More than friends??

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1. Getting ready

Jade's POV Tomorrow I am going to a One Direction concert with my bestie Ciera. When I found out I was so excited!!!! When I called Ciera to tell her she was screaming and talking about Harry. -Later In The Day- When Ciera got to my house we drove to the mall.When we arrived at the mall we went to lots of stores like Forever21,Victoria Secret and Macy's. Finally we finished and drove home. When I got home I went to bed. -Next Day- Ciera's POV When I got up I ran to the bathroom took a shower and did my hair. I got dressed and called Jade. C- Hey are you ready J- Yeah C- Ok be there in 10 minutes -End Of Call- I got there in less then 10 minutes. I arrived at Jade's house and she was outside. Jade's POV When we got to the concert, there was a whole bunch of screaming. Me and Ciera was in the front row singing all the songs. Most of the time I cough Niall winking at me. At the end of the concert Niall told me to stay while Ciera and Harry was talking. We went back stage with them and talked. On the inside I wanted to scream. I pulled Ciera to the side and told her I was nervous. She just laughed and said you'll be fine. Niall's POV While I was performing I saw the most beautiful firkin the front row singing all the songs. I winked at her every time she looked at me. When the concert ended I told her to stay for a while. When I said that she looked like she wanted to scream. Every one left and we went back stage hand in hand.

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