Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


56. We Didn't Do Anything.

Brook's Pov


Three Day's Before the wedding.


After Zayn getting drunk the other week things had been a bit rocky with us. However he had been trying to show me that he loves me more. I smiled at him as he was sat at the kitchen table, “I am going to get my suit today” he told me, and I nod “Three days” I spoke to him, and he stood up smiling. Zayn put two strong arms around my waist. He swayed lightly, “We need a first dance song” he spoke, “You'll dance?” I smirk at him, “I have to don't I?” he asked me and I laughed lightly nodding.


The one subject we had avoided talking about had been Harry. Neither one of us wanted to say anything that could jeopardise us. I hadn't spoken to Harry since, not even a text. I knew I couldn't because it would ruin me and Zayn, but it made me concerned about the wedding. What if Zayn wouldn't marry me because Harry was there? “What are you thinking about?” he asked me, I shook my head. “Nothing” I smiled lightly and kissed his lips softly, “You sure you want to marry me?” he asked me softly, and I nod “I have never been more sure of anything” I told him, he kissed my lips once more.


“Well I am going to go and pick up my suit” he told me, “You have to take your sisters out today as well remember” I called him, and he hummed back a yes. He left then. I got a call then from Liam. “What can I do for you?” I asked him sitting on the couch, “Well... Stag night, and a hen party” he spoke, “No, nothing good would come from that” I told him, “You wanted tradition” he told me, “You've already booked everything haven't you?” I asked sighing, but smirking I knew he would do something like this.


“Aria will be picking you up at seven, and I will be picking Zayn up then too” he told me, I rolled my eyes. “And I have you a surprise, it will be there in about five or ten minutes” he was smiling, “Liam, I swear to god if you have hired any strippers or anything like that!” I ignore his remark about the surprise, “Its a stag do, what do you think will happen?” he chuckled, “Your honestly going to get a slap when I next see you” I laughed lightly.


“Do you have you suit yet?” I asked him, “I am still working on it” he told me. “Liam, “Three days, I am getting married in three days and you don't even have your suit yet!” I gasped, “I will, would you calm down” he laughed. Three loud bangs came from the door then, “Hang on there is someone at the door” I spoke softly to him, “That's the surprise” he spoke, “So goodbye, I will see you tomorrow” he told me, “Liam what have you done?” I asked, but it was too late he had already hung up the phone, and I was already on my way to the door.


I unlocked and before me was not a good surprise. I took a deep breath and covered my mouth, his bags were on the floor in front of him, and he had a familiar small smile that made me a little bit weak. “Harry” I whispered breathlessly, he nodded and smiled opening his arms to hug me, and with out thinking I fall into him, and hug him so tightly, and I take him in. His smell. The way he always did smell of peppermint, and then I look to his face, and touch his cheek with one hand. “Am I dreaming?” I asked him, he smiled down at me, and ever touch we ever had shared flashed into my mind.


I let him go and open the door for him to come in. “Well this place hasn't changed” he told me, and I nod lightly. It was sure an unreal feelings that Harry was back in this house. “You want a drink?” I asked him, it felt like he was a stranger. I didn't know how to behave around him, I didn't know if I should offer to take his coat, or talk about the weather. The only topic he was thinking of was the fact that in less that 72 hours I would be a married woman.


We walked through to the kitchen and I stirred two cups of tea. We sat at the kitchen table, sipping them in silence. “Wow, there is baby stuff everywhere” he told me, “Are you..?” he trailed looking to my stomach, and I help it telling him no, “It's Luke's things, we have him on weekends” I spoke, he nodded. “Did you met anyone nice out in America?” I asked him, “You mean did I get a girlfriend?” he asked smirking, and I nod blushing. “No” was all he replied. “This is weird” I spoke, and he nodded in agreement.


“I missed you. Not in some fucking quirky, hold my hand kind of way... I miss you being in my life, I miss you always being there for me, I miss my best friend” I told him, and he smiled lightly. However I saw the pain in his eyes when I said “Friend” it was a word he hated to hear me say about him. “I missed you too” he told me. “How are the wedding plans?” he asked me, and I nodded “Good, I think we are just about ready” I spoke, and he nodded.


“Your sure you want to go through with it?” he asked me, and I nodded lightly. “Well I will still take you away if you need to run” he spoke, I frowned slightly but tried to take the humour. “I don't want to run, I am ready to marry him” he spoke. “How is he going to feel about me being here?” he asked me, “Not great if I am honest, when you called the other week, he heard me talking to Louis about it, and he got mad... like really mad” I told him, “Did he hurt you?” he asked protectively, I shook my head “No, you know he wouldn't do that” I spoke.


