More than friends??

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2. Niall and Harry

Ciera's POV

At the end is the concert,Harry and I was talking. Next thing you know we were back stage talking. "So what's your name" he asked "Ciera" I said and the conversation went on. Later on me and Jade drove home "so what were you and Harry talking about" she asked "nothing" I said "did he ask for your number" she asked "change the subject" I said. As soon as I said that we were at Jade's house.

Jade's POV

We were on our way home and I asked Ciera about Harry. After she changed the subject we arrived at my house."Do you want to spend the night" I asked "Sure" she said. After I gave her some pj's ad she changed. Soon after we got in bed and fell asleep.

~Next Day~

When I woke up Ciera was still sleep. I took a shower, washed my hair and put it into a messy bun and got dressed. I walked to the kitchen to make breakfast. When I finished I got a call from Niall. He asked if we wanted to come over I said "sure" and that was the end of the conversation.

Ciera's POV

When I woke up I smelled pancakes and bacon. I went down stairs to the kitchen and saw Jade eating. "Good morning" I said "morning" she said ." Niall asked if we wanted to come over today and I said sure" she said. " ok so we have to get ready" I said. I finished eating and drove to my house.

Niall's POV

Today I called Jade to see if she wanted to come over with her friend Ciera. When I got off the phone I went to go take a shower. After I got dressed and went to tell Harry. Right after the door bell rung. I went to go open the door and it was Jade and Ciera. "Hello loves" I said and greeted them in to the living room. Soon after Harry came in and hugged the girls.

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