Good Luck Charm.....

Emily Jones is 17 years old. She was invited to her best friends house, but while she was walking she felt she was bieng followed. She was creeped out and started to walk faster. She was kidnapped. By who?? You should read this movella and find out!!
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN my good luck charm......


1. Chapter 1:

Emily POV:

I was walking towards my best friends party. I was wearing short shorts wich actually was a bit tight.  Also I was wearing a tank top. I had my hair down with a hairband.

I felt like I was bieng followed. Suddenly a hand was put on my mouth and a cloth over it. Suddenly evrything went black. 


I woke up to a very black room I couldn't see anything. The door blew open and my hands were grabbed by someone or someone's. we walk out to a buetiful gigantic room. There was a guy standing there with a mask. He takes it off. It's ZAYN MALIK FROM ONE DIRECTION. " hey love" he told me. " hi" I said. " Liam, Louis, Niall, and harry get youre small bootys over here" zayn screamed. " we're coming and we do not have small bootys" someone said. " ZAYN WHAT DID YOU DO " Liam said. " I stole a girl" he replied. " dude ARE YOU CRAZY YOU CAN GO TO JAIL FOR STEALING A GIRL" Liam screamed. " so" zayn said back. " dude are you dumb" Liam said. " this is a crime" Louis butt in the conversation. " look at her she Is smoking hot" zayn said. I felt my face go red. " you get arrested its not our fault" Liam said. " it won't be a crime if she wants to stay with us" zayn said. I looked at him and shook my head and said no. " why don't you us as a band" zayn asked. " yeah but I don't want to live with you guys" I said back. " but in second thought I would be living with the famous boy band, so sure I will" I said. " YES" zayn screamed. " but I will have to tell my parents I'm moving out and I have to bring my stuff" I said. " yeah sure" he said. " but we don't live here we live in a mansion it's bigger than this" he said. " ok" I said back. I can't believe I'm moving in with one direction.... I'm so exited.

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