Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


41. Zayn 24 (Part One.)

Brook's Pov


I walked up the hospital stairs, and stood outside of Niall's room. Harry and Liam came around the the corner, “Brook?” Harry jogged over, he turned me to face him, “Have you been drinking?” he asked me I nodded slowly, and he sighed, I shrugged him of me. “Where's Zayn?” I asked him, “In there” Liam spoke, I opened the door, and Zayn turned his head to me, I sighed and he stood up walking over to me, he guided me back out of the room as Niall looked half dead. “You look really fucking rough” he spoke, I snapped my head towards him and ran my fingers through my hair, “Long day” I told him, he smiled at me lightly. “Is it my turn?” he asked me, I nodded at him.


“Right then, I guess I will see you in 24 hours” he told me, I nodded slowly and he went to walk passed me, I grabbed his arm, and turned into him, resting my head on his chest, steadying my breathing, wrapping my arms around him tightly, he sighed into me wrapping his arms around my fragile body, “I love you” I whispered into him, “Don't let any one tell you other wise” I told him, he nodded and hummed a I love you too. I pulled back and his large hands dried my eyes, “I love you” he reminded me, I smiled up at him and nudged for him to go, as much as I wanted him to stay here with me and hold me, I had to let him do this.


As Zayn walked away in that famous black jacket, I turned around to the room Niall was in with the boys. Louis, Liam and Harry all sat around the bed, “Guys, go home get some rest, I want to be alone with him” I told them, they all understood and stood up to walk out, Liam and Louis walked out the door, but Harry hung at the doorway, “You okay?” he asked me, I nodded looking down at Niall. “No your not come here” he spoke, walking forward to me, and opening his arms for me to fall into. Reluctantly I did fall into him, I fell into him for dear life. I cried, “He is almost dead because of me” I cried into him, he cooed softly for me to stop.


I sat down on his lap and am curled up into him, “I don't want him to die, or for you to leave, or for Louis to stay away... I don't want us to fall apart” I cried, “I know” he spoke, and held me closely. “I can't do this... everyone would be better if I was dead” I whispered, and cried some more. “Look at me” Harry told me, I looked up at him with tears still falling. “You are so strong Brook, I am not going to let you talk like that... because I can't cope with out you, neither could Zayn, or any of us... I love y-.. we all love you too much” he spoke, correcting himself half way through. “I am falling apart, I tried to stay strong, but what if it will never be enough” I asked him, “It will be, it will all be over soon” he tried to reassure me.


“I am going to go to America, Niall is going to get better and probably move in with Louis, Liam will find his place and you Zayn will get your happily ever after” he told me, brushing a blonde strand of hair behind my ear, though he was trying to make me happy, I saw he was sad. “Why are you sad?” I asked him, “I'm not” he told me, “Don't lie” I scowled, he sighed. “I just... I don't want to make things hard for you again, so I am not going to say” he told me, “Harry, I appreciate that, but please just tell me, “I need to hear it” I continued. “I don't know what is going to happen if I am honest, I don't know if your going to hurt Zayn or if he is going to hurt you... but I want you to promise me something, right now” he begged me, I nodded unsure.


“I want you to promise me, if Zayn hurts you or you hurt him, if you two call of the wedding... you call me up, because I will be trying to get a wedding ring on your finger as fast as I can” he told me, I took a deep breath in, “Did we have the deal if I wasn't married by 40 I would marry you anyway?” I tried to laugh, he gave a half hearted chuckle. “I am serious Brook, I know you love him and you always will... but I know you love me too” he told me, intertwining our fingers, “I...” he stopped me, “I don't need an answer now, just tell me you'll think about it... as soon as you need me I will be on the first flight at your doorstep in the morning” he told me, I smiled up at him. “This is the last time I will ever ask you this... but its okay... because your worth it” he told me, I nodded.


“You should go, Louis and Liam are probably waiting for you” I told him, he smiled and helped me up from his lap. “See you later” he told me, and hugged me kissing my forehead,I hugged him back, sadness filling my emptiness. I let him walk out of the door, I turned to Niall who was lying there on the bed with tubes coming out of him. I covered my mouth with my hand, and silence my sobs. I saw the space beside him, and lay down next to him, and tried to cuddle up to him, I cried into him until I fell asleep with whiskey on my breath.


