Like Crazy

Everyone thinks Julia Parker is perfect, but she is nothing close.
She is soon to be facing an arranged Marriage to her dad's close friends son, Harry Styles, though Julia wants nothing to do with him.
But, through Harry she meets Niall who she falls head over heals in love with.
They begin doing things behind Harry's back, and when he finds out, they devise a plan.
But with the wedding coming up, Julia is worried there won't be a way out.
But she can't marry Harry.
Because of Niall.
She needs him, she wants him, she loves him, like crazy.


2. "Is this how we're going to keep meeting?"

A half hour later we were all sitting around the dinner table.
Harry sat across from me, his leg brushing mine when he would reach to grab something.
I felt Goosebumps whenever he did this, and I told myself to snap out of it.
I knew for a fact I had no feelings for Harry.
He wasn’t the type of person I would usually date.
Not that I had ever dated anyone by choice anyway.
I had only been on two dates in my whole life, none which turned out well.
I didn’t want to be in a relationship, especially one my parents set up for me.
Them telling me who to date made me despise whoever they set me up with automatically.
I avoided any eye contact with Harry, not wanting to look into his deep green eyes.
“So,” Harry’s mother began, setting down her fork, “Did you hear that Julia was accepted to Stanford Harry?”
His expression shifted to… what looked like anger.
Was he upset I had gotten accepted to a school I had no intention of attending?
My dream had always been to go to NYU for film making, I was ecstatic when I got the acceptance letter, but of course my parents would hear nothing of it.
They had their minds set on me and Stanford, they had looked at no other college.
“That’s wonderful” Harry said.
I could tell he was faking a smile, he wasn’t genuinely happy about talking of Stanford.
My mother looked a bit confused as we share glances.
“Harry wanted to go to Stanford as well,” Melinda explained, looking at her plate.
“And I’m sure you would have made it if you had kept your priorities straight”
Harry looked the other way, rolling his eyes and almost causing me to laugh.
“Well, there is always next semester to apply, right?” My dad asked, smiling broadly.
Jeff nodded in agreement, and I wanted nothing more than to get off of this topic and talk about anything but school and politics.
“So, we all have something we would like you talk to you two about” My mother began.
Harry and I shared worried glances, wondering what they could possibly have up their sleeves.
“I know you two just met and such, but tomorrow night we are sending you two off on a date!” Melinda said, smiling from ear to ear.
Harry’s POV:
My jaw dropped.
I looked over at Julia, and she looked completely horrified.
I had to admit, I was attracted to Julia, but I knew if our parents forced us together she would never feel the same way for me.
“A date?” Julia asked in disbelief.
“Yes” My father confirmed. “Harry is a very sophisticated and stable young man. He’ll be taking over the family business soon, and we’ve agreed that you two would be great together.”
I was at a complete loss for words.
Taking over the family business was the last thing I wanted to do with my life.
I didn’t want to be like my dad.
Not that he was a bad person, but I didn’t want to sit in a big office and do paperwork, tell people what to do, and host dinner parties every other night.
But it’s what I would end up doing, like it or not.
I would continue to pretend I was extremely fascinated with business and I would end up going to law school, and the choice wouldn’t be mine.
I tried to come up with an excuse to not go out with Julia, but I knew my parents would never let me out of this one.
If I became close with Julia dad would become closer with Connor and he could propose the business deal he’s always wanted.
He has been trying to get Connor to go into partnership with him for years, since Julia was their only child they wouldn’t have anyone to take the business when he couldn’t anymore, but if I became close with Julia, it could open up new doors.
It wasn’t as though they were completely using us.
They really did want me to marry someone with a secure future blah blah.
It didn’t seem as if they even cared if we had a thing in common or even wanted to be together.
Its what they wanted and we would have to deal with it for the rest of our lives.
“You’re kidding,” she said, slightly quieter.
“It’s not like we’re asking you to get married,” Connor said.
“Yet,” My dad added, causing the two to erupt in laughter.
She rolled her eyes.
“Will you please excuse me?” She asked, standing up and setting her napkin on top of her plate.
I felt hurt.
I knew her parents often chose things for her and told her what to do, but did she really not like me? Did she really not want to go out with me?
Julia’s POV:
I was feeling suffocated and needed air.
After excusing myself I walked upstairs and on to the balcony.
I leaned against the railing, putting my head in my hands.
I was sick and tired of my parents telling me what to do and choosing everything for me, as if they knew exactly what I wanted.
Harry seemed like a sweet guy, but I wasn’t looking to get close to anyone.
I would be going to college in four months and if I somehow developed feelings for Harry before then, how would I leave?
I sighed and looked down from the terrace. New York was beautiful at night, and I loved living here.
I knew the city like the back of my hand.
When I was younger I used to think the skyscrapers were castles, and told everyone my dad worked in one.
I was deep in thought and hadn’t heard the door open until I heard someone speak.
“This is beautiful,” I looked over and Harry was standing by me.
“Is this how we’re going to keep meeting?” I asked.
He looked confused.
“You sneaking up and eavesdropping on me?” I joked.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
I looked back down on the city.
“I’m also sorry that you have to go out with me. It’s clear that you don’t want to,” He said, fiddling with a ring he was wearing.
A pang of guilt hit me.
“Harry, I should be sorry” I said. “It’s not you I mean I’m sure you’re a great guy, its just… I’m tired of my parents choosing every little thing for me” I said, turning around, back leaning against the railing.
I didn’t even realize what I was saying.
The only person I had ever admitted that to was Lilly, and now Harry, who I had only known for two hours.
He laughed.
“Trust me. My parents do the exact same thing”
At least we knew we had one thing in common.
“Well, I-“ I was cut off my the terrace door swinging open.
“Oh look at you two, hitting it off already!” My mom smiled.
“Harry’s parents are leaving, lets go dears” She said, leading us both down stairs.
I shot Harry an apologetic look before following.
“Thank you so much for joining us tonight” my dad said, shaking Jeff’s hand.
“Of course and thank you for having us.” Melinda smiled.
“I’ll see you tomorrow night, 7?” Harry asked.
“That sounds wonderful” My mother answered for me. “Why don’t you two exchange numbers?”
We awkwardly did so and I said goodbye to Harry.
Once they left I turned around to face my parents who were both still smiling.
“I can NOT believe you did that to me,” I said, sternly.
“Did what, dear?” my mother asked innocently, moving a piece of my hair behind my ear.
“Oh you know, forcing me to go out with Harry!” I said.
“We did not force you,” My dad corrected.
“Yes you did! How could I say no when him and his parents were sitting right next to me!” I demanded.
“Honey doesn’t worry. It’s only a date and Harry is a very nice young man” my mom said, making her way into the kitchen to begin cleaning up.
I rolled my eyes, and retreated up the stairs.
I was dreading tomorrow night completely.
I knew it would be awkward and uncomfortable, and this wouldn’t be the last date.
I knew my parents and I knew until I went to college, I would be stuck with Harry.

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