The Hunt

Emma is trapped in a twisted game where if you lose, you die.


1. The Hunt

  I was alone: The corridor was deserted, dimly lit by small circular lights on the arched ceiling. The stone walls were bare, no paintings, no windows, only many old fashioned wooden doors opposite each other.

  I felt a mysterious presence, although I wasn't superstitous, lurking behind me. I glanced over my shoulder but as I'd expected, there was no one there. I continued to make my way towards the end of the corridor but froze as something tapped me gently on the arm. I gasped, nearly jumping out of my skin as I whirled around to face them.

  Standing before me was a strange 'man'; He was oddly puppet like. His face was scarily pale, his eyes wide and bloodshot. I could feel him starring deep into my soul. He smirked and I flung my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming as I noticed a thick, red substance dripping slowly down his pointed chin...blood. I inagined him leaning over his cold, lifeless victim, placing his cracked lips on their bleeding wounds...

  With a shudder, I forced the dreaded image out of my mind, praying that I wouldn't be next.

  "Run," He commanded simply. "I like a challenge." I hesitated, unable to move. After taking one last look at his inhuman face, I knew he was serious. So I ran, dashing towards the end of the corridor as if my life depended on it, which I was certain it did. My loud footsteps echoed off the walls and I wondered why he wasn't following.

  "I like a challenge." The words repeated over and over inside my mind. I was just a new exiting game to him. Whoever he was, he certainly wasn't human.

  Abruptly, I stopped as I reached the end of the gloomy, dark corridor and spun round to see the 'man' still standing in the distance, grasping a sharp, silver, bloodstained knife. Wisps of smoke surrounded him, turning into transparent clones of him. This time I did scream, shoving the door on my right open, then slamming it shut behind me. I hurried across the room to the next door, taking no notice of what was around me, and turned the handle. It was locked. I let our a terrified whimper before reluctantly scanning the room for something to smash it open.

   The room was rather empty, the only furniture being a dated armchair, a dented desk and a broken chair beside it. Next to me was a four poster bed. I could make out a hazy figure curled up on it. I peered closer, only to pull back, repulsed. Tears spilled over as I recognised the dead girl: She was my best friend, Lissa, her pretty dark curls covering her face. Her eyes were still open, so i carefully placed two fingers on her eyelids and closed them, she was so cold. My heart ached for her. I was shaking, going into shock as I spotted an axe buried in her neck. I had no time to think about what I was doing, I gingerly pulled it out and began hacking at the door.

  Once I'd made a large enough gap, I dropped the bloodstained axe and crawled through it, refusing to dwell on what I'd just had to do. I scrambled to my feet and headed towards the next door, adrenaline kicking in. How many rooms were there? Just as I was about to reach for the doorknob, I tripped on something soft and fell on top of it. It was warm and my hands were covered in a hot liquid I couldn't identify, none of the lights were on. I guess this place didn't have electricity. I pulled myself up off the foor and realised it was another murdered girl, her blood on my hands, my shirt. She must have been the latest victim. I couldn't help myself, I shrieked out in horror. I cursed myself, positive they'd heard.

  Sure enough, I heard whistling and the transparent clone flew straight through the wall and even through me, making me shiver. I fumbed with the doorknob but it wouldn't move.

"No..." I whispered, barely audible. I just helplessly attempted to force the door open with no luck. Suddenly, a cold solid hand wrapped around my ankle and dragged me down. My body crashed to the floor, hard. My nose began to bleed. The clone duplicated until there was three of them, pinning me down to the ground.

"No!" I yelled, kicking one in the chest. Surprisingly, it released me, flying back through the wall. They'd become solid: I fought my way free of the other two, punching them both in their horrible faces and kicked down the fragile door.

  I zig-zagged through countless rooms, desperately trying to find the exit, putting as much space between me and those hideous clones as I possibly could, until I just couldn't take it anymore.

  I was exhausted, gasping for breath as I sunk to the floor against the door. I'd admitted defeat, accepted the fact that I was going to die here, another meaningless victim to the creature stalking me. I couldn't bare to think about Lissa, of all our hopes and dreams we'd planned for years to make a reality, gone. I crouched there for what felt like hours, waiting for death to come.

  Finally, there was a faint knock on the door on the other side of the room, it was him, I was sure of it. The door creaked open and there he was, in his ragged and torn clothing. He sighed and tutted, taking his time to stroll across the room before coming to a halt at my feet.

  "What a shame." He sneered. Holding a knife in one hand, he trailed the other along the blade. He pressed the end of his disgusting, dirty finger against the tip of the blade, causing it to bleed. The blood was strangely black and I watched in wonder and fear as it trickled down his finger. Then something stranger happened, the blood disappeared and the puncture on the tip of his finger healed instantly, as if nothing had happened. I frowned in disgust, there was no way I would have a chance of escaping him, he was unstoppable.

"I have to say I'm rather disappointed." I tilted my head up and saw him gazing at me, emotionless.

"I thought you'd try harder. You did so well against my... other personas. Oh well, I always win in the end." A cruel smile played on his lips and he kneeled beside me, much too close for my liking. I dragged myself away from him, into the corner of the room and wrapped my arms around my legs, wanting to burst out in tears, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I tried to look confident, brave even, but I was sure he could see straight through it.

  His expression changed, he seemed annoyed. "I see. Anyway, on with the show." He smiled cruelly as he moved closer. I spotted a pen knife a metre away and reached for it, quickly cutting him down his calf, ripping through his worn trousers. I hoped to inflict as much pain as I could, for Lissa. He grabbed me aggressively by the neck and lifted me up against the wall.

  "How dare you." He raged, emphasizing every word. He threw me across the room and I smacked against the hard wooden desk, my head splitting open, my arm snapping, breaking. I just lay there, like a rag doll. My vision was blurred, I was on the verge of passing out when I felt the clones restraining me, as they did before but I had no intention of breaking free. I'd accepted my fate, I wasn't afraid of death. The creature raised the knife, a glint in his eyes and I squeezed mine shut, as death pulled me deeper and deeper until I was gone. Safe in deaths protective arms, where no one could ever harm me again.


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