Its About A Girl In School WhoGets Bullied And No One Likes Her Including Her Crush Named Michal But Then 5 Boys Joined Her School When She Meets Them And Hangs Out With Them Will She Fall For Them Or Will She Still Have Feelings For Michal


1. School..

Hi My Name Is Enchanted Most People

Make Fun Of My Name Sometimes People Call Me Loili cause i love dem lolils I Think They Are Jealous But Not Really And Im Stuck In A Crappy School And No Guys Likes Me Even My Crush Michal But Thats Another Story Anyway With The Book!! HeHe

Enchanteds Pov

I woke up to my alarm going off I groaned and hit it and hid my face “ great here comes more torture” I said and got up and got changed into my neon camo t shirt and put on my black leggings with my camo shoes and did my makeup and put my camo beanie on and put my camo addias on I looked in the mirror “ugh im fat” I said even though I was skinny  I grabbed a lollipop and headed outside when I got to school I ran to my locker trying not to be seen by harry and his group when I got my books out and locked my locker I was pushed to the ground I looked up at harry “ it looks like the slut thought she can’t get seen by me well ur wrong” he said and kicked me in the stomach I groaned in pain then I felt another kick and another I groaned and clenched my stomach then blacked out I woke up at the nurses office I looked around “ oh good u were awake if it weren’t for this boy u would have got trampled by the people in the hallway” she said i looked at niall oh great its himand im kinda thankful it was him " thanks niall" i said and groaned " np oh and the nurse told me i need to put this gel on ur stomach every 6 hours" he said " ok whateves" i  said and headed out of the school when i got to my porch niall was behind me " she said i needa come home with u today" he said i groaned " just get in the car" i said and got in i started the car and waited for niall to buckle his seat belt when he was done i started driving to my house when we got there i got out of my car and went inside and ate some food " u want anything" i said " uh yea how about a diet coke " he said and sat on the couch 'k" i mumbled and got 2 diet cokes i went to him and handed it to him i went in the bathrrom and fixed my hair i heard a knock on the door i opned it to see niall " uhh i gotta put the gel on ur stomach " he said i sat on the counter i lifted my shirt i was scared he would judge me cause of the bruise harry gave me niall put the gel on his hands and put it on my bruise i winched alittle i pulled m shirt down and went to my room and flopped on the bed and soon fell asleep with someone next to me

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