Zayn's Pov


I walked out leaving broken Brook behind, I couldn't look at her whilst she was like that. For the simple reason I was scared. I was scared of what had happened, what if she got hurt, I was torn between going back there and holding her, but I knew I had to do this. I don't know what she did, and part of me never wanted to know, I never wanted to know who she spent the night with, anyone who she drank with, where she stood. I was at the end of the street, and I turned down the part strip. Where clubs were lining the street, many nights were spent here, and so were many shameful mornings. One more time for old times sake wouldn't hurt me.


I stepped into desire the strip club in which everyone knew my name. I stepped inside and the red and blue lighting still clashed like the first time I entered here three years ago, I sighed looked around at the half naked women, if I was here two years ago I would of taken them somewhere dark fucked them and left, but now I didn't want to, the women here were dirty. They were young girls who were going no where in life. I sat down at the bar, One drink, that is all I am having. I ordered it, and felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw that Jack was stood there.


I turned my back away from him, “Fuck off” I snapped at him, “For someone who loves my sister, you sure do have a funny way of showing it” he snapped at me, “I do love her” I growled, swirling the baileys and ice in my small glass. “Then why are you sat in a strip club?” he asked me sarcastically. “She knows” I told him simply, she didn't but, I didn't know where she had been. “You don't love her, do you?” he asked me, I ignored him, “You did this to get back at me?... Prove a point, well done you proved it, now call it off before she becomes completely intoxicated with you!” he almost yelled, I smirked “she is intoxicated with me, isn't she?” he looked up at him. “Your only using her, aren't you?” he asked me, I took the drink in my hand down my throat. “You honestly think I would of stayed with her if I didn't love her, Jack, what don't you understand about me loving her?” I shouted at him, throwing my glass down on the bar.


Two men came over and escorted me and Jack out for “Bad Behaviour”. I started walking down the street in which he followed me down, “If you weren't Brook's brother, I would fucking kill you” I spoke, putting my hands in my pockets. “Why won't you leave her alone, you got your money, got her so fuck you... so leave her... your bad for her, one day you going to kill the girl we once knew!” he shouted to me, I stopped and turned around, grabbing him by the collar and pushing him against the wall. “Your no fucking saint either, If I remember rightly, you stabbed her twice and left her to die in a fire... didn't you?” I growled lowly, remembering the horrid memory.


“That was different” he defended himself, I threw him down, he scrambled to his feet. “I hope see she what your doing to her” he shouted, “What?” I asked him, turning to face him. “Your taking all the good, and all the good things from her, making her dark... and no one likes the dark Zayn” he whispered standing up straight. “You know I am right don't you, she has gave you everything, and the reason she has been with other people whilst you two were together is because you took all the good in her, and she was bad” he snapped at me, I grabbed him and threw him backwards, “SHUT UP!” I yelled raising my fist, “Hit me, go on, be a man” he smirked, I dropped.


“You think she has told you everything, there are things you don't know about her!” he shouted to me, I turned away, she told me everything. “Ask her about her and Drake!” he shouted, I turned around. “Yeah, you don't know about that... do you?” he asked me. I sighed and looked back at him, “I will tell her you said hello, okay?” I snapped, and he stood up brushing himself off, “Oh and Jack... Me and Brook are getting married, your not invited” I called to him walking away from him.


I wanted to go home, and carry things on tomorrow, when I had slept and thought about things more clearly. I couldn't stop thinking about what Jack had said, who was Drake? What hadn't Brook told me, or what hadn't I asked her to get the answers to things I needed. Why was it every time we try and work things out, a new secret is found or a new secret is created. I sighed and finally reached my front door step. I opened the door and walked inside, hearing the TV on a low volume. The boys were here, maybe now would be a good time to confront them all at once, now when I had 24 hours that Brook couldn't get involved and Brook couldn't be mad.


I walked into the living room and I saw Harry was lay there spread out across the couch, Liam on the arm chair and fucking Louis was on the floor. “Right listen up” I spoke, turning off the TV set. I have permission from Brook to do this, really. I am pretty sure I do. “I need to say some things” I told them, they all sat up alert and ready. “Right, Liam... to be honest I think your a massive prick, the first time you met Brook you tried to make her cheat on me with you, you made her feel shit... but you saved her so many times and I really can't thank you for that... but sometimes I hate you for that too, because I wanted to be the one to save her, and she comes to you for help, you kissed her, you love her... but you saved her, and that is more than what I have done, I see it sometimes when I look at the two of you, she trusts you” I stopped taking a breath.


