Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


58. Strippers.

Brook's Pov


“I'm so ready for tonight” Louis smirked as he came down the stairs putting a shirt over his head, “It's going to be great” Niall smiled from beside me, I felt sick about the night ahead. Zayn smirked at me from across the room, “Your all going to worry the bride” he smirked, and I nodded. “Don't loose him, no strippers, no nightclubs, an-..” they cut me of, “You really think I would plan something like that?” Liam asked me smirking, “Yes, I do” I nudged him and he chuckled. “I need him in one piece tomorrow” I spoke.


“Don't worry about what we are going to do to Zayn, worry about what is planned for you” Liam smirked, and then I felt more sick. “You didn't plan that too did you?” I asked him, “I might have had some say” he chuckled, “One of you won't make it back in one piece” Louis smirked, “Okay, enough” Zayn smirked and came over to me wrapping his arms around, “Don't stress her out to much” he smirked, he looked down to me taking my face in his hands, “I will be there tomorrow, and so will you” he tried to reassure me.


“Right come one price not so fucking charming” Harry smirked walking into the room, and smiling. “Let's do this” he spoke, and Zayn kissed me once more. “Good luck tonight” he smirked, “And you” I told him, and he still had the pen in his back pocket from earlier. Harry came back for the keys off the side and smirked at me, “I will bring him home safe” he told me, and I nodded smiling at him, “Thank you” I told him. I wasn't afraid that he wouldn't come home, I was afraid that under influence of alcohol, and around his four old friends he would change his mine.


I didn't have much time to think about it though. Aria was banging on my door. “It's open” I yelled and she walked in with Courtney and Cassie. “Oh my , what are you doing here!” I yell and run over to Courtney hugging her, “Long time no see” she chuckled, “How have you been?” I asked her, and she smiled “I am good, and your clearly fantastic if your getting married tomorrow” she smirks at me, “Hey Cassie thanks for coming” I change the subject and hug Cassie softly, “So here is the plan.. “We aren't going to a night club because Liam said you'd refuse” she began, and I nodded. He was right.


“So we are going to a little bar up on west street, and then we are coming back here pampering ourselves for the big day” she told me, “That sounds moderately okay” I laughed, “We also have a surprise for you when we get there” she told me, “Well two” she giggled, and so did the girls. “Stop talking” I smirked at them, “Before I change my mind” I laughed and grabbed my coat. I also grabbed my purse and I was ready to leave, for what possibly could be the end of my wedding as I know it. “Wait, put the sash and crown on” Aria smiled pulling out a plastic crown and a sash that says, “Bride to be” I laughed at her.


Zayn's Pov


We all sat round in small little dive bar, Harry walked over with five pints of beer on a tray and put it down in front of us all. “Toast” Louis spoke, and raised the pint and everyone else did too. “Too Zayn, you finally won her over mate” Louis smiled at me, and glasses clinked. “Where are we going after here?” I asked the boys, “Well after here we are going to a night club up the road” he spoke, and I nodded. “Try and look happy, your only getting married tomorrow” Liam smirked at me, I looked to him with a weak smile.


“Cold feet?” Niall asked swallowing a mouthful of his beer, I shook my head “No, Not exactly” I mumbled, “What do you mean not exactly?” Liam frowned, leaning in, as did the other. “Nothing, I want to marry her” I smile and put the glass of beer to my mouth and drink. As the boys all talk and reminisce, I am not in the party mood, so I look around bored, and I see him. The man that ruined it all. The reason I have pen all over my hands, the deal I made with him loud in my mind. Dominic.


He nods for me to come over, “I am just going to get some air” I spoke getting up, and I walked outside, where Dominic had moved too. “Stag night? Little offended I wasn't invited” he smirked at me, “What do you want?” I asked him sourly. “Just making sure you did as I asked” he told me, “I said I would, didn't I?” I snap at him. “Don't blame me, blame your soon to be ex” he smirked, “Don't talk about her” I warn him, “You know its the right thing to do” he told me. “How is it right?!” I yelled at him, earning a few glares from punters outside.


“Look, if you hadn't of let her work for Steve we wouldn't be having the problem” he frowned, “I don't control what she does, she has always been her own person” I tell him, “She will be as soon as you said “I don't”” he teased, and I turned him, and grabbed him by his collar, and pushed him against the wall. “Calm down Zayn, your telling me you didn't find easy to write that letter... its because you know that I am right, and you know that letting her go? Is what you really want to do” he smirked, I pushed him harshly and moved from him.


