Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


14. Work It Out.

Brook's Pov


Liam explained it all last night. It wasn't good. We had to smuggle the drugs across an international cruise liner. The security would be high, and if were caught then we would go to prison for years. Life. Then we would dock in Italy. We would meet some people there, who were from Mexico, that's where the drugs were going. I woke up the next morning, in Harry's bed, he let me stay. I liked staying with him, it made me feel safe. I just wanted to sleep, I mean, there's nothing wrong with wishing this all away is there? I got out of bed, showered and got dressed.


I walked down stairs, and went to the kitchen. Harry was sat in his usual spot at the table, Niall next to him. 'How are you feeling this morning?' I asked Harry, walking to sit with the two boys. 'I am fine, its nothing' he smiled lightly. Zayn walked into the kitchen, and I sent him a smile. My mission for the day, is not to cry over Zayn Malik. 'Morning' I smiled, Niall smirked, so I kicked him under the table, 'Ow' he whispered, I smiled back at him and laughed. 'You okay?' I asked Zayn, and he nodded walked to sit down at the table with us.


'Where's Perrie?' I asked, 'I don't know' he shrugged, did he even like her? 'What are you doing today?' he asked me, 'I am going to move my stuff from your room today, for definite this time' I smiled lightly, 'I will help you if you want?' Zayn offered, I paused but nodded 'Sure' I spoke. Maybe we could be civil. Niall and Harry both looked between us, 'Are two feeling alright?' they chuckled, 'We have to try' Zayn spoke, 'What have you done with Zayn Malik' I teased, smirking at him. 'I am still be doll' he winked, that nickname still gave me butterflies, I knew my cheeks were red but I didn't care at that point.


'Should we get started now?' he asked me, I bit my lip and nodded and smiled. 'I think I like those two together' I heard Niall, 'I hate to say it, they do work' I heard Harry sigh. I smirked, since when did me and Zayn work? We are so dysfunctional its shocking. I saw that Louis was still on the couch in the living room, 'You need to move eventually' I called to Louis, he turned his head and smirked 'I don't really' he smirked, I laughed and walked up the stairs with Zayn. 'Boxes?' he asked, 'I'm moving rooms, not house' I smiled, he nodded.


I walked into the room, 'Two days of not sleeping in here, and its already a mess' I smirked, and walked in picking up his clothes from the floor, he rubbed the back of his neck. God forbid this is the day I make Zayn Malik nervous. I walked around his room, picking up bits and pieces. 'You can come and do this ever week' he smirked, I laughed and folded his clothes into his draw. When the last one was in, I looked at his bedside table. There was a picture, a picture I remembered to well and it brought back memories. 'Why do you still have this?' I asked him, he saw what was in my hand and ripped it away.


'Zayn, why do you still have a picture of Lola?' I spoke to him, 'I keep hold of things' he told me, 'I noticed' I sighed. 'Come on' I told him, and grabbed his hand pulling him down the stairs. I grabbed a box of matches, and took Zayn to the garden. I handed him the picture, and the matches. 'Burn it' I told him, 'Brook, this is ridiculous' he told me, 'Just do it, please' I whispered, 'Why?' he asked, 'Because... you promised me you'd move on from her' I tell him, he took the match box and lit a single match, 'For you' he spoke, and burned the picture, dropping it to the floor, and we stood there watching it burn.


'We should probably carry on' Zayn spoke going to walk inside, I pulled his arm back, 'Thank you for doing that' I whispered, and he smiled and nodded 'I would do anything' he smirked. We walked inside and I was happy sorting through my things with him, 'I remember when you wore that dress' he spoke, I laughed 'You do?' I asked, 'Yeah, it was the night you got out of the toilets to get away from me, you looked so beautiful' he smirked, 'Oh yeah, it was' I sighed a little. 'I was so pissed off when you did that' he spoke, running his fingertips along the fabric as if that is where the memory lay. 'I was so scared of you, the way you grabbed me and flung me like I was your toy' I whispered, 'You were scared for a while weren't you?' he asked, I nodded 'That soon changed' I smirked.


'You wore this one the day I met you' he spoke, 'Denim shorts in November, only you' he chuckled. 'You remember when we met?' I asked him, he nodded slowly '23rd of January' he smiled, 'So we did have an anniversary' I smiled, he nodded 'Yeah I guess we did' he laughed. 'I met you in the January, we had six months together, and then three apart and now we are here' I sighed, 'October, what will it have in store for us' he sighed, I shrugged and smiled placing some of my books on to his bed.