“I see that she feels safe with you, she trusts you so much and I will never really understand why considering your a prick” I spoke looking down, earning a laugh from the boys. “She always has felt safe with you from the start” I sighed, and then they stopped. I looked to the next person who had feeling angry. “You, your the worst one of the lot” I pointed at Louis, he looked down. “You made her suck you off, I mean for fuck sake... you just came out of prison as well, but you saved her as well... you saved us when Lola and Steve took us, and we didn't understand why, but she had to suck you off for a reason, and though you could of gone about it a better way, you still saved her” I sighed, “But you tried to kill her, how could you fucking do that Louis?” I yelled at him.


“You fucking tried to kill her” I yelled at him, “I didn't even try” he whispered, “You thought about it though, you planned it, its the same thing” I shouted, “I couldn’t go through with it!... I wouldn't off” he told me, “I will never forgive you for it so don't come begging you dick.... and then when you fucking kissed her?!” I seethed, “I kicked you out and gave you a second chance, and you do this” I snapped“I honestly could kill you now, and I wouldn't care” I snapped. “That's another thing, you killed Mia... now I was all for that bitch being dead, but dragging Brook and Niall into it!” I shouted, “She dragged herself into it” he defended himself. “Stop blaming her!... She saved you from going to prison, okay?... You better be trying to make shit up to her for the rest of your life, because for some god unknown reason, she still trusts you... after everything you have done!” I shouted, “I am going to be sorry for it for the rest of my life” he whispered.


I went to walk out of the room, I can't stop thinking thinking about what Jack said though. Drake, what did he do to Brook? “What about me?” I heard Harry, he broke me from my thoughts. I stopped and rubbed the stubble of my chin, “I am worried if I start with you, I will never stop” I spoke. “Then start talking” Harry spoke. “She loves you” I whispered, I turned and looked at him, and he stood up to meet me, “She fucking loves you” I chuckled, no one laughed. “She is always going to fucking love you” I then turn sour. “I want to hate you Harry, I want to fucking murder you sometimes, I want to be able to say I hate you... but I can't...” I sighed, and ran my fingers through my hair, “Why?... Why can't you?” he gulped, “Because I know your always going to love her you too” I looked away from him.


“Introducing you two was the best and possibly the worst thing I have every done” I told him, “I love the fact you make her happy, you make her so happy when I can't... you always know what to say when I don't, but you stole her... just like you did Annie... but Brook was so happy with you, and I never understood why” I spoke, he looked up at me. “You left her there tonight, at the hospital, she was crying so much Zayn...” Harry looked at me with pain in his eyes for her. “I had to go, it was part of the deal” I told him, “That's why I make her happy...” he started, I cocked my head confused, “You don't see when she needs you, tonight she needed to stay and hold her, but once again it was me that had to do it... because you were there, if you would of heard her tonight Zayn... you would of hated yourself, because I know I did” Harry spoke.


“Is that why you were late out?” Liam asked, Harry nodded. “Brook was crying, she was sobbing into me... saying she was good enough, that she didn't know if she could do this any more... and I sat there with her in my arms, letting her cry into me making her feel better, trying so desperately to make her smile... when was the last time you tried to make her smile Zayn?” he asked me, I shrugged. “Exactly” Harry snapped and walked passed me, “YOU DON'T GET TO WALK AWAY FROM ME!” I shouted,


Harry turned around. “What do you want me to say Zayn I am sorry?!... because I am... I am so sorry I fell in love with your girlfriend! I am so sorry she is going to be worlds away from me, I need her, when she isn't around me Zayn I feel like I can't breath, I feel like the world isn't spinning, and I really don't want to feel this way about her... I don't want to see you two together because it breaks my heart... is that what you wanted to hear?... because I am Zayn... I am so sorry... I love you both so much, I am not moving for family reasons, I am moving to stop myself loving her” his voice broke, I stopped “Your going to break her heart” Zayn whispered, “Well its about time I did it instead of you, isn't it?... Maybe she will love you just a little bit more” he yelled at me storming out, leaving me with the other two boys. I didn't expect that from Harry, maybe this was what I needed, I needed to know how to make my own girlfriend happy, and Harry felt terrible, because of me, he didn't mean to fall in love with her, it just happened. Maybe if he broke her heart, maybe she would love me a little a bit more.




So guys, I really love this chapter. It gave me intense feels writing about her and Harry, and then how Zayn feels.


I am going to do an ask the character, and a new chapter tomorrow, so pleaseeeeee send me your questions!! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW IN THE CHARACTERS POV!!! - COMMENT QUESTIONS.

What do you think will happen next? xx

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