Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


59. The Wedding.

Brook's Pov

I hadn't slept, thoughts from last night stayed in my mind. The stripper, Dominic, and the pure fact that I was getting married today. I had bags under my eyes. Dark circles that wouldn't go. I shower, and take a deep breath and then whilst the water runs over me look to my left hand. In three hours, I would have a ring on it and Zayn Malik would be my husband. I heard a noise down stairs, which told me that Aria was here and she was ready with everything for me. I walk down and I think I am shaking, but I don't know if that is the world spinning. Probably both.

I wondered how Zayn's night was. If he ended up in a prison cell, if they got him a stripper too. I wondered if he was as nervous as I was, I wondered if I was going to have to keep my nerves steady for the both of us.

Zayn's Pov

I hadn't slept, thoughts from last night wouldn't fucking leave me alone. The constant reminder, the ink on my hand, and the voices that told me this was all wrong. I stand and look in the mirror. I am a mess, I see that I am shaking. Stop fucking shaking, and get a grip. I tell myself, but my body ignores everything I tell it to do. I sighed and looked over to the paper that lay in the side, the fragile words that would break everything in their path. I was a bomb, from the very start, the string that would blow me up, was lit the minute I touched Brook's hand in that old bar.

I didn't realise I would be blowing her up too.

Brook's Pov

“Someone's nervous” I heard her, and I smile lightly. “I am” I agreed with her, “Your getting married!” she exclaimed and I nod. “Okay, shall we get you ready?” she asked me, “No” I smirk at her, but I am serious. I am so nervous. I wasn't doubting marrying him, that I was sure of. I was sure of everything. I was just... I don't know, I mean. This time last year, I wouldn't of thought Zayn Malik was capable of loving anyone, now I was marrying him. Ironic eh?

Aria started to do my hair, and she talked and talked. Soon Courtney was here too, and she was smiling and laughing with Aria. A nervous Cassie came into the room, but once talking she was fine, and she was smiling and bright smile. Too my surprise Hanna turned up. I didn't think she would even respond to the invite, after we didn't talk for months. “Hey” I heard, I turn and see Hanna. “You want one, settle your nerves?” she asked offering me a glass of wine. “I think I will be sick if I drink it” I told her, and she laughed lightly and sat beside me.

“You look amazing” she smiled at me, “Thank you” I told her. “Its like an hour an half until your a wife” she told me, and I gulped. “Is it?... Really?” I asked, it suddenly got very warm in the room. “Thanks for inviting me” she told me, and I hugged her lightly “Thank you for coming, I am glad your here, I missed being normal” I told her, I stood up and went to the dresser, “Guys?” I asked, and the four girls look at me. “I just wanted to say thank you, you've been here through so much, and you'll know that... well me and Zayn haven't had it easy, and no one here or anywhere thought with in a year we'd be getting married... but I just wanted to say thank you, for not giving up on me, they surrounded me in a hug.

Two heavy knocks came from the door. “We are here for the bride!” I heard, and it was Louis. I smiled lightly, “As long as Zayn isn't with him, he can come in” I smirk and Hanna runs to answer the door. I heard muffled voices as I tried to block everything out, and focus on just getting through today. “Let's put the dress on” I heard and smiled lightly but nervously. Hanna and Cassie help me lace it up. “There” I heard, and as the puffy material fell to my feet, I stand up straight. I look into the mirror, and I no longer that little girl that fell for the bad boy. I am the woman that fixed a broken man.

“In there” I heard, I guessed it would be Louis. I turned around and I loose my grin a little bit. Because it isn't Louis. It's Harry. “Can you give us a minute?” I smile at the girls, “Don't be long, we need to leave in the next five minutes” Aria warned and I laughed at her as she walked out. I smiled then at Harry, who's eyes were fixed on me. Like I was a statue that was made to be stared at. “How do I look?” I whispered after a minute of silence. “Perfect” I told me, and still didn't look me in the eyes, but when he does he smiled. His smile made me flutter. I cough a little and he fixed his tux. “I like that tux” I told him, “I only had the one” he smirked at me.

