Darkened Frost( one direction not famous)

About A Girl Who Is Dark,Emo and and lonely she starves herself and she barley talks in school and she thinks she's ugly and fat and will never get a bf that will love her the way she is but it gets worse one direction are in her school and they bully her but she sings in her room to express her feelings but what happens when Louis becomes her tutor....


12. wedding




above is her dress

wedding day

i sighed while fixing my dress and i twirled around and giggled i put the veil on my hair and sighed "its time " Liam said me and him joined arms and walked when the flower girls and bridesmaids went i got nervous " i don't think i can do this " i said looking at Liam "just relax " he said i nodded and we started walking down the isle Louis stop talking to niall and looked at me i blushed when i got to the end me and Louis held hands (skipping the trust things and stuff) "will nu Louis marry sky as ur wife " the priest said " i do " Lou said "will u sky take Louis as ur husband " i looked at Louis "i do " i said ' u may kiss the bride "the priest said  Louis grabbed my waist and kissed me i kissed back and giggled everyone clapped Me and him walked down the isle Louis picked me up bridal style i shrieked and kissed him

later at home

i took my heels off and flopped on the bed i yawned "best day ever" i said lou giggled and kissed me i stood up and took my dress off and layed next to him he pulled me close and kissed my neck kissing down my neck i moaned and giggled

skipping this scene ;3

i went downstairs and ate some carrots when i looked up i saw a naked harry rubbing his head i screamed making harry scream we both screamed at ecother i throwed him a towel covering my eyes i went outside and played with my puppy niall came out with dog food i looked at him he placed the bowl down "he must be hungry" he said i nodded and petted my dog while he was eating i got my tablet off the table and began typing stuff my hands flew over the keyboard when i was done i looked at the time i went to me and louis's room "morning sleepy head" i said sitting on the bed "good morning "he said in a sexy voice i giggled and kissed him he kissed back and groaned "best sleep i ever had" he said i hit his arm he laughed just then zayn came in the room "ooooooooh  niall has a -" before zayn could finished nialls hand covered his mouth and pulled him away i stared at the door "that was creepy in so many ways" i said i hugged Louis "wanna go somewhere" i said he nodded 

oh gawd some uhh suga i think MEEP!


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