Darkened Frost( one direction not famous)

About A Girl Who Is Dark,Emo and and lonely she starves herself and she barley talks in school and she thinks she's ugly and fat and will never get a bf that will love her the way she is but it gets worse one direction are in her school and they bully her but she sings in her room to express her feelings but what happens when Louis becomes her tutor....


3. Um Thanks...

Louis pov

I talked with the other boys when I looked at sky she was looking at me with her beautiful blue green tinted eyes she looked away and blushed I came next to her "want to go for a walk and get to know ecother "I said she nodded her head I held her hand and walked outside " so what colors and hobbies do u like" I said looking at her while walking " um I like gold, black,neon green,orange,hot pink and white and my favorite hobbies are dancing, singing, taking photos, sleeping, watching movies, walking on the beach, watching the sunset and having a romantic time under a big pink tree in L.A" she said "really me to " I said shocked she looked at me and smiled while we walked we watched the sunset go down "isn't it beautiful' I said looking up "yea" she said and shivered I wrapped my arm around her "not as beautiful as u... " I said and looked at her she looked at me and giggled i placed my hand on her cheek and kissed her i felt sparks all over the place i know she's the one

sky's pov

omg i cant believed we kissed yes!!! i blushed me and Louis stood up and walked back home " uhh thanks for the walk "i said "np" he said blushing i  went to lous room and flopped on is bed soon later i passed out to someone singing a song me


sorry for the short chapter i have a cold and im so exhausted bye love yawl ;3

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