“I am sorry I didn't talk to you a lot” he told me, “You needed space, its fine” I told him. “I was a dick” he spoke, “A little bit” I chuckled, “I just... you and Zayn needed time to work your stuff out, and I just think that it would have been easier” he spoke, “And was it?” I sighed, “Easier?” I spoke slowly, “It killed me” he whispered. I sighed and looked down “I am sorry” I told him, “It's not your fault, I am the one who ignored you” he told me, “I know the next few days will be hard for you, but try and be okay with it” I told him, and he nodded.


“Where is the man of the hour?” he asked standing up and walking over to me. “He is picking up his suit” I say, Harry hummed a yes. “Have you planned the stag do for tomorrow night?” I asked him, “It's nothing bad, we are going to just go out have a couple of drinks, nothing to drastic” he spoke, and I nod. “Man... is it meant to be this awkward between us?” Harry asked, and I turned smiling “Well I am marrying your best friend, and given our history... I think we are handling this well” I told him.


“I suppose your right” he told me, and I nod. “You are sure you want to do this aren't you?” he asked me, “You've already asked me that” I turned to him, “I just want to make sure that you want to do this” he told me, “Like I said, I haven't been more sure of anything” I spoke. “Does he make you happy?” he asked me, and I nodded slowly. “How is Gemma?” I asked him, changing the subject. “You don't care, you don't' like her” he smirked leaning against the side, and I turned around in defence.


“No I do, I mean she can be rude but... she's...” he cut me off, and shook his head “Stop trying” he told me laughing, I smirked softly at him. Surely this is how it is meant to be? Laughing with Harry about how I hate his sister. “Your still so pretty” Harry mumbled, in mist of the laughter hoping I wouldn't hear it, but I did. “How have you been anyway?” I asked him, again changing the subject. “Aright” he nodded, “You've got a tan, taking an advantage of the beach I hope?” I asked him, and he nodded lightly. “You would love it there, so much open space... and the beach was just amazing” he spoke, and I smiled at the way his eyes lit up talking about it, “You've taken to the place” I asked, he nodded and smiled. “I have my own place out there now” he told and smiled softly, I lost my smile though.


“Your going back?” I asked him, “I moved there” he nodded, “Yeah, well I thought after the wedding you'd be staying?” I spoke, “Crashing your honeymoon you mean?” he smirked, and I shook my head “No, of course not... just... I thought it was like temporary” I told him, and he laughed softly, “No... I am not third wheeling a married couple, a dating couple is completely different” he told me, and I smirked at him. “I see your sense of humour is still in tact” I tell me, “Oh as always” he told me.


“Don't make me use this” I smirked and rose the spatula from the draining board, he smirked “Bring it on” he told me, I took a glass full of soapy water from the bowl and threw it over it, the soap suds getting caught in his hair, and he laughed loudly, and flipped his now wet hair that had grown so much in four months. “Your asking for it” he told me, smirking and walked over to me. “Your not going to do anything” I shook my head and folded my arms over my chest. “That's it” he spoke and grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder, “Harry!” I yelled.


Harry ran with me up the stairs, not putting me down, and it felt so nice being in such safe arms. He kicked open the bathroom door, and pulled the shower switch down, “Harry I swear to god!” I yelled, and he dropped me into the bath with a thud, ouch. “Harry” I shrieked as he pulled the shower head down and put it all over me, and the water was so cold on my skin, I reached for him as he was laughing loudly, I grabbed his shirt and tugged him into the bath with me, he grabbed a bottle of bubble bath and poured it all over my clothes, and suds began to grow between us, I found shaving cream and ran it through his hair.


We laughed loudly, and it was like the world moved slowly as we laughed bubbles into the air. Harry tried to stood up and slipped back down, and I laughed as h moved his arms around me and we both stood up and he reached up and put the shower head back in the stand for it. “This was a nice shirt” I frowned, and he laughed at me, and he wiped some shaving foam of my sleeve, I laughed and his bandanna was dripping water droplets down his soft cheeks, and I smiled as water also fell from his eyelashes, his green eyes sparkled even more.


As close as we were I got feel his peppermint breath hot on my lips, and I smiled lightly. Then a loud bang came from down stairs, “Brook it's me!” I heard Zayn, and I gulped. Not completely snapping out of the trance I was in with Harry, “We should go down stairs” I spoke quietly, and he nodded softly. We stepped out of the bath tub dripping wet, however we laughed as we caught sight of ourselves in the mirror, “Brook?” Zayn yelled wondering where I was. “I am coming” I yelled back.


