The move,

Two twin sisters non-identical move to London. There was one girl there who hated them. They didn't think they would be liked, until they met five boys.


4. First Day Of School.

Lauren's P.O.V


The alarm went off at 6:00am for school. I didn't know whether to be excited or scared. There are so many questions running around my mind like will I make any friends? Will I be liked? Will I have a nice teacher? Rebekah seemed fine about going to a new school. I tried to look my best, I showered and washed my hair. When I was finished I blow dried and curled my hair. I then got dressed, I put on a pair of blue skinny jeans and a blue Hollister top along with some black and white puma suede's. After that I went and made myself a bowl of co co pops.

Rebekah's P.O.V

I heard Lauren get into the shower. I rubbed my eyes and sat up on the bed. I waited until Lauren got out of the shower so that I could go and have a shower myself. I got in and washed my hair. I walked back into my room shivering. I blow dried my hair and had it down. I pulled out a Superdry jumper and a pair a leggings and put them on. I also wore my white converse. I ran downstairs and saw Lauren at the table eating co co pops. You could tell she was nervous. It was obvious, she was biting her nails and every little thing made her jump. We were sitting at the breakfast counter I said 'So, are you looking forward to school?' Lauren tried to put on a brave face and said 'Yes, I am so excited!' You could tell she was worried. Dad came running down the stairs and said 'Right girls, are you ready?' I looked at Lauren and said 'Yes,were ready dad.' Me and Lauren walked to the car. Lauren put her hand on the handle of the car, she was shaking. We all got into the car and drove to our new school.

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