Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


2. Strangers.

Brook's Pov


'Its been almost two hours, what if something has happened?' I pace around the room, 'I don't know... look I am sure its all fine' Niall tried to reassure me. Louis walked in, 'Zayn just messaged me, he told us to meet him at the night club' he spoke, 'Did he say anything else?' I asked hopeful, he sighed a shook his head. 'Well come on Aria, lets go and get ready; I frowned.


We walked up stairs, and I let Aria choose whatever she wanted out of my wardrobe. Everything was back now, and unpacked. 'Can I wear this?' she asked holding out a light blue dress, I nodded. I picked out a black dress with long sleeves. It was tight and fitted my curves. I had white high heels on too. I let my hair fall and I lightly did my make up.


I walked down the stairs, and grabbed a cardigan. I saw the boys sat in the living room, 'Looking lovely girls' Niall smiled. 'How far is the club?' Aria asked, 'Only about 5 minutes' Louis shrugged. We walked out to the car and the cold air danced around my face. It was early October. I met Zayn months ago, but I can still remember it. I don't really think we have an anniversary.


I looked out the car window, now we were driving. I hadn't been here in a while. 'So what's so good about this night club?' Aria asked, 'Its just somewhere we can go' Louis shrugged. I remember when I hated him. 'Well here we are' Louis spoke, pulling me from my thoughts.


We got out the car and walked into the blue themed night club. I sighed as the familiar smell off alcohol hit me. 'Brook' I heard, I turned and Niall was calling me to follow. I did. I walked up the corner of the club, and Zayn was sat smiling with Liam and Harry. An unfamiliar sight. I was still mad at Zayn though.


As we sat down Zayn went to kiss me, and I moved beneath him. He rolled his eyes, 'Why are you being difficult?' he asked, placing a hand on my thigh. I took a deep breath I need to remain composed. 'Well?' he encouraged an answer, I looked down to the hand on my thigh, 'I am not being difficult, your the one that went and caused more trouble' I snap, 'I did it for you, so don't fucking start' he growled, I hated this Zayn, what happened to the Zayn I left? I looked back down to his hand, Through the strobe lights, I saw dirty knuckles with fresh wounds.


I grabbed his hand. 'You know I don't like you fighting' I whispered, 'Yeah, but it needed to be done' Zayn yanked his hand away from my fragile fingertips. 'Tell me what happened?' I asked him, 'No. You don't need to know' he snapped, I sighed in annoyance. 'I am going to get a drink' I stood up, 'I will come with you' Zayn stood up. 'No. I am going alone' I snapped, moving before he could reach me.


When I got to the bar, I saw Harry coming up to me. 'Zayn sent me' he held his hands up so I couldn't argue, 'What happened Harry?' I beg to know, 'Zayn doesn't want you to know more than you already do' he frowned, 'I don't know anything Harry that's the thing' I snap, as the barman hands me an orange and vodka.


'Please Harry, I not begin left in the dark again, do you not remember what happened last time?' I asked him, 'Yeah I do remember, you left us because you knew to much... because you got involved' he sighed, 'You know it wasn't like that' I defend, 'It was though! You knew everything that was going on in the end, and look at us now... your like a stranger' he whispered the last part.


I put down my glass, 'Well I am so sorry about that' I snap at him, was I really a stranger to them. I walked over to the booth. The only person I feel like I can stand to be around now is Liam. Not Louis and a thousand jokes, Not Niall and his laughing at everything, Not Harry and his apology’s, Not Zayn and his arguing. Just Liam and Me. Like it had been for the past three months.


I sat beside Liam, 'Can you take me home please?' I beg him, he can determine the sadness in my voice, he looked at me and nodded. He wasn't a bad guy at all, but a softy at heart. He stood up and so did I. 'Where do you think your going?' Zayn tugged on my arm, 'Home' I snap pulling my arm from him. He stood up, 'Come on then' he spoke, 'Not with you' I frowned.


Harry then stood behind us. 'What did you say to her?' Zayn growled, going towards Harry. 'Don't bother starting another fight Zayn, that's all you have done today... and I am sick of it already' I sigh, 'Don't bother calling me, I won't answer' I told the group. I grabbed Liam's arm and he led me through the tough crowd of people.


We got into his car, and I rolled my eyes as my head lay down on the back of the seat. 'You want the radio on?' Liam asked, I shook my head. 'I want you to tell me what happened' I told him, looking at his brown eyes in the moonlight. 'Please Liam. Your the only one who will be honest with me, the others won't' I sighed, 'Okay' he spoke. That didn't take much.


'We went to Mia's house, and she gave us Riley's address' he began, I gulped and nodded for him to continue. 'We got there, and nothing happened at first... we actually discussed things... then Riley told us what he wanted' Liam spoke, 'What does he want?' I asked, 'Just what you said, us out of the way so he can have you' Liam told me, 'Why does he want me?' I croaked, 'Not many girls, would be able to deal with some of the shit you have... he wants a girl like you on his side' he told me.


'Right, so that's all?' I asked, 'Not quiet' he spoke, 'Well what else?' I asked, 'Well he still wants you, and then us out of the way... but he said if we do a job for him then he would consider leaving you alone' he told me, 'What's the job?' I asked, 'Jobs' he corrected me. 'The first is drugs, he wants us to smuggle some stuff for him, the second is he wants Zayn to do the boxing champions' he told me, 'No' I spoke.


