Short stories

A collection of shorts stories I write with no real continuation but any constructive criticism is welcome, let me know which ones you like best :)


1. The future of Earth

In the next fifty years the world will fall.
In the next fifty years all will end but not because of a single decision like so many are made to believe, there was no decision to press the button or not make the deal.     The world will end in the next fifty years because of a collective group of decisions that at the time seem stupid and unimportant, because it is these collective decisions that unite to cause the greater problems on this Earth.
All animals will die, insects will be all that remains as they adapt to the world we slowly plunge into ruin. They grow, as we kill the trees and slowly suffocate ourselves and the world around us they grow and they grow and they never ever stop.
    Soon they become the top of the food chain, and human evolution is kick-started as we once again need to fight to survive and it really is survival of the fittest. The weak perish quicker than you would think possible. New diseases come to fruition and we drop like flies.
The flies however grow like all other insects and decide they rather like the taste of human flesh, dead or alive. Fire is our only weapon, we are reduced to the primal forms of our race, fire which we once thought so little of now is our only hope.
Moths, once detested by so many are now one of our only friends, they live for the fire we create and protect our feeble homes or at least what is left of them.
    Insecticides are useless, they have evolved beyond that and are creating poisons that kill us. Not in the sense that they sit in laboratories as we did, but that they’re bodies can now create poisons strong enough to set us writhing in agony for hours before we slowly whither away.
And this is if you are fortunate.
Madness soon sets in to the few left, this is not like the movies you watch when some are driven mad but a small pocket of sane humans are left to repopulate or find a cure oh no. The small pockets are the first to die, the colonies soon follow and the mad join them all in hell.
    There are a few left, but with the kick up the backside in our evolutionary chain we develop into something much different, powerful but different. Subspecies, I believe is the correct term to use.
Humans with talons, long thin black talons that don’t just replace nails but fingers themselves so we may swipe at any creature that dare to attack us. Different varieties of tails, spiked tails filled with our own special brand of poison, and thin muscular tails that help us balance in the most precarious of places and tails that split off near the ends to form whips we can strike our foes with.
Everything about these new humans is for survival, our teeth return to what they once were, sharp and jagged and built for tearing the flesh from bone with little to no effort at all.
The earth starts to grow again, buildings are overcome with plants that have never existed before but now they have the run of the earth and after five hundred years of growing the insects shrink back down and the oxygen levels return to normal. Humans still speak, but they do not speak in a way that anybody would understand as our languages have changed and distorted so much we may as well be creatures from another planet.
    We return to our position on the top of the food chain and slowly rebuild our world, but this time everything is different. This time, humans don’t care for looks or physical attributes because our species has so many differentiations that it would be impossible to do what we once did. This time, when we look into our past we see the horrors of humanity and how we nearly killed not only ourselves but the planet that gave us life and whilst some problems re-emerge just as they once emerged before, the death of the planet is not one of them.
The death of the planet is one thing, the new humans would never allow.

Originally this was a prompt called 'in the next fifty years' where you had to write a pessismistic view of what would happen to earth in the next fifty years but it turned into something really really different, hope you guys like it!


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