Remembering Tomorrow

Courtney Williams loved cheering, loved her popularity, loved her life, everything was perfect. Though to others in the bottom of the social class say she's a snob. It wasn't her fault. Her mother being a busy body forces her daughter to act like a princess. She is forced to stay on the throne or else she is looked upon as a failure, being a loser as her mother would say. But when a new boy comes and he helps her be herself, little does her mom know. Courtney ends her "perfect" but unhappy relationship with "king" Dallas regan. Her mother throws a fit of how her daughter has ruined a perfect life and future, she shuns her daughter. But at least she has Niall, or does she?


7. Whiskey for me whiskey for you

Courtney's pov 


I walked into school. I could feel the eyes. I was wearing a dress that was purple blue and green. It had like a flowery like pattern, it was strapless so I had a white cardigan on, a blue silk ribbon, having it bringing in my waist showing my curves. According to Lilly Ann I looked extremely hot. I constantly was pulling it up because I felt like my boobs were going to fall out. I had wedges on that had white ribbon. My hair fell in really nice beach waves. I walked to my locker, my mother would be statisfied. I started to open my locker when Niall came up. I turned to him and smiled thinking about the other afternoon. We were playing so against rules. We would've been given red cards in a heart beat. But it was fun I've never had so much fun ever. Niall had grabbed my waist. Though for a few seconds, it had sent tingles everywhere. I think we both got destructed because we had stopped and that's when we went back to playing. I smirked. " you know I beat you." He chuckled. He turned to me, then he looked me up and down. I opened my mouth giving a look that said ' really' what he next was weird. His lips were in a tight line. " pull up the top and pull down the bottom. And close that cardigan. I stepped back in aghast, did he just what? I pulled up my too and pulled down the skirt and buttoned the middle button. " better." I stepped back again. What???? He laughed " that's your punishment for trying to best me." I chuckled "trying, I think I did beat you." We started walking to class, bickering as we went. I walked in as we were laughing hard. Tears practically falling. Everyone got quiet. I looked up. Everyone was staring with a face that was like whattttt!!! I nodded as me and Niall walked to our seats.

Niall's pov

I looked at what she was wearing. She looked very fit her chest exposed showing cleavage, it was short too. It was a nice dress, though the fact of every guy was looking at her, and only one thing popping in their immature minds.  


I hated Dallas always staring at us (me and court.) as I sat in my seat Dallas nodded at me. I rolled my eyes. I needed to space me and Courtney apart.


Courtney's pov

I walked into the gym, Dallas had told me to meet him there. It had been three weeks after I had practiced with them. Dallas said he and the captains agreed it was best not too. I saw him on the bleachers. I walked up to him. "Heyy." I said with a smile. I could feel my phone buzzing, Niall had texted me and I wasn't replying. " Courtney I think me and you have grown apart." I tilted my head I'm confusion. " what are you saying?"  

" I'm saying we should call it quits." 

It seemed right, but then realization hit me my mother. She would shun me and throw me away. I started to cry. " Dallas we can't it can't happen, she'll, no I don't want to." He sighed. " Courtney you know it's not true. You know it were more brother and sister than a couple." I sobbed "please?" I asked my last attempt before I accepted my fate. " sorry Courtney." He patted my knee and left. I watched him walk out of the gym and out of our relationship. I sucked in air and checked my phone. All from Niall

Nialler: heyy 

Nialler: are you mad I beat you? ;) 

Nialler: hey what's wrong you usually would reply 

Nailler: well I'll beat whoever,hurt you, up.  

I smiled 

Me: everything is wrong :'( 

I got up and went to the locker room and changed. Screw everyone who wouldn't let me be me. I grabbed a soccer ball. And started kicking it back and fourth against the wall. Muttering curse words and damning everyone I had had to hang out with, hating how I blew Sarah off. Hating every thing. I needed a bottle of whiskey. Oh. Jimmy Ann kept a bottle in her locker. I trailed through the school opened her locker. Crept back out to the field. I drank more of the whiskey as I started to kick the ball again. There was only probably a drop left when I heard a voice say " put the bottle around.

Naill's pov

I read Courtney's last text over and over again what was wrong. I knew exactly what had happened when Dallas texted me and said " she's yours and only yours no one else will date her but you." 

I walked on the field the damp grass would be a challenge, I liked that. I started dribbling and shooting the balls when I heard. A voice that was throwing a bunch of curse words, after every thud. Curse. Thud. curse. I walked around the corner to see a sight I thought I'd never see. Courtney had a bottle, obviously liquor, she was kicking the ball to the wall and back. As hard as possible. I hope she hasn't drank 

That whole bottle. She was about to take the last drop when I told her to not. She didn't turn around. But she stopped and said " you don't understand" she slurred. " your not miss queen bee perfect bitch. You didn't be a prick to your best friend and ditched her for a complete brainless slut." "Courtney look at me." She slowly turned around I could see a tear falling from her eye. I quickly wiped it away. " she's going to hate 

Me, I'm shunned, no more perfect love story." I was confused really confused. She started to cry even harder. I wrapped my arms around her." You feel.. Ice." She hiccuped. " your trashed obviously. Lets take you home." " no!" She shot up her eyes wide. " okay my place..." She nodded as she started to sob again. I picked her up, and grabbed the bottle. Don't want that laying on campus. I laid her in the back of my car and drove off to my house.  


Man ciall is up for grabs will they be. And what will happen with Courtney and her mom?

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