Don't Call Me That!

Meet Amanda West .
A dad in jail,5 perfect brothers and sisters and of course a shortage of friends.At school everybody accuses her and her family of being gypsies.Because of her smiley attitude she makes friends with Maria.Let's just hope things better.


2. Meet Mr and Mrs Fist


“Good morning Amanda! Time for school!”

I threw a pillow at our nanny Samantha. Samantha was really young, she had scarily red hair and was usually really chatty and smiley.

“What’s so good about it?”I mumbled getting into the shower, I absolutely hated baths, lying in my own dirt? No thank you!

I sat at our long dining table alone devouring a plate of eggs and a slice of toast. I was the only one who didn’t spend years in the bathroom. Jessica spent ages doing her make-up, Isaac was trying to master the perfectly imperfect hairstyle, Simon was wiping his glasses till they shone and the twins were giving poor old Amanda grief by refusing to take a bath.

While I was waiting couldn't resist the urge to make cheeky nicknames for my siblings *does evil laugh*

Jessica:The princess

Isaac:The badass

Simon:The geekling

Twins:The terror twins

Eventually my family was ready to go, we had to walk to our schools together since the chauffeur only took my mum and John to their destinations. Grr!!!

Unfortunately our first stop was my new school. The school hadn’t opened yet and all the children were walking across the school laughing and talking with their friends.

A boy with mischievous green eyes which sparkled and messy brown hair spotted us as we walked towards the gates and shouted


Amanda was mortified,Simon's head was buried in a book,the twins had no idea what was going on and were doing handing claps,Isaac looked just about ready to fight,throwing his cap on the ground and I,I was already fighting the little beast.

I threw my schoolbag at this black haired girl standing nearby who looked completely in awe of what the idiot had said.

I charged up to the boy and began punching him,scraping him which eventually lead to jumping on him like some kind of crazed idiot. Everybody gathered round and started chanting


but it wasn't really much of a fight since I was beating him to a pulp.Isaac ran up to us and pried me from le idiote.

Suddenly things became quiet.After turning I saw a woman so thin and slight that it gave me heebie jeebies when she thundered

"You three in my office immediately!"

She was looking directly at me,le idiote and badass Isaac.Trouble on the first day?Not looking good for me.We trudged after the bossy madame.Jessica looked at her twin in fear.Isaac and I exchanged nervous glances.

The walk to the office was silent and awkward,I dared not look back .Isaac stood next to me muttering words of encouragement as we entered the office.We sat on cold plastic chairs in front of the stern looking principle.

"Duggan,"she began.Le idiote's name was Duggan?I snickered

"Is there something wrong Amanda?"she asked

I shook my head and stared at my shoes.

"I do not tolerate any kind of fighting in my school.You will all receive sanctions.Now what is your name and what school do you go to?"she asked Isaac.

"I'm Isaac Dylan West and I go to a very dignified school,you probably know it.The one the only St.Thomas's Secondary School."Isaac said rather cheekily.

She whipped out a phone book then punched in some numbers into the giant telephone sitting on her desk,before long Isaac's principle came to collect him in a BMW.Lucky child!

"As for you two you will be enjoying yourselves cleaning the canteen until it sparkled.Understand?"

she asked.

Duggan and I nodded simultaneously,problem was that Duggan a.k.a le idiote looked somewhat triumphant.After an awkward silence I remembered,

"Um..Miss,where is my classroom?"I asked nervously praying she didn't expect me to stay in her office with her and Duggan.

"Since you and Duggan are in the same class, Duggan will lead the way."she replied barely looking up.

Me?Duggan?Same class?Nooooo!





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