'This wasn't what I expected at all' I confess, 'What do you mean?' he asked, 'I mean, us acting like friends... where did this all spring from' I asked him, he laughed 'I just want to make sure your okay' he smiled. 'Do you remember when we were in the hospital... and we fucked' Zayn spoke, I giggled at the memory. 'That was meant to be our last night together, if I remember rightly' I chuckled, he smirked 'This is the only time a break has actually worked' I smiled, 'I know, I would go and work out that hospital room again, if you were up for he' he teased, I laughed.


Maybe things were going to be okay after all. This is progress, 'I like to make you smile' Zayn smiled at me, 'Its something I haven't done in a while' he smirked. 'Now come on lets get moving all these shit to you new room' he smiled and kissed my cheek, tingles still shot through me at his touch. This felt like being 17, when I first met Zayn the way every time he touched me, electrical impulses told me he was the one. 'Come on, we haven't got all day' he joked, and I stood up with the books in my hand.


After moving everything, I was happy. The happiest I had been in a long time, being with Zayn. Being alone with him in that room, talking about the past, not the bad things we had encountered, the good. He still made me laugh and that's why I was happy. I smiled watching down stairs, 'Brook there you are' I heard Liam, 'Yeah, I was sorting out my things with Zayn' I pointed to Zayn, who still wore a smile looking at me, not even Liam could take that away from him. Not now. 'My parents' he whispered, 'What?' I stopped, 'They are here, in the living room' he spoke.


'Who's here?' Zayn asked, 'Er.. No one, look Zayn this was really great actually, but I kind of need to go with Liam right now, we will be in the living room', talk later' I rushed my words, and my moments with Zayn, my happy moments stayed in the past with the rest. I walked into the living room, and bright as day his parents were sat on the couch. 'Hello' I tried to smile, 'Hello dear' Liam's mum said, and looked to sit down on the couch. Me and Liam went and sat on one, 'What brought you here?' I asked them, 'Well considering we heard nothing of the baby or the wedding, we thought we would come ourself' his mum spoke.


'Well, we have been really busy' I lied, 'Yes, I am sure looking for a house' she spoke, we both nodded. 'Well Brook, I was thinking we go wedding dress shopping some time' she spoke, 'Well, with the baby it would be impossible to get the dress right for it' I lied, I was not bonding with Liam's mum. 'That's true, well we could look at venues' she spoke, 'Me and Brook are doing that' Liam grabbed my hand, I nodded agreeing. 'Well, there must be something mother of the groom can help with' she spoke, 'I think we are actually covered for everything at the moment' I let out a nervous laugh.


'And the baby? How's that going?' Liam's dad spoke up, 'Yeah, Brook is two weeks' Liam made up, I looked at him shocked and he smiled. 'We couldn't be more excited' he spoke, I wanted to laugh so much and I didn't even have an excuse. 'Names? Gender?' they both asked, 'The gender we don't know, but I think its girl' I smirked, at Liam 'Really, I think its a boy' he put his hand on my tummy and dangerously his hand covered me, I smiled at him. 'Names then?' she asked. 'Liam wanted, George' I lied, his mother pulled a face. 'Really Liam?' she frowned, 'yes, its different' he laughed.


The door slowly opened, and Zayn was stood there. Had he heard all of that, I went from laughing to serious in a split second. He walked in and stared at me, 'Your pregnant?... With his kid' he spoke through gritted teeth, and clenched his fist. 'Zayn I can explain this' I whispered, begging him not to fuck this up. Until the rest of the money had been official transferred to Liam's bank account, we needed to keep this trick up. 'Explain?! What? How you have been dating me and all this time you've been fucking him!... Your a fucking cheat!' he yelled, Liam's mother gasped. I stood up and went to Zayn and tried to reach for him. 'NO!' he wafted me away.


'And you! I thought you had some respect for me' he yelled at Liam. 'Zayn don't do this now' I begged him, 'All this time you lied, you said you loved me... you told me you loved me... and what you were just shagging him for three months to get your fill?' he growled, I knew he was hurt, I would be hurt if it was the other way around. I looked to Liam, begging him to help. 'You were with him Brook?' Liam shouted, he made me double take. Was he trying to make it seem like I had been cheating on him? Was he making this part of the act? 'You've been with him all this time?' he whispered.


