Good Luck Charm.....

Emily Jones is 17 years old. She was invited to her best friends house, but while she was walking she felt she was bieng followed. She was creeped out and started to walk faster. She was kidnapped. By who?? You should read this movella and find out!!
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN my good luck charm......


2. Chapter 2:

Emily POV:

" Please mom can I move out of the house " I pleaded to my mom. " no you can not you have to stay here with us " she screamed at me, by now I was at my house. " YEAH MOM BUT PLEASE I DON'T WANT TO LIVE HERE ANYMORE, AND ALSO ANOTHER REASON DAD ABUSES ME AND YOU HIT ME FOR NO FUCKING REASON, SO IM BLAMING IT ON BOTH OF YOU GUYS FOR ME WANTING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE" I yelled. " young lady you cAnt disrespect us like that go to you're room" my mom yelled back. " HE'LL TO THE FUCKING NO " I yelled. I actually went to my room. I just went to pack my things up. My mom leaves to work in a hour and my dad stays here that is when he abuses me well you guys know the drill making out with him. My mom DOESINT give a shit she just lets him have sex with me. I know what a great mom. (sarcasm) my dad got me pregnant twice and my mom made me abort. I hate my parents if they didn't want me then why did they have me. I hope today my dad goes out and drink, so I can call the boys to help me. 

- 3 Hours later -

" HEYYYY little ass whore I'm going out " my dad yelled. " ok " I yelled back. I took my chances and dialed one of there numbers I didint care who. " hello " Niall said I recognized his voice. " Niall please come and tell the boys help me my mom and dad are gone they are mean to me please help me" I said through the pone. " ok we're on our way" he said. I gave him. Y address and we hung up. While I was waiting I was packing some clothes in two suitcases. I had my little own mini fridge in my room so I got it but I was going to carry it. I put my own food wich I bought in another suitcase. I put my makeup bag in my bag. I got my yorkie terrier wich I went and bought myself my puppy in the pound. I put it in the puppy bag. * ding dong * I went and opened the door. " you guys youre here " I yelled. Harry came in and hugged me and then the rest of they boys. They helped me put my suitcases in thier car. They had to order someone to bring a moving truck for my furniture. After we were all done. I headed to my room one more time if I haven't for gotten anything. That's when I saw a familiar box it was mine and my older sisters box. She died she was killed. She was killed by a killer. That's when my parents got all crazy and shit with me. I picked the box up I opened it and had pictures of us. She never liked my dad Either because well he raped her also. The most badest of them all I was five when they killed my sister Alexis and I was in front when they killed her, I think it was my fault because I was I. Front and I didn't do anything... Well what am I supposed to do I was only five and she was 10. Yeah I admit I was there my parents weren't, so they blamed it on me because I didn't save her. I took the box with me I went to my parents room and got all of their stash I left with them no money. I left them a note. I headed outside wich zayn was waiting for me with the boys, when a familiar two cars come in through the drive through. 

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