the edge of her bed. I went into the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I took about 10 minutes to shower and wash my hair. Once I got out, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I walked out of the shower with the towel wrapped round me. I walked quickly to mine and Rebekah's bedroom. I blow dried my hair and put some clothes on. I put on a pair of black leggings and a low cut hollister top which was blue and grey hoodie. Along with some grey nike blazers. I started to straightened my hair.

Rebekah's P.O.V

Once Lauren got out of the shower. I got in. I took less time in the shower than Lauren I only took about 5 minutes in the shower. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I stared in the mirror, wondering if Liam would ever like me. I stared at myself which must of been at least 5 minutes and shook my head. With the towel wrapped round me I walked into our bedroom. I blow dried my hair and go changed into some black skinny jeans, a plain dark blue hollister top along with Liam's Jack Wills jumper. I rolled up my jeans at the bottom and put on some Black and Red puma Suedes. Today I let my hair do what ever it wants. Me and Lauren raced down the stairs, we smelt eggs and bacon. We got down stairs and on the counter was two plates of egg, bacon,beans and toast. Along with some orange juice. Yum! We ate as quickly as we could, seeming as we had 5 minutes to get to school. Dad shouted 'Girls get in the car, your going to be late!' We ran to the car with our bags and jumped in! My phone vibrated in my hand, it was Harry. It said:

Hey Bekah, your gonna be late! Better hurry;)

-Harry x

I replied back:

Hey hazza;) were in the car now!!! See ya in a minute xx

-Rebekah x

Louis's P.O.V

We were all in class and Lauren and Rebekah weren't here yet. I was about to text Lauren, but they rushed in before I could. 'Sorry were late' they both said at the same time. Lauren sat next to me in tutorial but unlucky for Rebekah she had to sit next to Danielle. Lauren came and sat down. I looked at her and gave her a smile and looked back at the board. I've felt so much happier since I've broke up with Eleanor. Okay we have only been broken up for only a day but, she never made me happy. See, hanging out with the boys,Lauren and Rebekah made me happy. We all had a good time.

Rebekah's P.O.V

Great, sitting next to Danielle. She looked me up and down and kissed her teeth at me. 'If you've got something to say, say it now?' I said. 'Well, if were gonna say what's wrong with you let's start with, the fact that you're under weight..' She said. 'Well at least my hair looks like it's been brushed,frizzy.' I said. The teacher walked in and said 'Seeming as you two cannot get along. Rebekah move to the seat in front of Liam please and Josh you move next to Danielle! Quickly!'

First lesson was Music. Me and Lauren hadn't had music yet. We don't have music together in only have it with Niall. Niall and I walked into music. Luckily we got to sit next to each other. Today we had to learn how to play a group of notes all at the same time on a guitar. If I'm honest it was so boring. When we had to perform it to the rest of the class, Niall and I completely messed up. We laughed so much, the teacher told us to go and wait outside. 'You're crazy!' Niall said. 'How?' I said while laughing. 'I would never of done something like that, well what I mean is. I would never of spent the whole lesson talking instead of practicing!' I just laughed. The teacher came out and said 'Mr Horan I did not expect this from you and as for you Miss Stacey I thought you would of been a bit better seeming as this is your first lesson!' We couldn't help but laugh. ' I think I'm going to put you into different classroom.' I was still laughing. The teacher told us to go and get are bags and come back out into the corridor. So that's what we did. She knocked on a classroom door and said 'Hello Mrs Breckworth, Mr Horan and Miss Stacey are going to go and sit in on your class if that's okay?' By this time I was laughing again. We got put into my sisters and the rest of the boys music room. We sat down, and I couldn't help but laugh, so I put my head in my hands and sat like that for the rest of the lesson. The lesson went pretty quick. The bell rang for break. Me and Niall ran to the door.

Liam's P.O.V

We walked out of the classroom and Niall and Rebekah were waiting for us. She was wearing my hoodie, it looked so cute on her. I may kind of like her but I really don't know how to tell her. She'd think I was crazy, this was my second day of knowing her. I think I'm just going to ask her on a date. Well when she was away from Niall!!! When we were walking outside to go sit on the benches that we did yesterday. Rebekah and I were walking on our own. 'Hey Rebekah, what are you doing tomorrow?' I said. 'Nothing,why?' She said. 'Was wondering if you wanted to come hang out with us tomorrow?' I asked. 'That'd be great!' She said. Phew I thought she was going to turn me down. 'Where are we going?' She asked. ' I don't know yet,maybe we could go out for lunch?' 'Yeah that would be cool,!' 'Ill pick you up tomorrow at 12:30?' I said. 'Yeah' she said and gave me a cheesy smile. We walked over to the benches and sat down with the others.

Louis's P.O.V

I had been speaking to Lauren a lot today. What if she likes me? I haven't told her that I like her. Well, I mean not really like her but I do kind of like her. 'What are you thinking about?' Lauren asked me. 'Nothing just day dreaming!' I said. 'What is your next lesson?' She asked. 'Science and so have you!' I said. I winked at her. She smiled at me, she has the cutest smile. She stared into my eyes, I went to lean in but I realised I don't know if she likes me. So at the last second I pulled a stupid face at her. It was time for science, it went so quick and it was a double session. After an hour an a half of science it was lunch.We went to the lunch hall and sat down.

Rebekah's P.O.V

Whilst we were in the lunch hall I started to think about tomorrow and our "date". I wonder if he actually likes me? No, of course he doesn't. He's perfect then there is well, me. He had the nicest brown eyes and his brown hair. Then there was me. Hazel eyes and Normal brown hair. Lunch went pretty quickly, nothing amazing happened. We all went to class which was Art double session. I hate art. I cannot draw to save my life. The task we got set was to draw our partners faces. I had to sit next to Louis and Lauren sat next to Harry. Mine looked awful. We laughed so much at it. His eyes were so small. Louis's was pretty good other than my nose. The nose he drew was massive I mean, it took up half of the face. Me and Louis talked due in the lesson. 'Do you like Liam?' He whispered. 'Yeah, of course as a friend!' I answered. 'No I meant more than a friend.' I felt my cheeks go red! 'I new it!' Louis said. He saw me blush didn't he. 'Please don't say anything, I know he doesn't like me to!' I said. 'Oh shut up! You know he does!' He said loudly. Everyone looked round and stared at us.

Louis's P.O.V

I new Rebekah liked him. I mean it was easy to tell, the night of Harry's party and even at school. 'You like my sister, don't you?' I heard her say. 'Shhhhhh!' I said. She started singing 'Louis and Lauren sitting in a tree...' I put my hand on her mouth. She started to laugh. 'Hey could you ask your sister something?' I asked. 'Depends what it is?' She said. 'Just ask her if she wants to meet up on Sunday?' 'Sure I'll get her to text you after school!' 'Thanks, text me when you've told her please!' 'Of course I will, don't tell you know who about you know what!' She said. I winked. The bell went off and we packed out books and drawings into are bags. I walked Lauren and Rebekah outside of school to there Dads car, Lauren gave me a hug and me and Rebekah did our handshake we made in art. They got in the car and her dad drove off. I got into my car and started to drive of but I saw Liam and decided I'd give him a lift home.

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