Good Luck Charm.....

Emily Jones is 17 years old. She was invited to her best friends house, but while she was walking she felt she was bieng followed. She was creeped out and started to walk faster. She was kidnapped. By who?? You should read this movella and find out!!
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN my good luck charm......


4. Chapter 4:

Emily's POV:

We were eating pizzas and plying truth or dare we were still in the water playing we were in the jacuzzi. " so Emily truth or dare" Harry asked me. " dare " I said smiling. " ok I dare you to give me a lap dance for 5 minutes" he said. I got up and well ya know did a lap dance for 5 minutes. " ok zayn truth or dare " I asked zayn. " dare " he said back. " I dare you to run inside the house and scare Louis mom by screaming I am Sparta " I said. He was shocked. He ran I side and scared Louis mom wich made us laugh. " ok I'm tired " I said yawning. " you can sleep with me " Harry said. " I don't trust you Harry next thing you know you're making me give you a blowjob " I said laughing. Everybody was laughing. " you'll sleep in nialls room he is the sweet one he wouldn't do anything to you " Liam said. " ok can I take a shower " I asked. Zayn nodded and took me to a bathroom. I went and got my clothes and took a shower I blowed dried my hair with the blow dryer I brought. I changed and then looked for nialls room. He Wasint there. I looked in the living room. Nobody. I checked in the back yard. There they were still playing. " guys " I said. " yeah " Louis said. " I want to go to sleep " I said. " ok " everybody said and got out and went inside and took a shower. I put on some perfume just a little I always do that just to smell good while I'm sleeping. I was laying on nialls bed watching tv. Niall was taking a shower. I hear the shower turn off. He had a shower in his room. Then the lights go off and the tv also. " Niall is that you? " I asked a bit scared. No answer. " Niall " I said a bit louder. Suddenly someone goes on top of me. " Niall " I asked. " yeah did I scare you " he asked. " a bit " I said. He turned on the lights and locked the doors. These walls are sound proof nobody can hear anything in the whole house unless there is danger. " oh ok " I said. He turned off the lights again. He got in the bed next to me and put the covers around me and himself. I was about to shut my eyes when Niall was suddenly kissing me. I tried to push away but he was way too strong. He went to my neck to boobs and then to my stomach. " Niall stop please " I said. " come on just a little " he said. " no " I kept on screaming and pushing away but it didint work. By now I was in a bra and underwear and he was in boxers. I was in tears now. " I thought you were the sweet one " I said. " I am but only when I'm around them or other people " he said. Suddenly. My bra and underwear were ripped off by him. " stop " I said. Suddenly I fell something go inside of me. " Niall this is rape " I said. " it isint if you like it " he said. He was thrusting slow then fast and then harder. " I'm going to get PREGANAT " I said popping pregant. After awhile he stopped and layed down. I got my clothes and changed and went outside. I heard him lock the doors. I went into zayn's room. " hey what's up Emily " he said. " hey " I said, " why are you crying?" He asked. " because Niall just" I said I couldn't tell him what happened everyone thinks he is soo sweet. " he told me a sad story and it made me cry. " I said. " but can I sleep in here with you " I asked him. He nodded. I layed down next to him and drifted to sleep.

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