The move,

Two twin sisters non-identical move to London. There was one girl there who hated them. They didn't think they would be liked, until they met five boys.


13. first dayyy


Lauren's P.O.V

So dad has gone and he has left his bank card. This isn't going to end well. The only sensible people living with us at the moment is Liam and Louis. Me and Harry are going to get Louis from his house. 'You ready?' Harry shouts to me. 'Yeah, just coming.' I grab my bag and head to the car with Harry. We both got into the car. 'Does Louis live close?' I asked. 'Kind of, it's only like 5 minutes away but then we have to go and get Niall.' The car journey was pretty awkward, I don't know why. He kept going to say something to me then cutting himself of. We got to Louis's and he was leaning on the front of his mum's car looking into space. Harry leaned out of the window and shouted ' TOMMO!'. He just laughed and opened the car door. He sat in the car and said 'Hey guyssss!'. I smiled at him and Harry said 'Alright Bruddaaaa.'. Louis shook his head at him. We drove to Niall's no one spoke, why was it so awkward?

Liam's P.O.V

Me and Rebekah were sitting watching Toy Story. My favorite movie. 'Have you noticed something about Niall?' I asked. 'What do you mean?' She said. 'He seems like he may..' 'Like me?' she said cutting me off. 'Yes..' I said. 'Why would you think that?' she said. 'They way he looks at you, the way he has to be with you all the time!' 'That may be a hint of jealousy Mr Payne.' she replied while laughing. 'But, he does why doesn't he just tell you.' I sounded so stupid then why didn't I tell her that I liked her? 'Maybe he doesn't Liam?' she said swinging her legs of me. She walked into the kitchen, I followed her. 'Rebekah?' I said. 'What?' ' she said sharply. 'Look, can I take you out for dinner tonight?' I asked. 'Yes, I've got to find something to wear, but wait until they get back.' With that she ran upstairs to look for something to wear. I followed her up the stairs. 'Liam!' she moaned. 'Yes Rebekah?' I replied. 'I have nothing to wear I am going to look horrible.' 'No you're not, you look good all of the time!' 'You must be joking.' she said. 'You do so shut up' I said while winking at her. I walked out of the room and started to walk down the spiral stairs. I heard someone shout from downstairs 'THE FUN BEGINS.' When I got to the bottom I saw Louis, thought I reccognised the voice. 'TOMMO!' I shouted. 'YES PAYNO.' I walked over to Louis and gave him a hug. 'What you doing tonight?' Louis asked me. 'Oh I am taking Rebekah out for dinner.' I answered. 'Get in the son!' Louis said. I shook my head at Louis and walked back upstairs to see when Rebekah would be ready.


Rebekah's P.O.V


Liam knocked on the door and asked 'Are you ready yet?.' 'Two minutes!' I said. I rused around. I found a denium skirt with a black belt and a long sleved black top and put it on. I wore a pair of low nike blazers, I know not girly and maybe doesn't go with the outfit I am wearing but it's going to have to do. I put my make up on, I didn't put much on I only put a bit of foundation on as well as eyeliner and mascara. I looked in the mirror and pulled my hair on to one side. I put a necklace on that my mum got me before she passed away. I looked in the mirror once again and walked out. I walked down the stairs and they were all staring at me. 'What?' I said while laughing. 'You look beautiful Rebekah.' Niall said. I looked over to Liam when Niall said that you could see the fustration in his eyes. 'Thank-you Niall.' I said. 'Guys, Liam and I are going out so there is food in the fridge cook something for yourselfs, we will be back later.' I added. I guess me and Liam were like the parents of the group. 'Okay mum' I heard Lauren say. 'Shut up you!' I said and winked at Lauren. 'Bye guysssss!!' Liam and I shouted. We got into Liams car. 'Ready?' he asked. 'Yep. Lets go.' The whole way there I was thinking to myself why are we going out? Liam doesn't seem like one to take a girl on a 'date'.  We arrived. Liam and I walked inside 'Table for 2 please.' Liam said to the waiter. 'Okay follow me.' The waiter said. We followed him the place was so big. When we got to our table we sat down, 'You're Liam Payne aren't you?' the waiter asked. 'Yes how did you know?' Liam replied. 'Sister she is a big fan.' The waiter said. After that he just walked of. We ordered our food and drinks at first there was nothing really to talk about then Liam wouldn't stop talking. 'You know that Niall thing we were talking about this morning?' Liam asked. 'Yes?' I said.

