Don't Call Me That!

Meet Amanda West .
A dad in jail,5 perfect brothers and sisters and of course a shortage of friends.At school everybody accuses her and her family of being gypsies.Because of her smiley attitude she makes friends with Maria.Let's just hope things better.


3. Hello,My Name Is NOT Gypsy Is It Yours?

As soon as we left the office Duggan sprinted away at top speed. Luckily his top speed wasn’t as fast as mine. I caught up to him and said

“I’m not a gypsy so quit calling me one!”

“You can’t stop me from telling the truth!”

Duggan said opening the classroom door.

“Euggan sit down.Amanda can you sit beside Maria in the front?”the teacher asked nodding at the only seat in the front row.

I was in probably in the worst seat in the world, yeah Eskimos I rather sit in a freezing classroom in Alaska than to sit where I was sitting. I was sandwiched between obnoxious Duggan and a girl who looked like she could be Jessica’s long lost twin.

I was picked to help hand out these sheets that asked us to tell about our families.It took me ages to write mine out but eventually I was finished. I sat looking around the classroom at my new classmates.

Mrs.Brown corrected my work, smiling as she read and hung it on the notice board outside our classroom but not before she read it to give everybody a good ol’ laugh fest. The girl sitting beside me passes me a note

“Hi! I’m Maria!I saw you fighting that idiot Duggan don’t mind him he’s always like that!”

I replied to her pretty speedily in a purple pen

“I’m Amanda thanks for noticing me!”

Break-time soon came and by then Maria and I were really close. We were laughing about how Duggan’s name was completely and utterly ridiculous and how our teacher was such a butterfingers.

The canteen was disgusting after lunch. The tables were piled with leftovers and dirty trays, the floor was just plain nauseating at the overflowing bin. Why couldn’t our principal give us lines like any normal school???

It took me and Duggan a whole load of labour to finish. The whole time Duggan was tormenting me, throwing leftovers at me and asking if I wanted to take them home to feed my poor, hungry family. Blah! Blah! Blah!

 Nobody came to collect me, Jessica and Isaac walked home with their friends and I was expected to walk with mine. I asked  Maria if she wanted to walk home with me.Honestly,it felt so good to have a friend. Ready or not Duggan here I come!

“Bye!”I shouted as I n eared to the house I am forced to call home

At my house there was a long stony path leading to the door.When I was little I used to pretend that the ground was fire and the only safe place was the rocks but Simon would ruin everything by crying every time I fell into the “fire”

“Samantha I’m home!”I yelled throwing my bag on the floor.

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