“Oh, this is what I wanted to give you “ he told me, “Turn around, and close you eyes” he ordered. “Harry” I began, “Trust me” he told me. I always do. I thought to myself. “You can't get married with out something old” he told me, and he put something light around my neck, “Keep your eyes closed” he told me, and his peppermint breath was against my neck. “Open” he whispered, and as I did, he stayed where he stood, directly behind me. In the mirror I saw he put the paper plane necklace he had given me months ago on me, and I smirk. “Harry... I gave you this back for a reason” I told him, and he smirked “Well, that's my reason to give it to you... just promise me a dance with the bride” he smirked at me with a half broken smile. I turn around and wrapped my arms around his neck and hug him, he tightly puts two arms around my face, and hold me like its the last time he will ever touch my skin.


“You guys re-... Oh... S-Sorry” Louis spoke leaving the room. I let go of Harry, “Let's take the princess to the ball” he told me, and held an arm for me to link with and I took it. I smiled lightly as we walked down the stairs. I saw the way Harry looked at me, and the way that it was breaking every part of him. “I'm sorry” I told him, “What for love?” he asked me, “This” I told him, and I felt a tear almost leave my eyes, “Don't cry, your make will run” he smiles, and I laugh lightly. “Don't be sorry, you've nothing to be sorry for” he told me, and I smiled.

“We need to leave now if you want to get married” I heard, and I smiled lightly at Louis. “You can do this, you've got this in the bag” he told me, “Sorry I am going to play a game of football or something?” I teased him, he laughed “No your getting married love” he told me and I smirked lightly at him. “Brook!” Aria shouted, “What?” I asked, and Zayn pushed the front door open. She yanks Harry in front of me, “Bad luck!” Aria shouted, “I... I just need to talk to Brook” Zayn spoke, I looked over Harry's shoulder. Zayn wouldn't want to talk now, not if wasn't important. I nod slowly and he smiled at me, and offered a hand.

Zayn's Pov

“Are you okay?” she asked me with such a blissful innocence in her eyes, and I smiled at her and reach for her cheek and I nod slowly. Lying to the world. “You look amazing” I told her, and she blushed. “I … I just needed to see you” I tell her, “You've got cold feet haven't you?” she stepped back, “No.. Not at all” I try to reassure her. The pen that the fucking letter was written in is still all over my hands, no matter how hard I scrubbed in the shower in wouldn't come off. “Dirty hands been busy?” she asked brushing her soft fingertips over the pen marks.

“Remember, your my happy ending okay?” I asked her, the pain I held was to be subsided. She couldn't no, this moment was going to be the worst. This is where the lie began to get even bigger, and she was so unaware, she was so happy. Hours before this, I had toyed with idea of giving up and just going. Just doing something that he didn't want me to do, I felt like an explanation would hurt her more, which is why I wanted one more happy time with her. Just one.

“So we are getting married” she began to smile, like she was so in love with idea of it. “Yeah... No matter what … happens today, you need to know something” I took a deep breath in, and took her hands turning her to face me. “One line I say to you today won't be true, and I not going to tell you what line, when I am going to say it or how... but you need to figure it out... it will be on a piece of paper and spoken” I told her,“Is this like a game?” she smirked at me and I smiled lightly at her, and kiss her softly, “On your marks” I spoke, then pressing my lips to her again, she pulled back “Get set” she smirked, “Go” I whispered and kissed once more.

She pulled back smirking, and her eyes were so bright and full of life. Shit. “I love you” I told her, and she smiled lightly at me, and I kissed her. “I love your lips” I told her, and she pulled back. “Is this what your going to be like now, a hopeless romantic?” she asked with raised eyebrows, I laughed gently at her. “You know, this morning I was so nervous because of you, because I am marrying you, but now I'm not, the nerves have gone because I'm with you” she tells me, and though I give her a smile, my heart falls to my feet once more.

