Changing Places -One Direction-


3. Boyfriend.

Amber P.O.V.



I pulled into the gravel driveway of my flat and parked neatly in the bay marked 'number 5'.

I hopped out of the car and walked tiredly up the white steps, it has been a long day, my hands fumbled with the lock as i let myself into the flat I shared with my boyfriend Jon. He's been away for ages and i really miss him, just thinking about him makes my heart ache. He went on a study course in Spain and I'm afraid that he's met another beautiful, tanned, sexy Spanish girl that he'll dump me for. I threw my bags into the corner of the cupboard and flopped on the leather sofa feeling useless. My limbs feel all floppy and i have a funny feeling in my head. I trailed into the bathroom and popped some Aspirin into my mouth, it left a horrible taste which i washed quickly down with a glass of OJ. 

My head instantly felt better and i sat down to watch TV, I flicked through the channels...

"Now you add a teaspoon of…"


"That antique is worth…"

"But- but i thought you loved me…"

" *emotional music*…"


What the hell happened to good television?!? I eventually decided to watch TLC even though its a really weird channel. Lol. My strange addiction was on so i decided to watch it even though it was about some psycho lady that was addicted to drinking her own pee?! Like what the hell. 

I made some hot chocolate with whipped cream and tiny marshmallows which is basically my ultimate comfort food <3 

i feel kind of empty without Jon, he's like a 'rock' to lean on, always there to listen to stupid complaints and stuff like that. He's a really good boyfriend. A plop sound rung through the air and i realized i was crying into my hot chocolate. Oopsy daisy.

I wiped my eyes and dwelled in the silence for a minute before turning the TV off and nearly crawling down the hall to me and Jons bedroom. I scrambled into my PJs and curled up like a newborn puppy in bed, wrapping all the covers around me and imagining Jons face until i went to sleep.

I woke up to the feeling of someone holding me, tightly. I immediately went into ultimate freak out mode and froze like ice. Their breath was hot down my neck and some of their stubble was scratching my back which was oddly soothing. I twisted my neck round and nearly screamed when i realized who it was.

"Jon?" I whispered softly. He twitched a bit and the peeled open one brown eye.

"Hey gorgeous." He smiled and kissed my bare arm. I twisted round so i was facing him and nuzzled into his warm shoulder. He automatically placed his hands on my waist and pressed his soft lips onto my forehead, we stayed that way until we went back to sleep.


Finally I feel safe and sound.












Was that good :(

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