“Come on Zayn! Being single again, fucking who you want, breaking hearts, getting drunk, working for me... your going to love it” he smirked, “I already said yes didn't I , don't fucking remind me” I snapped at him, “I'd be nice to me if I was you, I can still break a good deal” he told me, “I just have to ask” he began and I rolled my eyes facing him, “How does it feel to she won't ever touch you again, won't love you again... she'll be fucking someone else” he smirked, “Shut up!” I yelled at him, “Keep the deal quiet, and I will keep quite about her... remember she was part of the deal” he warned me, and smirked in the darkness.


I walked back inside to the old bar we were sat in. “Fancy moving along? This place is fucking dead” I tell the boys, and the nod and grab there things and walk with me. I hang at the back of the group, and Harry joins me. “Your a lucky man Zayn” Harry told me, I nod. “Sorry for everything.. that happened with me and brook” he tells me, “Sorry you didn't get her mate... you deserve her more” I tell him, “Well don't go saying that your marrying her tomorrow” he chuckled, I nod trying to give a smile, trying to give some indication of pure happiness, but each passing second it became increasingly difficult.


We carried on walking and reached the nightclub called “Desire”. Many night when I was single I spent here, wasting nights in the “Private rooms” with many different girls from poor backgrounds, that wanted a bit of extra money. I wasn't well of my self but after doing fights and various things that were exactly legal, I got myself some money, and wasting on girls who's fathers cleary didn't care enough. “Five?” I heard, and it was security guard, and the boys all said yes, and the velvet blue rope was pulled for us. I often wondered how we got in so easily to places like this, but then I remembered, everyone knew who we were.


We got inside and there was a misty blue light, and strobes flashing everywhere. “A round of shots please” I heard Louis lean over the bar, and I rolled my eyes. It was any excuse to get drunk. We all drowned the shots, and it didn't make me forget anything, so we thought three more would help. The boys and me sat at a table in the corner, and I smirked as we laughed at things we did in the past, we laughed a stupid mistakes. I was having drinks with, My fiancées ex who was now her best friend, my best friend who is in love with my fiancée, and then a murderer, and a drug smuggler, I wonder how it got like this, but I laugh at it inside.


“Malik?” I heard, I see there is a women. The woman had black curls pulled over one shoulder, and bright red lips. A tight red corset on, a black bow at the top and stripes on it too, and black stocking on with red bows at the thigh. A black top hat headband with a thin piece of lace falling from it, and around her waist was a frilled piece of fabric that didn't pass for a skirt, and she black gloves on, one hand on her hip and a smirk on her lips, and bright red shoes pulled the look together. “Looking for a good time” she smirked.


I looked a the guys and the smirked at me, “Fucking hell guys” I try not to laugh that there grins, “Your hired a stripper” I sighed and smirked. “Wasn't this against your deal with Brook, no strippers?” I asked him, “Well we got her one” Liam told me, I dropped my jaw, and I felt tense but I saw the funny side of it, “She's going to go fucking nuts” I told him, and they nod laughing. As we progress forward, I don't take the gift for granted, but I don't have a choice because she puts her hands all over me. Flash backs on nights like this fill my mind, and I feel like I will have a lot more like this in the future.


This girl's dad clearly didn't care enough.


Brook's Pov


“Cheers” Aria calls, as the music is loud in the night club we have moved too, I said no, but I had had a bit too drink, besides last night of freedom isn't it? I am tipsy but not drunk. “So let's talk boys” I spoke, “Aria, you and Liam” I tell her, she giggles and shakes her head, “I slept with him once, that doesn't mean I am married to the dude” she exclaimed, and I laughed. “That's not the point, I said the same about Zayn... and well now I am marrying him” I laughed, “How weird is that to say!” Courtney exclaimed, I nod and laughed. “What about you, do you think Niall might be up your street now?” I asked her, “He doesn't like me” she blushed, “Man, he does! Every time I bring you up he still gushes over you” I told her.


“I'm damages good, and everything after Logan... I don't know, I still feel like its too soon” she spoke, “It's been like seven months, trust me, you and Niall... I am going to so much match making at this wedding it's unreal” I laughed. “What about you Cassie, you've not been here long, shall we introduce you to the local quiescence” I smirked at her, she giggled. “Do you like anyone, think they are cute” Courtney asked. Though she was younger than us by a few years, we managed to get her served, because she was with us it looked like she was about our age.


“Well... That Harry is kind of cute” she smirked, and I lost my smile slowly, and looked down. “You'll have to ask Brook” Aria spoke, “Huh?” I asked listening again, “Is he single?” Courtney asked, yes he is. “No, I think he has a girlfriend in America” I lied, and smiled softly at her. “Damn, don't worry we can sort someone out for you” I try and reassure her, and she laughed softly at me. I don't know why I felt the need to lie, I just didn't like the idea of him with another girl, and I know it wasn't my place to decide, but something came over me.