'Zayn said he wouldn't anyway' Liam told me, 'Then what happened?' I asked, 'Well, Zayn asked if there was anything else' Liam continued, 'and?' I encouraged, 'There was... We have 24 hours to deicide, if not then we have a gang standing on our front door' he spoke. I ran my fingertips through my hair. 'What about Mia?' I asked him.


'Mia worked for Riley just to get some dirt on you, everyone's heard about you now Brook, you have dangerous people wanting you' Liam told me, 'Honestly... Would it be easier if I was out of the picture... like easier for your gang?' I asked him, he nodded 'Yeah it would' he spoke, but stopped pulling the keys out of the engine, realising we were at home. 'But where is the fun in that... we always did like a challenge' Liam smirked.


We walked inside. I sat down on the couch. 'So what is the plan?' I asked him, he sat down beside me. 'Well, Tomorrow Zayn is going to meet with some of out friends from Newcastle, Leo and his friend Perrie' he spoke, I nodded 'And what are they going to do?' I asked, 'Well, Leo is a good friend of ours, Perrie a friend of his, she's practically a stranger to us... but they will help us' he told me. I nodded understanding him 'What then?' I asked, 'Well when we get a call of Riley Leo and Perrie will be with us, and will help us sort him out' he told me.


'I am so sorry you have to go through all this again' he told me, I sighed and he put an arm around me. I sighed and looked up at him. 'Its not like it your fault' I sighed, 'I know, but I wish there was something more than we could do' he told me. I rolled my eyes and shrugged, 'Oh well, just another day isn't it' I laughed.


I thought it all through, Riley wants to be top and get rid of Zayn and his gang. Just in case he can't he wants Zayn to fight, and get him killed that way. He wants me but I will not let that happen.


'How did Zayn get the cuts on his knuckles then?' I asked Liam, 'Riley started talking about you, and what he would do to you and Zayn lost it' Liam told me, I suddenly felt dirty the fact Riley said those things. 'Oh right' I whispered, 'We won't let anyone hurt you, you know that right?' Liam spoke, I nodded. The words meant more when Liam said then, because I knew he kept promises. If Zayn had of said that, I would have nodded and made him Believe I believed him.


I looked at the clock “22:46” I sighed. 'I am going to go to bed' I sighed, and stood up. 'Want me stay with you?' Liam asked, I nodded. He walked up the stairs and waited out side whilst I got changed. He eventually came back in and sat on the bed, I put a film on. I lay next to him, this felt like being “dead” again. Me and Liam watching movies, doing nothing but that.


I felt myself drift off into a sleep against Liam. His arms around me. They weren't like Zayn's. I may of felt Safe in Liam's arms, but they felt nothing like when Zayn was with me. Liam is now my best friend, I need him more than anyone else. I know I can depend on him, no matter what. I wouldn't have said that when I first met him.




I woke up the next morning, and the bed was warm as I was still lay with Liam. The door was slightly open, I sighed Zayn probably walked in and thought something else. I got out of bed telling Liam to wake up cause he would need to go out soon, to see Leo and Perrie.


I walked down the stairs. I looked in the living room and found Zayn sat there on the phone to someone, 'Okay, I will see you at 11' he spoke then hung up the phone. 'Who's that?' I pipe up and he turns around, and looks at me and then back to the front. I walk and sit next to him, 'Its your turn to ignore me?' I asked him, 'How was your night? With Liam... fun was it?' he snapped.


'Nothing happened, we watched a film and then fell asleep' I spoke, pulling my knees to my chest. He looked at me, 'That's all?' he spoke, I nodded. 'So your going at 11?' I asked him, he nodded. 'Leo and Perrie?' I had to ask, he shot me a glare. 'I should of known Liam would tell you' he snapped, 'I made him' I told him. 'Why can't you do as your told?' he frowned, 'Because I am not being kept in the darkness' I told him again.


'Fine. But... your not going to do anything stupid' he spoke, I nodded 'I wouldn't' I spoke. He pulled me onto him, and wrapped his arms around my waist, making us straddle. 'I love you' I whispered against his skin on his neck, 'I know, I love you too' he whispered back. He ran his fingertips through my hair, and kiss me softly on the lips.


'So much drama for one day' I giggled, he nodded in agreement. I looked at the time, 10:30am. 'Who is meeting Leo and Perrie with you?' I asked him, 'Liam and Louis' he spoke, 'So … can I come?' I asked him, he laughed and tucked my hair behind my ear. 'Nothing stupid remember?' he reminded, 'Liam said they were your friends?' I asked him, 'They are, I just don't want anyone getting you why I am not watching' he frowned, pressing his forehead against mine.


'Well tomorrow then or the day after, can you take me out? Just us?' I asked him, he smirked and nodded 'Anywhere you like' he grinned, 'Okay... Paris?' I joke and laughed, 'City of Love, wonderful choice' he smirked back, 'Seriously, anywhere... just as long as there is you... me... us' I spoke in between kissing his jaw.


'I need to get going' he told me, I sighed and nodded. 'I promise I am yours after all this' he whispered, I smiled and nodded as he kissed my lips and grabbed that famous leather jacket. Leaving me on my own once again.


I heard the car leave the drive way.


I sat there in the living room.


'Hey can we talk?' I heard a nervous voice, 'Sorry your not meant to talk to strangers' I snap at Harry and push past him.




Are we liking??


Don't worry we have some drama coming soon :D


Perrie is joining the cast :D I love Perrie but Brook is still Zayn '#1' girl.




I love you all <3 <3 xx


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