Remembering Tomorrow

Courtney Williams loved cheering, loved her popularity, loved her life, everything was perfect. Though to others in the bottom of the social class say she's a snob. It wasn't her fault. Her mother being a busy body forces her daughter to act like a princess. She is forced to stay on the throne or else she is looked upon as a failure, being a loser as her mother would say. But when a new boy comes and he helps her be herself, little does her mom know. Courtney ends her "perfect" but unhappy relationship with "king" Dallas regan. Her mother throws a fit of how her daughter has ruined a perfect life and future, she shuns her daughter. But at least she has Niall, or does she?


9. Finally

Niall drove me back to school where I got in my car, the last thing he said was don't be stupid and try to kill myself. I just responded " got to much stuff ahead and too many promises." I shut the door and drove home.

Niall's pov

I stood back as she had just said words that I had told Ryan. I started walking back to my car. Did I like Courtney? I felt so bad for her. I knew about her pain. It was so tangible. I got in my car and went back to my house to clean up the mess we had made.

Courtney's pov

I tiptoed up the stairs. Only to hear my mothers voice. "Where have you been?" She was filing her nails on the love seat. " at a friends house. May I please be dismissed I have shit to take care of."  

She scoffed. " like what." 

"Like you'd care." 

"Excuse me I care very much about you that's why you look beautiful. And are the queen b of your high school." 

" me and Dallas broke up." 

She looked at me. "We'll you better be trying to get back with him. Because ill be da-" I ran up the stairs ignoring her comments she only acted to calmly because she had had a couple magaritas. I showered and folded Niall's clothes. I picked them up and hugged them. They smelt just like he did and boy was that good. I sat them down. I looked at my outfit. His clothes were so much better than what I was wearing. I sighed as I planned my outfit for tomorrow.  

I woke up early curled my hair and put some extra concealer under my eyes, so know one knew about yesterday. I walked out of the drive way and got into my care.

I got to school with jimmy Ann glued to my hip. I had the biggest smile plastered on my face. " I'm sorry about you and Dallas I just don't understand?" I waved it off. "Nah ill be good."

I went to my locker and Niall came up. "Hey!" He jumped " hey?" He smirked.l " your peppy!" I smiled " I know," I felt my smile get bigger. I went up to Niall and hugged him. He just stood there first then he hugged back. We 

Stood there, his hands running over my back. I had never felt anything before, it shocked and scared me. I stepped back "sorry." I said full of embarrassment he took a piece of my hair and tucked it behind my ear. "It's fine, what do you have planned today." I looked at my outfit. " getting Dallas back." I sighed. He grabbed my chin to look at him. " you don't have too" I nodded. I could feel my eyes start to water so I quickly walked away.

All day I was with Dallas.

At the end of the day, I walked to the parking lot with Dallas. We were talking when he gave a long sigh, he turned around and grabbed my shoulders. " Courtney im letting you go, be free, saving you." I gasped " you don't understand! We can't not date!" His brow furrowed I confusion " you've for me drilled into your head?" I nodded as the tears were threatening to fall. " we'll then you need to get it out because we're done." He got in his car and drove off. I stood there. Left standing. Alone. I walked on the soccer field and grabbed a ball. I started playing soccer alone. I dribbled the ball as I sobbed. Tears falling faster than ever. Coming home without Dallas. The thought only made me cry more.

Niall's pov

I looked over at the other soccer Field to see some one else. Maybe we could play together. As I got nearer I heard what sounded like crying. I looked when I was standing right In front of her. It was Courtney.

Courtney's pov

I felt two big hand grab my hips from behind. I knew it was Niall even now he could send electric shocks through my body. I turned around, my hands laid out flat on his chest, his arms wrapped around me, I instantly stopped crying. After a bit I looked up and started to say some thing but one of Niall's arms left my side and held a side of my face as his lips placed themselves on mine. I just kissed back, the thought of how I just melted into him. I soon brought my arms up around his neck. His hands left my face and waist and I stepped back, " I like you Courtney, let me mend your torn soul." I smiled. "I already feel better." He smiled and held my hand leading me to his car. 


Yes!!!! Ciall is here!!!!! But what about Courtney's mom? And Courtney's reputation?

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