'No Liam, it wasn't like that!' I begged for him to listen, wanting to laugh again. I turned to a confused Zayn hoping to get the message across to him, he just looked confused. 'Brook, your carrying our baby, we are engaged! My parents gave us MONEY!' Liam enhanced the way said it, Zayn finally seemed to click. 'You choose now Brook me or him?!' Zayn joined in with the soap opera like play. 'I can't' I whispered, 'You have to... Brook think about who will be better for you' Liam spoke, suddenly this felt very real.


'I think we need to talk in private' I whispered, and Liam looked to his parents. 'Go please' he told them, they stood up and his dad walked over to him. 'Money for your troubles' he put a wad of cash in Liam's hand, 'This doesn't change a thing' he snapped brutally. Then they left, I sighed in relief and sat down on the couch. 'Can you please explain?' Zayn asked, Liam and me just laughed. 'That went so bad, but you saved it' I told Liam, 'Zayn nothing is going on, we told Liam's mum and dad that we are together and planning a wedding and children, and we needed some money to start ourselves off, that's were the money for the drugs originally came from' I told him, he sighed and sat down. 'You had me seriously fucking worried' he sighed, 'Well I am not pregnant with a George' I spoke, and Liam laughed getting the joke. 'I am going to go and figure out what to tell my parents' Liam spoke, I laughed and he walked out. That left me and and Zayn. He looked at me for some time.


'That scared me' he confessed, 'I am sorry, you shouldn't of been listening in though' I spoke going to sit next to him, and I pulled my knees up to my chest. 'You know why it scared me so much?' he asked, I shook my head. 'Because, if you were then I would of seen what we could of have had... before you had your miscarriage' he spoke, and that broke my heart. It seemed so long ago, maybe even a different life that, that had happened. There was a point that I was pregnant with his baby, and then I lost it, and neither one of us really grieved did we? 'That night when you were in the hospital, and you found out before me... I didn't … I didn't know what to think, then when I found out... even though I didn't ever want kids, and I didn't know you were... when I found out we lost our baby, that was the first thing to really break my heart' he whispered.


'Zayn' I whispered, and moved beside him. He was sat on the edge of the couch, I knelt beside him on the soft cushions, putting my head on his shoulder, and lightly kissing his arm, he moved back into the couch, and put an arm around me. Playing with a strand of my hair, 'Things could have been so different, we could have had a baby Brook... we could have been a family, and maybe all of this could of stopped' he spoke, 'I never knew you felt like that' I whispered, 'No you wouldn't have, I wanted to be strong for you' he spoke, 'You could of told me' I spoke, 'Do you think we would have had a girl or a boy?' he whispered, 'Girl' I spoke, 'I would of liked a girl' he whispered.


'Can we invite my parents over tomorrow, I think they need to meet everyone... the boys that have been saving me' I spoke, he nodded and smiled 'Yeah, go a head and call them' he smiled, I stood up but held him tightly for a few moments, and when I let him go 'We should do something, for the baby' he spoke, I smiled lightly 'What?' I asked, 'I don't know, maybe get a plaque for her and put up' he spoke, 'So its defiantly a her' I smiled, he nodded 'We will sort it, okay?' I spoke, he nodded and kissed my forehead.


I rang my parents not long after, and invited them around for dinner. I think it would be nice, some normality. 'Brook' I heard, I turned to see Liam. 'My parents are going to come back over tomorrow, I told them we sorted everything out' he spoke, I shook my head 'No my parents are going to come around tomorrow' I spoke, 'Maybe it will be okay?... they can meet' he spoke, 'Hey Brook! My mum and dad are bringing my sisters around tomorrow' Zayn came in smiled, I sat down on the couch and put my head in my hands, 'They are excited to see you' he smiled, 'Zayn, My parents are coming, so are Liam's and now yours?' I spoke, 'Its some family get together' he spoke, I nodded.


'You know what, lets just do it' I stood up, 'Seriously?' he asked me, I nodded 'Yeah, we have fucked up so much, one more time won't hurt, who knows our parents might be friends' I smirked, Liam smiled at Zayn and Zayn smiled back. 'Should we start buying things now?' he asked, I nodded and stood up. 'Boys, lets great ready to party' I spoke. They boy laughed with me, maybe this could all work out.





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