“Here” I tell her, and I pull a chain plain necklace off from around my neck. “Put this on” I tell her, she goes to turn but stops, “I already have one on” she tells me. I reach for it, and it is far to familiar. I can't even escape him. “It was something old, he asked me to wear it” she gives a soft smile, “It's okay, here” I told her, and I pick up her fragile hand. I wrap it around her write twice and clip it, “There, now you have a part of me too” I tell her, and she smiled lightly.

“Well if we are getting married we should be going now” she told me, I nod slowly. This is, the last chance. The last time. Last everything. “Take this” I held a small folded piece of paper. “Don't open until after the ceremony, be on you own” I tell her, putting the words that will destroy her right into her hands, and she kindly accepts them. “Meet me at the alter?” she asked me, with the twinkle she had in her eye the day we first met, “I will meet you there” I smile down and kiss her lips for the last time, “Promise?” she smirked, I nod and pull her into my arms, she is shocked but takes it. I hold her like its the last time I will ever touch her skin.

I left straight away. I went through the hall way and I saw everyone was still there. Harry. I walked over to him, and knock him back a bit. “Fucking look after her” I snap at him, and he is taken back, he doesn't know what do, think, or say. So he nods and I walk out. Forever.

Brook's Pov

I let Zayn walk away. I knew there was something more. I could tell, but I wasn't going to spoil today with an argument. We would just sort it out days later, and it would be fine. I went back through the house, “Everything still okay?” Louis asked, and I nodded. “Perfect” I smiled, “Right we need to leave like right now!” Aria smiled but was worrying. “Brook can I have a word?” Harry asked, “Can it wait, we need to leave” Aria smiled, and I laughed. “After, when I give you that dance I promised you” I grin, and he tries to smile.

We all head out to the car. Louis is the drivers seat, and Aria and Harry sit in the back with me, and then Hanna rides up front with Louis. “Your shaking” Harry told me, “I am nervous again” I spoke, and he smiled at me. “Your so close now” Louis spoke. “Should I put the radio on” I heard, and I smiled lightly laughing at Aria she always tried to make things better for anyway. “You look so amazing” Aria smiled looking at me, “I am proud” she laughed.

We pulled up outside the venue, behind thanks to traffic. It was a country house, a huge one. It was a hotel too. “I will take your bag's to the room, and then you can prepare yourself” Aria smiled. I stood outside the main hall where everyone was sat down, I heard people talking. Right ten minutes until I am getting married. Oh my god. I am going to be Mrs. Malik. I sighed, and went over my hair in the corridor mirror. Aria came back down with a smile not as bright as what she went up with.

“What?” I asked slowly, “Nothing just a little hiccup” she smiled. “No, what's happened?” I asked her, “We have no groom yet” Harry chimed from behind her. I gulped, “He's just running late, you know” I try to convince everyone around me. “It's fine, he's just as nervous as you” Aria tried to calm me, fluffing out my dress. “Zayn doesn't get nervous” I spoke, and she gave me a small smile.

The doors open to the room I am meant to be getting married in. “Where is-.. Brook” Liam stopped, and smiled at me. “Hey” I told him, and he smiled at me. “You look amazing... wow” he smirked at me. “Thank you” I told him. “Small problem, we still don't have a groom” Liam paced over to Aria, “Call him” she hushed her voice not to worry me, “I have tried, he turned his phone off” Liam frowned at her, and I put two hands either side of my head. Happiest day of my life? When does it start?

“Someone needs to tell the guests we are going to be delayed a little” Liam spoke, “I will, someone needs to see this dress right?” I asked, and I opened the door. Niall was straight up out of his seat, with wide eyes and sideways smirk, he put a thumbs up to me telling me I looked nice. “Excuse me?” I called loudly, and everyone turned, and smiled and grinned and took pictures. I blush. “Small delay, Zayn is running a little late” I tell everyone, and they all smiled and gave a little chuckle, Niall ran up and smiled at me kissing me cheek. “You are now 100% princess” he told me, and I smiled lightly at him, we leave the room them.

