Bronte Girl

This is about feeling lost, and almost not wanting to be found, feeling sick and fragile but refusing to be fixed. Because through these processes, it reveals parts of you sometimes forgotten. Written as I roamed round the fields behind my house, feeling like a character that fell out of a Bronte novel.


1. Bronte Girl

Perhaps you've seen me- in these greying fields,

Gaunt and pale and unconcealed,

On the cusp of nothing, my destination empty. Skinny:

Ribs scrunched together like a twisted slinky.


The mud on my shoes pulls the bag of bones down,

A frail frame all cling-film bound.

See, my appetite plays sardines in the boroughs of my mind,

But my curiosity drained and my hunger it died,


And at Night demons writhe and plague my sleep.

Am I sick? Am I sick? please! I'm in too deep

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