Its About A Girl In School WhoGets Bullied And No One Likes Her Including Her Crush Named Michal But Then 5 Boys Joined Her School When She Meets Them And Hangs Out With Them Will She Fall For Them Or Will She Still Have Feelings For Michal


2. Harry No Plzzz

Nialls Pov

i cant belive harry did that to her shes so beautiful and funny and she loves food un ok i have been stareing at her ever since i joined the school with my mates i dont know whny harry bullies her i think he is just a stupid prick but i dont reallly mean that well u know what i mean i went into her room and layed next to her "goodnight" i said and kissed her on the forehead

Next day

Enchanteds pov

i woke up and looked at the clock it was 7:30am i groaned and looked beside me i looked at niall omg he is right next to me finally !! i mean pffft not hehe i went out of bed and out on my outfit thats the outfit

i woke up niall "niall we needa go to school" he looked at me "im already dressed and i alreadt ate " he said " well imma head to school" i said and put on my camo kicks and walked to school. i headed to my locker fast and got my books out then i felt myslef being slammed against my locker by harry i turned around" well well well it looks like this slut thought she can hide well wrong " he screamed and slapped my cheek 2 times i winched " see u in class" harry said and knocked my books down the boys smirked and walked away i picked my books up and headed to class when i got to class i sat down at my seat and waited

skippin school

when  i got out of school i went home with niall i went in the bathroom and niall came in with the gel he put the gel on i looked at niall "um niall can i tell u something " i said alittle scared " yea " he said ' well i kinda like u " i said and blushed " i like u to ever since i saw u" he said and giggled i blushed more niall looked up at me and leaned in i closed my eyes and i soon felt sparks when we kissed i giggled against he lips and smiled


hello people i will update again today for u guys love u jathy ♥♥



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