“Still nothing” I heard Louis, as he put his phone into his pocket. “Brook, you call him” Liam told me, and Aria rooted for my phone through her purse. I unlocked it too see I had a text from Zayn.

From Zayn: Go up to our hotel room, and read that paper I gave you. Go alone.

I handed the phone back to Aria. “I need to go and do something” I spoke, and went to walk away. “What?” Aria asked, “Just give me five minutes” I spoke. “We will come and find you” I heard, I smiled lightly at them. I walked up to the room. What a day he chooses to be late on. When I see him at that alter I might just say no for this. I wouldn't.

I unlock the door with code I had to remember. I walked inside, and rose petals lay across the bed. I smiled and sat on the end of the bed. I pulled the piece of paper out from the side of my dress. Why had this been one thing been so big. Surely the biggest thing today should have been my dress. I sighed and unfold the paper that has been written for me. The pen on here, is the same as what was on his hands before. “Okay” I start, smiling at the way he wrote my name.


First, I am sorry.

But baby your going to have to save yourself this time. I have been trying to do what is write by you, and this... leaving you is all I can think will work.

I don't mean to hurt you but this is going to save you, I promise. Leaving on our wedding day is pretty low even by my standards, so I am fucking sorry for that too.

I love you, and before you go running of into the sunset with Harry – Don't lie and say you won't because you will, it's okay, he is better for you anyway – There is something you need to know.

I need you know that everything I am doing is for you, I won't lie and say that things have been good with us, because they haven't. However that doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means I don't love you enough, but you love me and that means a lot. So thank you for giving me your heart.

I just know that after everything we won't be the same, so before this hurts us even more, I am setting you free. I am sorry, I should never have proposed. I thought it could save us.

100 times over I would do all of it again if it meant I could meet you.

Harry is going to be a lucky guy, and one day your going to make an amazing wife and mother, so I hope you get your happy ever after, even if it isn't with me.

You'll always be mine in the back of my mind, and you will be the first thing I look for in a new life. You were too good for me, and I wasn't good enough for you. I never was and I don't want to be. You were my cure, and I was your disease. You were saving me but I was killing you. And I am sorry.

Darling, your a work of art. Your so wonderful to look at, but when touched you were ruined. I ruined you the moment I said “I love you” because, I lied. I thought I loved you, I could of dear. However its over now. I am saying for good.

Brook, I am a lover and a sinner for you. Just like you are an angel and a devil to me. Every choice, Every breath, Everything thought. It was you. Dear you were the devil on my shoulder telling me what to do, and because of you I forgot how to breath on my own. So that's what I am doing, because when I am with you I forget the rest and I never wanted that.

Maybe someday we will find something better than what we had, and you are saying now. “I don't want better, I want you” sorry love, but I just don't really care. This is why our dream was just a dangerous thing, because dreams consumed us completely and they fooled us.

You taught me to fight of my demons, so that's what I am doing, because you are my new demon. So don't cry. Please don't fucking cry, I hated that. Such pretty eyes should never shed a tear. Everything about you is so bloody beautiful. Don't change.

So goodbye, go and find your happily every after. And remember to guess the lie.


P.S. Remember, your mine.


I shook, my mascara was down my cheeks. My eyes were wet. My lips quivered in red lipstick. I couldn't believe what happened. I looked around the room, and I dropped the paper to the floor. They way that he handed me my own self destruction, the words on that page broke me, I had given everything I could possibly give, and that was what broke me, I didn't save myself. I had many opportunities to save myself and I didn't. “Brook?” I heard, and the door was opening. “Go away” I whispered.