We talked and laughed for a little while longer until Aria stopped everyone, “Brook... Turn around” she smiled, I slowly turned around. “Hanna?” I take a deep breath and cover my mouth, and she smiled. “Hey” she laughed, and she looked better than before. Her tanned skin was now lighter, and it looked better, she still had the brightest eyes I had yet too see. I stood up and hugged her tightly, and she laughed hugging me tighter, “I missed you” she smiled, I feel a little emotional and I wiped my eyes.


I laughed and let her go, “So your actually marrying Zayn Malik” she giggled, and smiled at me. “I know, after everything” I laughed. “I am sorry we stopped speaking, I just... I just wanted everyone to accept it and no one did, so I got caught up in everything... you wouldn't believe it but a lot has happened in a year” I told her, “I filled her in” Aria called, and I laughed. “Sorry I didn't help you” she told me, “I am sorry I forgot about you” I tell her, “Are we okay?” I asked her, and she smiled and nodded “We are” she hugged me again.


So we all drink a little bit more. “If this next surprise is half as emotional as the first one, I don't want it” I smirked, and they laughed. It was wonderful to see Hanna getting on with my new friends. “So, what's your dress like?” Hanna asked me, “Let's not talk about the wedding, I am sick of having wedding fever” I smirk at the girls. “So what about you Hanna, we were talking about boy's, do you have a boyfriend?” Courtney asked, and Hanna blushed. I got all giggly like when we were 12 and she had a crush on Tomas Jones, and he liked her back. It was so nice to live in that part of the past for a little while.


“OOo who?! What is he like, what does he do? When did you meet him?” I asked her, and she smirked and giggled. “He's really sweet, he treats right, and nice... I met him... now hold on this sounds really weird, but I was going for a run late a night, and he was just there, he had a few cuts and bruises, and I didn't want to just leave him there so I took my to my place” she laughed, “He could have been a murderer” I laughed at her, “He wasn't” she laughed back. “Then he stayed the night, and he told all about himself, and how he had a rough up bringing, and I don't know... something just clicked with us” she laughed at blushed.


“How long have you two been together?” I asked her, “About Seven months” she smiled. “Wow! Sounds amazing” Cassie smiled, “He is” she giggled. “So do we get a name?” I asked her, and she laughed. “Dominic” she told me, and then I stopped. It couldn't be. I wasn't. It wouldn't be. That would be just a cruel twist of fate. “D-Do you have a picture?” I tried to smile, and she nodded getting her phone, and turning the phone to us. “He's cute!” Courtney spoke, but Aria looked at me and cocked her head to the side, asking if that was THE Dominic, and I nod trying to still smile, but now, even with vodka in my system, it was difficult.


“Come to the bathroom with me” I stand up and smile at Aria and she nodded. We walked there quickly leaving the other three to talk. We got in and made sure no one was in the stalls. “What are we going to do, we can't leave her dating him!” Aria told me, “I know that!” I told her, and she sighed. “I am going to have to tell her” I sighed, “No! Not yet, you don't need any drama on you wedding” she told me, “What if... What if he turns up, how do I act then?” I asked him, “She wouldn't do that, she's too sweet” Aria told me.


“She is going to think I am being horrible” I told her, “Her boyfriend, tried to kill, he flirts with you, he tried to kill the people you love... he is a murderer” Aria told me, “She said he wasn't” I chuckled, and she nodded softly. “She's dating a murderer” she told me, “Louis is a murderer, what about that?... He's a good person, maybe Dominic is, he just..” I was cut off, “Don't try and defend him” she told me, and I nodded slowly, “What do we do?” I asked her, “We go out there, act happy for her, and after the wedding you have to tell her” Aria spoke, “Will you tell her with me?” I asked her, she nodded and hugged me. “Be happy, your getting married tomorrow, forget everything else and smile” she told me, and I laughed and nodded.


We walked back out to the bar with everyone. As I approached I saw a police officer standing with the girls, “What's happened?” I frowned walked over, as I approached I saw the girls smirking. “Brook Green?” he asked me, I looked up to him, “Yeah?” I asked, “You have the right to remain silent” he spoke, and turned me around. “What?” I asked him, I frowned, but he moved so a chair was behind me, I saw Aria's smirk. The music changed, and a spot light flashed over to where we were, and everyone turned, “This bride to be, has been a bad girl” he smirked, I gasped. “You hired me a fucking male stripper!” I yelled, and the girls all laughed. I covered my face giggling as the man in front of me unbuttoned his shirt.


I don't think I will be making it through this wedding tomorrow, I will just see images of this almost naked man infront of me, I smirked. “Zayn is going to go mad” I laughed, as the man straddled me took my hands and ran them down his chest and the girls giggled. “What he doesn't know won't hurt him” Hanna giggled, I hope that was the same pre-eminence for her.





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