More than friends??

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5. sleep over

Ciera's p.o.v

after the Carnival which was really fun, me and Harry decided to head back to my place, leaving Niall and jade together. we walked in and sat down on the couch heavily. "that was really fun" i smiled at Harry who looked tired. "yeah it was, what time is it?" i flicked my head up to look at the clock. "it's nine o'clock already" i told him. "well i guess time does fly by when your having fun" Harry smiled at me. i nodded and let out a yawn.

"you tired?" Harry asked. "yeah, but i don't wanna go to bed yet. its too early" i moaned. "okay, well we can play a game, watch a movie, eat?" Harry suggested. "i don't know, lets just see whats on tv" i said and got up to find the tv remote. and i couldnt find it. "where on earth is the stupid remote" i groaned in annoyance. "would this be it, right here?" Harry smirked waving the remote in his hands. "Harry why didn't you tell me you found it?" "it was funny watching you" he laughed. 

if i didn't like this boy i wouldn't talk to him for the next week but, i do like him. a lot. so i need to talk to him. "shut up and give it to me" i knew i was blushing. "you want this?" he waved it about again. "yes, now give it to me" i begged. "come and get it then" Harry giggled. so, i jumped on him and started to tickle him hard. 

"C-Ciera I c-cant br-breath" Harry gasp-laughed. "will you give me the remote?" i asked. "y-yes" "okay then" i smiled and got up off him. "here" Harry caught up on his breath and handed me the remote. "thank you" i smiled all innocently. 

after watching tv for a while i was really tired so i headed up to bed with Harry. "i can sleep on the couch if you like" Harry suggested. "well you can, or you can sleep in here" i said as i hopped into my bed. "okay" he pulled off his shirt and jeans and climbed next to me in his boxers. "goodnight Harry" i said and closed my eyes.

i felt him get closer and  put his lips on mine. my eyes shot open with shock then i realized what was going on and kissed back. we soon pulled away. "goodnight Ciera" he smiled.

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