Harry. I blamed him so much for this. Zayn wanted me with him. I couldn't blame either boy, I blamed myself for falling for them both. Leading one on, whilst loving the other. I saw Harry's eyes scanning over the paper I had left on the floor. “I... Why is he telling you to be with me” he was talking low and sounding confused. I wandered that too. Harry got out his phone and took a picture if the letter and he sent it too the boys. “Brook-..” he began, I cut him off by holding my hand up. “He promised me he would meet me at the alter” I spoke, and walked in front of the bed. “He did always say promises were made to be broken” I sighed, with tears beginning to die on my cheeks, I took the letter from him.

Harry reached for me, “Don't!” I yelled with tears, “Brook...” Harry's soft voice whispered. “No... I why would he do this?!” I shouted with the crumpled piece of paper in my hand, and I rip my hair out of the bun it was up in and it falls down in a mess. I struggled to breath, “Leave me alone” I whispered, and covered my face. “The last thing you need right now is to be alone” he told me. “I-I...” I stammer over words. I sat down on the floor, the dress now dusty and crinkled. Harry came and sat beside me, and wrapped his arms around me.

The door then opened, and Liam stood there. I looked up hopefully maybe he could fine the runaway. “No...” he shook his head, breaking every single ounce of strength I had left. I cry a little more, “I am a fool” I cried. “He fooled everyone” Liam spoke, and came and sat the other side of me, and tried to move the hair out of my face, “Your okay... your going to be okay” he spoke to me softly, “What if I am not... what if I am so broke this time no one can fix me” I cried.

The door opened again, and Niall stood there. I stood up and ran into his arms, “Hey princess” he softly whispered sympathy growing with each tear, as I buried my face into his neck and wrapped two arms around him, and he had one hand on the back of my head and he brushed through it softly. “I am so sorry” he told me, “I want to go home” I cried. “I will get your clothes... Louis's is waiting in the car” Niall let me go, and sighed brushing away my tears. Niall normally made everything better, why was nothing making this better.

“Someone get me out of this fucking dress” I shout. It was suddenly so tight on me, like I was suffocating, I couldn't breath. “Please... get out me out of it” I yell. Harry is suddenly there, unlacing the back of it, and then I breath a little better. I am stood in my under wear. I looked at mess, “Here, cover up” Niall speaks, seeing Harry's wounded painful eyes on me. I took the jeans and jumper from Niall and put them on. “What should we do with this?” Liam asked, holding the dress on the coat hanger.

“Burn it.. I don't want it” I spoke broken. I grabbed my bag from the floor, “Can we go?” I asked, and Niall nodded. Leading me out with one hand on the bottom of my back. I sighed and went to walk away, turning around picking up the letter from the floor, and walking over to Liam. I pushed the letter against his chest and he caught. “Burn that too” I spoke and walked away with tears in my eyes.

Loving Zayn had always been numinous. I was fearful yet fascinated, and in awe but attractive. I had finally learnt that our lack of redamancy that broke us apart for good. We get to the lobby, “Tell them all the wedding is cancelled” I tell Aria and she nods sympathetically. I got outside and the snow was falling down, it was only now I remembered it was Christmas eve. “Where do I go?” I asked Niall. “I can't go home” I cry softly, “Stay with me” Harry offered, “No, I want to stay with Niall” I turned away from him.


I know it was wring to blame Harry for this. I can't blame him. However right now he was part of the reason me and Zayn weren't getting married right now. “Okay” Niall smiled lightly. “Give her some space” I heard Liam tell Harry, with hand on his back. “Louis Is over there, why don't you go and get in, I will over in a second” Niall pointed, “Thanks for coming to the wedding” I mumbled lowly, to Liam and Harry, I turn and walk away. I look to my shadow and even that doesn't look like me anymore.


I see as I walk; a flower in the middle of the road, the flower that should have been pinned onto Zayn's tux. I sit then, in the middle of the road. Everyone looks but no one moves, they look so sad for me, their hearts are on their sleeves, but they can put them away... I don't want their sympathetic stares, or half hearted smiles. The white rose that should have been on his tux is in my tiny hands, I pull the petals off one by one. He loves me, He loves me not. I pick all the petals of the flower, but as I do this in my heart I know.


