Burned By Snow

A sweet girl is put through a lot as a child and hates herself. She is different and has a talent. Only her parents and her closest friend knows. Wesley loves her and she loves him, but things get complicated and she hurts him then leaves not wanting to do it again. Does he go after her? Hate her? Will she ever come back again?


1. Memory

      Her eyes close, arms out, people silenced. A Thin string under her feet one wrong step and she falls. The hurtful people pull on the ropes trying to knock her down, but she refuses to fall, completely.

     Her eyes sparkle in the light, her dark brown eyes water tears falling. The voices never stop.

     "Do it Elizabeth, end the pain."

     "Your pathetic, just get it over with."

    Every time she heard these voices she wouldn't to believe them. Elizabeth is in the fifth grade and she's wanted to,die since she was six years old, since the day she discovered she is different.

    Another step and she looses her balance, some gasp but refuse to reach out, others smile, they had seen it coming, they knew the silent girl would eventually fall.

     Elizabeth scraped her knee on the log as she fell to the ground. Startled by the school bell watching kids run into the doors of the school. Summer had ended a few days ago so the sun is still,high in the sky warming the earth. 

     Little girls wearing dresses boys wearing shorts. But Elizabeth, she had pants and a sweater. She was always cold, she hated the cold. 

     "Hey there snow white." A gentle voice said from behind. He is a close friend of hers, they met in the third grade and she hasn't left his side since then.I

    The boys has blond hair, short showing his green eyes. His eyes, pure green like a sea of grass. So much hidden in the large green field, secrets, mysterious, frightening, and magical. His skin perfectly smooth.

     Elizabeth is a very shy girl and never talked, you could say she is selectively mute. Her name is known by very few. Then she met Wessley. He knew so much about her yet she's told him nothing. He reads all her stories showing who she is inside. Some sweet, some evil. Some about fear, some about sadness. Elizabeth never wrote about happiness.

    Wesley smiled sitting beside Elizabeth and leaned o Dr whispering into her ear. "Lets skip together." He said softly with a smile  and looked into,her dark brown eyes. Elizabeth smiled and nodded the tears disappearing from her eyes as she stood ignoring the scrApe on her knee.

      Her long black hair reaches her lower back loose and blowing in the warm gentle wind. She stepped towards the little patch of woods behind the school and stood under the trees shadows.Elizabeth glanced up at the sun and walked through the patches of Sun. The shadows of trees standing over her, laughing at the little silent girl. Towering over her blocking her from the warmth of the sun. 

.   The Two reached crek ansd stopped sanding in the sun. The creek crawled along the smooth rocks the ground covered in small broken down rocks creating a soft sand.a few fleets from the creek trees stood tall and wide reaching high into the sky. Little birds chirp, squirrels chasing each other running up the trees.

    ElIzabeth slipp of heR shos and went over to the water and soaking her feet in the cold water. Closing her eyes she lets her worries slip awAy, like sand slippigng into the water. She stood for a short moment feeling like forever, listening to the birds chirp, little movement inthe distance.

   Elizabeth stepped out of the water and went over to Wessley who sat leaned a tree. She sat between his legs her back against his chest. Listening to imperfect heart beat. Thump thump. Thump thump.

   Elizabeths skin ccold, his warm, but he heart beats faster, her blood flown her body filler with flames.

  Wesle lifted her arm ad examined th rubble band an rd marks on her wrist. "Only one? That's good." He said softly, one was the best and four the worst. Her different levels of her depression. Wessley smiled down at her and spoke gently and quietly.

    "The little humming bird lands on a flower

Whispering to the petals

Whispers of beauty

The whispers of kindness

Warmth in the air

Winds spreading the whispers of the humming bird."

     Wessley smiled and wrapped her arms around the little fragile girl and looked up as a small deer and it's baby walked up to the water glancing up at the two. Wessley bend over and whispered into Elizabeth's ear. "I love you my little snow white." 

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