Remembering Tomorrow

Courtney Williams loved cheering, loved her popularity, loved her life, everything was perfect. Though to others in the bottom of the social class say she's a snob. It wasn't her fault. Her mother being a busy body forces her daughter to act like a princess. She is forced to stay on the throne or else she is looked upon as a failure, being a loser as her mother would say. But when a new boy comes and he helps her be herself, little does her mom know. Courtney ends her "perfect" but unhappy relationship with "king" Dallas regan. Her mother throws a fit of how her daughter has ruined a perfect life and future, she shuns her daughter. But at least she has Niall, or does she?


2. fake

"Ohh Dallas!" My mother squealed

"you get taller each time I see you." She said as I rolled my eyes. What a cougar. I sat my cheer stuff down as Dallas went and took a shower. Yes he has a drawer of clothes in my room because of my mom. I took a shower in my shower. When I got out I got into jeans and Hollister shirt. I walked down stairs and saw Dallas watching basket ball with a Mountain Dew in his hand. He looked up at me and smiled,

"I don't know when she sai-"he was cut off by my moms

"ready!" ugh If I had to hear her scream again I was going to take her shampoo bottle and pour syrup into it. And maybe blame-

"Courtney?" Dallas's knee nudged mine.

"oh sorry what were you saying dear?" I smiled at him. His eyes lit up. I felt so guilty being so fake.

"I was just asking how cheer is going?" On the inside my heart cried. On the out side I shun my million dollar smile

"perfect it's so fun and very athletic." I fake laughed

"it helps me keep my figure." Ugh I wanted to slap myself. Dallas leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"I'd love you no matter what." I pretended to blush and giggle. But really I wanted to cry. My mom was watching me like a vulture.  Soon the night was over and Dallas went home. I sulked off to my room and cried. I turned on sleeping with sirens. Though my 'favorite' song was beauty and a beat. But really it was roger rabbit by sleeping with sirens. Why did my mother have to be a bitch just because she didn't get what she wanted?  I woke up and did my makeup and straightened my hair. I dreaded going to school, and then I remembered the mystery kid after practice and my heart jumped. Man who was I kidding I was practically already married.


I slipped on my silver sparkled toms. I hopped in my vw and drove to jimmy Ann's. I sipped my coffe as she talked about her new diet. She's all like

"omg did you know water has nothing in it!" I smirked and mumbled

"no shit!" 

"what?"   I rolled my eyes

"oh I was saying how great."  She smiled.   I walked into class with jimmy Ann right next to me and a trail of people behind me. It probably looked like a scene from mean girls. I looked to see Dallas coming to hug me. As I hugged him I looked over his shoulder to see the new boy walking into The office. My heart sped up. I started walking forward. But Dallas had grip of my shoulders.

"what's up? I shook my head.

"Nothing." I smiled my fake smile. He grabbed my hand as we walked down the hallway. I stopped at my locker and slipped on some watermelon lip gloss and brushed my straight brown hair. I looked next to me and boom there was the new kid opening his locker. He was very handsome. He had blonde hair and I think blue eyes. I couldn't tell very well since I could only see his profile. His head started to turn so I squeaked and shut my locker and sped off. Thudding myself in the forehead mentally. I sat in the class taking our usual spots. All the wannabe girls waved to me like we're friends from forever. I smiled and waved. When jimmy Ann snickered.

"look at her skirt. I mean like cheetah print mini skirt, talk about hoochie." We laughed.

"and look at Sarah's hair. She got highlights, some ones trying." She laughed unfortunately I had to laugh too. Another piece of my soul shattered.


Niall's pov

I went to my locker, as I opened it I felt some one starring. I looked over to my right and saw a girl, she made a weird noise and slammed her locker speeding off. She must have been looking at me. I looked at her. She was a medium height, seemed in shape and has straight brown hair to her waist. She was pretty from the back, but I guess any guy would say so. But I wasn't any other guy. 


Sorry if its short or cuts off but i am thinking of the story as I go :/ so yeah enjoy any one got a good couple name? Courtney+Niall=???????

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