'Do you think it is half true?' 'No Liam. I dont think he does' 'Why not, the way he has to always be with you?' 'Liam we are just friends. It doesn't matter' I said in a annoyed voice. 'It does matter.' Liam replied. 'No Liam, no it does not. We are not dating or anything, if he did like me it would not matter because I dont like him.' 'Yes you do, oh sorry do you like Harry then?' 'No Liam I like you.' It all went silent for a little bit I stared at the wall behind him. I new that would shut him up. 'Look Re..' He trired to say something but I cut him of. 'No Liam, can we just go home and talk about it. Its slightly embarrsing don't ya think!' I said. I got up and started walking to the car. Liam left the money on the table and followed me. We got into the car the whole journey home was silent. On the way home all I could think about is what just happend. I don't like Niall like that and I don't ever think I will, he is just a friend. Why is Liam so jealous?

Louis's P.O.V

I heard the door unlock I turned my head from the tv to look at the door. I saw Rebekah come in first she just stormed upstairs, she had tears in her eyes. Liam closed the door and walked up to his room. 'What do you think happend?' I asked Lauren. 'I don't know, I am going to talk to Liam' She lifted her head of my lap and ran upstairs. I decided to go and talk to Rebekah to see what happend. I didn't bother knocking on the door I just walked in. She had her head buried in her pillows. I walked over and sat on her bed next to her. 'Rebekah, Its Louis. Do you want to tell me whats happend?' She rolled over and explained everything Liam said to her. I just looked at her for a minute. 'You and Liam like each other okay, there is no hiding it really. Niall most likely like you but you shouldn't let that effect your friendship well relationship.' I said. 'I guess, do I talk to him?' she asked me. Just before I was about to reply there was a knock on the door. It was Liam, he popped his head round the door and said 'Bekah can I speak to you?' Rebekah nodded her head I walked out and left them to it.

Liam's P.O.V

I walk over to Rebekah, she was laying with her was burrowed in the pillow. 'Look..' I said. I couldn't finish of my sentence because she got up and gave me a hug. 'What was that for?' I smiled pulling out of the hug. 'I shouldn't of over reacted.' She said. 'Nearly lost a good friend.' When she said that it made me think. Friend, i don't want to be just her friend. 'Look, Rebekah.' I started. 'Yes?' She said innocently.

' I like you.' I said, after I said it I looked down at the floor.

'Really or are you just messing?' She said.

'For real. It's took me ages.'

She didn't say anything to me, she just gave me a hug and whispered to me 'Same'. I smiled. She yawned, I let her lay down in bed. She said to me 'I like you too liam.'

'I guess that means?' I said.

'Yeah, we're going out.' She said finishing my sentence for me. She fell asleep on the bed. I tuned of the light and walked our of the room.

Niall's P.O.V

We were all sitting on the sofas other than Rebekah and Liam. Liam came down stairs with a massive smile on his face.

'Why you smiling so much?' Lou asked.

'Is it illegal or something?' Liam said winking.

'Nah, just I know something has happened for you too smile this much' Louis replied.

'Fine fine something did happen.' Liam confessed.

'What, what?' Lauren asked.

'Me and Rebekah, you know. Are kind of, going out?' Liam smiled.

Is it a bad thing that I'm very jealous of Liam? I mean it's not like he is going out with the girl I like or think is the most beautiful girl in the world. Well I can't say anything as no one knows. Well done Niall.

'ARE YOU FOR REAL!' Lauren squealed.

'Yes Lauren,' Liam laughed

Lauren got up and ran up the stairs.


'WHO CARES!!' She shouted back. We all laughed, and let her get on with it. They both came down the stairs.

'You are a idiot I was sleeping Lauren.' Rebekah said.

'Ooohhhh sorry Mrs Payne.' Lauren said sarcastically.

Rebekah came down in her onesie and went and sat next to Liam, typical. Lauren sat down next to me.

'Soooooo...' Harry said, I've had enough of hearing about it now so I cut Harry of.

'Night guys.' I got up before anyone could say anything and ran upstairs. Laid down with my head in the pillows. What a great night this has been.

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