He loved me.




Harry's Pov


We walk outside, and she is sat in the middle of the road. Crying. The broken parts of her leave a trail for us to follow. The petals now lie upon her thighs, and a few dance in the wind around her. Inside and out she is dead. Every part of her is dead. I see that she doesn't fight the tears any more. I didn't let Liam burn that paper, that revolting note is in my pocket burning a hole there. I want to walk over there and take her in my arms, dry her tears and let her mascara soak into my shirt. Instead I know she needs that. To cry on her own. To struggle to her feet her, and to take baby steps to fix herself.


“She isn't going to be okay this time, is she?” Liam voiced quietly, never had I heard such pity in his voice. “I don't think so” Niall sighed. Brook had never looked so defeated, not when she found out their love was a bet, Not when Zayn lay close to death at the hands of me. But now. That he had run away, on a day that should have been the happiest one of her life. Now, she looked like she had been in a war and lost it, lost the final battle, but she fought to the end. The losses she suffered though, none of us not would be able to fix.


A car came around the corner at full speed, and Brook barely looked up, “Brook” I shouted, and jogged over to lift her, and I moved the girl who felt so light, and he body fell limps. Like each bone as broken and she couldn't move. The beeped loudly as it came past us. I felt to the floor with her, sitting down, she still looked to the floor. She reached out in front of her and picked up a white petal that the car had ran over, and it was ripped at the edges, and dirty now. “You almost died” I told her softly, “It wouldn't of mattered, would it?” she asked so fed up of life. It hurt my heart to hear her talk like that.


“Harry” I heard, and it was Louis looking from over the car. “I think we should go” he spoke, “Come on love” I reached for her arm, but she flinched from my touch. Like if I touched her she would break. “I am going to walk” she spoke, “Where to?” I asked her, “Niall's” she spoke, “We are going there now, just get in the car” I sighed and reached for her again, “Harry...” she shouted, and shook, wrapping her arms around her self so she wouldn't fall apart, “Don't touch me” she cried, I looked at her with pitiful eyes, “I brake... everything I touch” she was crying, quietly whispering her words as the turned into wind. “So don't touch me” she begged, and turned away dropped her bag to the floor, and stumbling, shaking down the dust dirt road. With the dirty little petal in her hand.


And we let her go.


Zayn's Pov


I sit in Desire again, and I wait for Dominic. I knew something like this was going to happen. I knew right now, she would be crying, the guests would be wondering, and fucking Harry would be holding her. I brought it all on myself. The door opened and the peak of light came in, and Dominic stood there. “So... Was the best day of your life?” he teased, I stayed silent. “Awhh man come on, your single again, shall I take you out tonight?” he smirked, “I'm not in the mood, say what you want and go” I warn him.


“I am going to leave her a lone now, so you got that part of the deal, she's safe... even thought she went with Steve” he rolled his eyes, “She's a bitch you were better off with out her” he told me, “I said don't fucking talk about her” I snap at him, he chuckled as I drank a little more whiskey. “Look, we are planning the robbing in a few weeks, make sure you make it” he told me, “You will make sure I do” I tell him, and he nodded. “It for the best Zayn, you didn't want her to get hurt... and you too good for your own gang, your better equip for ours” he told us.


The deal was that I help with an international robbery. I would be undercover, opening different checking accounts, and then from the inside we could get information, and I could route through files, get copies of keys made. They were going to bleed every corrupter bank dry, and then flee with the money, in the different accounts I had opened. I would get a fair share, but their were more dangerous people involved now. People from alternative gangs, that wanted in, and it was only me because I had history that could do the undercover work, I knew how banks worked, I had a part time job when I first moved here with Lola.


If I didn't agree, Brook would been taken for ransom, if I didn't help, she would of died. If we failed this, then she wouldn't of breathed again. So if I said yes, they left her alone. However the more I thought about it, a lot of that letter was true. I just hoped she could figure out which line was the lie, because every other word, was true. I wasn't going to loose her to the grim reaper. I was going to her at the hands of my brutal words. I was going to make sure she was safe, from me, an from every other mother fucker.


