What If: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Most people never knew that Sirius Black had a daughter. Understandable, because Meadow Black was kept in an anti-aging spell for 36 years. Finally, she has awoken. Finally, she is off to Hogwarts. Finally, her life has begun. But will it end soon after beginning?


28. Dull Ache

(A/N: Because I love you guys, you can have a Thanksgiving update)

Meadow's head was killing her.

She woke up and tried to move, only to discover she had a Body-Bind curse over her. She couldn't move anything but her eyes.

She could, however, come to the conclusion that she had hit her head, and this had caused her disguise to melt away, revealing her true changeling form.

She tried to speak but could not. She looked around and found Harry Potter discussing something with McGonagall and Pomfrey. She could do nothing but listen as she was bashed, her species was bashed, her death was discussed.

"She's done nothing wrong." Harry argued.

"Potter, she belongs to a species of killers, flesh-eaters, blood-drinkers. Ten times stronger than a vampire. She can't live. Probably killed Meadow Black - the real Meadow Black." Pomfrey spoke.

McGonagall was next. "Evidence points to her having been just a baby when she took Meadow's place. She was raised by humans. She's on our side."

"And if she causes any trouble, I can take full responsibility." Harry intervened.

Pomfrey huffed. "Fifty years ago, my family was killed by changelings. We cannot allow her to survive. I don't want James, Albus, and Lily to suffer the same fate."

"You just want revenge, Poppy! This child has done nothing!" McGonagall snapped.

Pomfrey huffed. "Fine. She lives. But she will not have her disguise. The children deserve to know." she pointed her wand at Meadow. "This is my condition, or she dies now."


Then a crash in the corridor.

Meadow forgotten, they sprinted out of the medical ward. There was a scream of "Avada Kadavra!", a screech, and a flash of green light.

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