Changing Places -One Direction-


2. Anne.

Amber P.O.V.


I pressed the smooth white doorbell lightly and immediately heard a shrill ringing sound from the other side of the door. My jeans where squeezing my legs a litttttle to much and my feet where sweating like crazy in my red converse. No i don't have to wear uniform because i don't work in the actual hospital but i have to carry ID around with me otherwise no one would let a random 19 year old into their house. Lol.

The oak door swung open and revealed a young looking woman with long black hair piled into a messy bun.

"Yes," She said squinting her eyes at me "how can i help you young lady."
"Hello m'am i was wondering if a Mrs Anne Cox was home? I'm her new private nurse."

She laughed and help her hand out to me.

"Anne. Anne Cox. Its a pleasure to meet you honey." She grinned and ushered me into the back room. There where two squishy looking red chairs gathered around a warm fire which was flickering wildly. I sat down on the right hand side facing her and we started talking.

"So Mrs Cox ho-" She cut me off.

"Call me Anne sweetie." She smiled and i continued.

"So Anne how can i help you today?" 

"Well its not really like any other appointment like a check up, I just had some queries." 


"This week i have been feeling hungry ALL the time and i keep throwing up during the day which is not normal for a woman of my age." I thought about it for a minute, to be honest i had no idea because I'm quite new in this 'personal nurse' category so i was a little bit baffled.

"Uh..Um…." Suddenly it popped into my head. "Mrs Cox, it seems you are experiencing some of the symptoms of pregnancy." I finished proudly.

She squealed and covered her mouth with two tanned hands.

"Oh goodness! Is it possible for me to book an appointment?" 

"Yes i'll book you into Doctor Surges appointment rota for next week."

"I'll go and fix us some tea shall i dear? We'll talk better with some biscuits." She chuckled and made her way to the kitchen. 


After a few minutes i heard the hiss of a kettle and the clattering of biscuit tins. Anne came in balancing a plate of Custard Creams and two teas in both hands, her tongue poking out in concentration. 

"Alright, heres your one," She set mine on the arm of the chair "and heres my one." She set hers on the small metal table by her chair and crossed her legs. 

"So, i have some open appointments next week on Friday, Thursday, Mo-" 


Some loud banging was coming from upstairs and it sounded the slightest bit like drums and out of tune singing/shouting. 

"So sorry love." Anne said apologetically.

"HARRY! HARRY!" She yelled up the stairs.

"WHAT?" A voice yelled back. 

"COME DOWNSTAIRS." She yelled once again.

I heard a few groans and mumbles when suddenly a tall figure appeared in the doorway. 

This was Harry? Curly haired, green eyed, cat loving HARRY FREAKING STYLES?????
I thought i'd heard of the name Cox before and i couldn't put my finger on it. I choked on my tea and some splurted out of my mouth like a mini fountain. He smirked and held out a famous hand.

"Harry, Harry Styles. Judging by the look on your face you like One Direction?" He laughed at the end. I nodded my head vigorously and shook his hand quite violently. 

"Harry, this is…. Sorry i never caught your name sweetie." Anne blushed slightly as Harry laughed at both of our embarrassment.

"Amber, Amber Dhillon. Pleased to meet you, both." I stuttered at the end. 

"Well, I'm going to watch TV upstairs, see you round beautiful." Harry winked at me, clicked his fingers and slid out of the room in his socks.

Anne tutted and shook her head.

"Sorry he's got quite a way with the ladies." She chuckled lightly and smiled at me.

"Thursday will be fine for an appointment, I'm so glad i could meet you." She shook my hand one last time and showed me to the door.

"Thank you Mrs Cox, i hope i can see you again soon." I smiled and gave her a sheet.

"Heres your sheet, you have to mark it off every time you have an appointment with me to show I'm turning up." I laughed and waved goodbye as i walked down the stony path. As i turned to get into my car my eyes flickered to the top window and saw Harry waving at me.

"Aw how sweet." I thought to myself and waved back, jumped in my car and sped of down the road.







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