More than friends??

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3. Girls coming over

Harry's POV

When I woke up Niall was in my room. "The girls are coming over" he said. Right after the door bell rung. I went to go get in the shower. I let the water hit my body and washed my self and hair. I got out blow dried my hair and got dressed. I went down stairs and greeted the girls. We say down on the couch, me and Ciera on one couch and Niall and Jade on the other. We watched movies and talked.

Ciera's POV

We are now at Harry and Niall's house. Harry came down and greeted us with a hug. We sat on the couch and watched movies and talked. After a while we got bored and wanted to play a game. Truth of Dare Niall and Harry called out. We agreed. After the game we ordered pizza. About 10 minutes free the pizza came. When we finished eating everyone got tired. We sat on the couch and watched a movie. 5 minutes ago Niall and Jade went upstairs.

Jade's POV

After playing truth so dare and watching movies I got tired. Niall took me upstairs to his room to sleep. He gave me some of his sweats and a t-shirt and left the room for me to change. When I was finished he came back. "Do you need anything love" he asked "no but can you stay with me" I asked "sure" he said. We laid down looking each other in the eye. He started leaning in, finally our lips touched. We kissed passionitly. Our lips moved on sync then we pulled apart. "Good night" we said at the same time. I laid my head on his chest and quickly fell asleep.

~Next Day~

Niall's POV

I woke up and felt something warm on my chest. I looked down and saw the most beautiful girl in the world, Jade. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. I got up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. When I got down stairs I saw Harry and Ciera sleep on the couch. I made eggs bacon and pancakes. When I finished I felt someone hug me from behind. It was Jade.

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