I walked down stairs, and then Harry followed. “What were you do-.. Harry?” he asked, stepping back. “What is going on? Why are you hear, why are you both wet? You look a fucking mess” he snapped. “Well thanks” I spoke sarcastically, “Liam sent me a “Surprise” … Harry was the surprise” I spoke, and Zayn put his head in his hands, “What have you too been doing?” he asked me, “Nothing I swear” I was quick to defend, “Your awfully quiet” he looked to Harry, “Man we didn't, but it is nice to see you again” Harry smiled and took a step down passed me to see Zayn.


“Yeah...” Zayn patted Harry's back but looked over at me, and I sighed and smiled. “So explain to me why you two are like this... a mess?” he asked with his arms folded, Harry scratched the back of his neck smirking. “We did nothing” I told him again, “You already said that” Harry and Zayn spoke simultaneously, “We just started messing around and things got a little... messy” Harry chuckled, “Yeah we were just messing around” I spoke and smiled lightly. “Yeah, I hope that was all” Zayn spoke, and I nodded as he walked up the stairs with the back which his suit was in. “Hey, how was the suit?” I asked him, and he hummed something quietly that I didn't quiet catch, soon I couldn't see him and I turned to Harry.


“He's pissed off” Harry spoke, “I should go and talk to him” I spoke, he nodded. “You can go and unpack if you want, just go to your old room, we haven't used it for anything since you left” I told him, and he nodded as I walked up the stairs. I walked into the bedroom that me and Zayn shared, I walked into the room. “Hey” I smiled lightly, and walked over to him, “Hi” he spoke. “Don't be mad” I walked over and sat on the bed beside him, and he sat forward. I sat behind him, and put my hands on his shoulders and kissed his neck.


“Your trying to seduce me aren't you?” he asked me looking sideways a little, and I nodded “Will it work?” I asked him, “Why did Liam have to send him here?...” he asked as my lips touched his neck. “He's my best friend” I whispered, “Who you fucked” he told me, “Zayn” I sighed, and I stopped kissing him. “Look, I know not his biggest fan, but he is going to be giving me away, giving me to you in three days, and I am going to be yours forever... Okay?” I asked him, and he pulled me around so I was sat on top of him, he nodded lightly, “I love you, you know that right?” he asked me, and I nodded and kissed his soft lips “I love you too” I told him.


“Zayn you seem a bit off, is everything okay?” I asked him, and he nodded “I just bumped into some dick whilst I was out” he shrugged, “Oh, who?” I asked and played with his hair. “Just an old friend” he told me and shook his head, “Oh, everything okay?” I asked looking into his eyes. “Yeah” he smiled and brushed a curl from my face, and he kissed me. “I wrote some vows today” he told me, “Can I hear them?” I asked him, “Yeah you probably won' get another chance” he whispered, and pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.


“Wait... why won't I hear them again?” I asked him, and he sighed and looked down. “Hey...” I whispered lifting his chin up to me, “It's just because... I am not going to read this shit to a crowd” he told me, and I laughed at him. There was something more, I saw it deep into his eyes and there was something. However I couldn't risk another argument, so close to our wedding. So Zayn lips parted and spoke, “I use to think there was better things in life than being tied down, being in a relationship... or better than being lonely or bitter, and I was wrong. So wrong. The world is full of shit” he spoke, I laughed “We are going to be in a church” I chuckled, and he smirked but continued.


“Go and love someone, go and get your heart broken. Let it be bruised, and shattered. It will heal, if you have the right person to do it. Their are people out there, fantastic and brilliant people... and I found someone who was beautiful, and they changed all of my opinions... you” Zayn whispered and kissed my lips softly, and I smiled at him. “I love you” I told him, and he smiled up at me, “Forever isn't going to be long enough” he told me, “Then infinity will” I told him, and leant him back and kissed him.


Flash Forward.


“What?” I asked slowly, “Nothing just a little hiccup” she smiled. “No, what's happened?” I asked her, “We have no groom yet” Harry chimed from behind her. I gulped, “He's just running late, you know” I try to convince everyone around me. “It's fine, he's just as nervous as you” Aria tried to calm me, fluffing out my dress. “Zayn doesn't get nervous” I spoke, and she gave me a small smile.

The doors open to the room I am meant to be getting married in. “Where is-.. Brook” Liam stopped, and smiled at me. “Hey” I told him, and he smiled at me. “You look amazing... wow” he smirked at me. “Thank you” I told him. “Small problem, we still don't have a groom” Liam paced over to Aria, “Call him” she hushed her voice not to worry me, “I have tried, he turned his phone off” Liam frowned at her, and I put two hands either side of my head. Happiest day of my life? When does it start?



Sorry for such a bad chapter, but I needed this to happen so we can move on.:D

Like three-four chapters until the wedding of the year, who is excited!!

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