What If: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Most people never knew that Sirius Black had a daughter. Understandable, because Meadow Black was kept in an anti-aging spell for 36 years. Finally, she has awoken. Finally, she is off to Hogwarts. Finally, her life has begun. But will it end soon after beginning?


27. The Place that Might Have Been

(A/N: This might be my last update until December but I can assure you it will not be abandoned)

The wind was nonexistent. The place where she was, it was completely colorless. She wore a flowing white dress that reached her ankles. The temperature was perfect. She felt no pain. Everything was . . . perfect.

Meadow's eyes fluttered open. She looked down at her body. She was the same shape and size, but her skin was black and scaly and her nails were long and red. Her hair was cyan and actually hanging still for once. She caught her reflection in a mirror and noticed that her eyes, rather than their usual navy blue, were red.

"What's going on?" she asked her reflection. A voice that was not hers answered.

"You are in the Place That Might Have Been." a tall girl with dark red hair and grey eyes stood at a doorway, watching her. She had a pointed nose that Meadow recognized from the Headmistress's Quarters; she had been there multiple times before.

"Who are you?" Meadow demanded.

"I'm Sanashta Snape . . . well, I might have been had Severus Snape not called Lily Evans a mudblood. I am a part of an alternate timeline . . . an alternate plan. However, I was thrown aside the moment Lily Evans ended the friendship." the girl explained before adding, "You can call me Sasha, by the way."

Meadow nodded slowly, and when Sasha motioned for her to follow, she nodded and trailed behind, barely more than a shadow.

"Oi! Meadow! C'mon out here!" Sasha bellowed, and a girl came running out.

Meadow gasped. It was her.

"Hi, I'm the Meadow that might have been had you not taken my place." she introduced herself, shaking Meadow's hand warmly.

Meadow stared at the other Meadow. "I'm sorry . . . I was so young . . . I don't remember any of that. I promise, I'm so sorry . . ."

Other Meadow smiled in a friendly manner. "It's all right." she linked arms with the changeling Meadow. "You treated my parents well. That's all I could ask for."

"So how do I get back?" Meadow asked quietly.

Sasha pointed to a lake, the only speck of color in the whole white wonderland. "Right in there. You dive in." she smiled. "Tell Harry Potter I said hello, by the way." she smiled. "Don't be afraid to visit if you find a way."

Meadow smiled and waved as she swam out to the middle of the lake.

She didn't notice the girl with white hair follow her.

She didn't see Thalia Riddle until it was too late.

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