Brook's Pov


Hours hand passed. I had walked through motor ways, forests, alleys. I ended up here. Not where I wanted to be. I wasn't at Niall's. I couldn't bare, any more sympathy. I couldn't stand being in the room with them, because they wouldn't shut up. They wouldn't speak, but there thoughts would be so loud they wouldn't have the need too. So I am here. Knocking on the door, of the one person, who offer sympathy. Who didn't have one bone in there body, that could possibly be sympathetic. So I knock again, until they answer.


“What is so fucking import-... Brook?” he asked, and I nod. “What are you doing here?” he asked me, I laughed. “Your last person I would expect to be knocking on my door” he told me, and I nod still not speaking. “You want to come in?” he asked, I nod slowly and he opens the door for me to walk in. I kick my shoes off, and walk into the living room. “Have as seat” he spoke, “You've been crying?” he asked, I nodded. “I haven't stopped for about five hours” I spoke hoarsely. “You look like you need a drink” he spoke, “Make it a double” I tell him.


He comes back in with two glasses filled with ice. “This isn't the Brook, I remember wouldn't drink” he smirked, “The Brook knew was 15, and didn't get left at the alter... we didn't even make it to the alter” I laughed as put the drink in my hand, and lent back into the couch. “What?” he asked, “Your fucking son, stood me up... left me a fucking letter, saying he didn't love me” I told him, and took a mouthful of the drink, and he cocked his head to the side, and leant back into the couch with me.


“What's wrong with me Drake?” I asked him, “Why does something have to be wrong?” he asked back, “Because I am sat here, after being left by my groom, with his dad who I use to date, and I should be a home crying, and with the boy that so desperately wants to fix me... don't tell me there is nothing fucking wrong” I smirked, “I didn't they wasn't anything wrong, that is very wrong... why did you come here?” he asked me, “Because... you won't dance around the subject... and honestly... I wanted to see I made the same mistake twice... and I did” I feel tear in my eyes, but I try to speak with a positive tone in my voice.


“I fell for you, you broke my heart, I loved your son more than life its self, and he broke my heart, and every other part of me... you don't have another son or a brother that wants to try do you?” I asked him and he laughed, “My brother is like 43” he told me, I sighed and drank the drink. “I know he loved you, its just the men in this family, we''re fuck ups” he told me, “I can't do it anymore” I told him, “Do what?” he asked, “Love” I laughed and sighed. “Another drink?” he asked, and I hummed a yes passing him my empty glass.


“You know, you've grown up a lot in a few years, maybe Zayn will do the same” I spoke, “Would you go back to him?” he asked, “I probably would, I never had a say with Zayn” I spoke, and lay down on the couch, “Like I never had a say with you” I spoke. He passed my the drink, “Well, you can stay the night if you want” he told me, “Stop being nice to me, be a dick... you are a dick” I told him, he nodded and laughed. “I am but... I just can't be a dick when your going through this” he told me, I laughed. “Your sure you only came because you wanted to talk?” he asked me, “I'm not fucking you” I tell him, “Worth a try” he told me, “See, still a dick” I spoke and closed my eyes.


Drake left the room then, and I cried as soon as the door closed. I pulled myself together, and wrapped my arms around myself. “I gave you everything... why wasn't it good enough?” I whispered to myself, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at it, from Zayn. “I'm sorry” was all it read, and I threw my phone against the wall and it shattered on the floor. I cried again, “Don't fucking kill my living room” Drake called, “Fuck off” I shout back, and cried lying into the couch. My wedding would surely be a day I wouldn't forget.



Omg. Guys. I am so sorry. Trust me though, I will remind you it is a ZAYN fanficion, but omg Zayn you did it for the right reasons, but we all know Brook can handle her own shit. 


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