Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


62. Someone Like You.

Harry's Pov


While I went refill my drink, Louis and Liam were far to concerned about flirting to bother getting there own. I walked up to the bar. Ordering three whiskeys. I stood next to a dark figure that I could barley make out in the dark, it wasn't until I saw the ring that he always wore on his first finger, that I knew who he was. I turned slightly in the dark, and he turned more away. “You have nothing to say?” I asked handing a twenty pound note over the bar, he didn't answer, but I put a whiskey glass to my lips, “Don't act like you didn't fucking hear me, should I go and tell Brook your here?” I dared him, and he glanced up. “You wouldn't” he growled.


“Your right... I wouldn't, so how about we step outside?” I suggested to the boy who use to be my best friend. He pushed the stood out from under his feet, and walked out before me, I followed, “Tell those to their drinks are ready, would you?” I asked the bar man and he nodded looking over to the boys I pointed too. I then went outside and saw Zayn. He looked like a different person, his face was pale, bags were heavy under his eyes, and he looked like he hadn't eaten in a week, though it had only been a few days since he broke what was left of the girl who plastered a fake smile on, she did it very well.


“What do you want?” he asked rubbing over his stubble, “I want a fucking explanation!” I growled loudly, “Well your not getting one, anything else?” he asked me, I laughed at him softly, but coldly. “Your a fucking idiot, you know what I fucking pity you” I snapped at him, “Your never going to find someone like her again, no other girl would put up with that shit” I snarl, “Your right” he spoke, “Why did you just walk away from her then?” I asked him, more calmly this time. “You wouldn't understand” he whispered, “Try me” I urged him on.


“Do you know how it feels to let go of someone you have loved for a really long time, just so they can be happy?” he asked me, the moonlight bouncing around him. “You said you didn't love her” I defend, “Your an idiot if you believed that” he snarled at me. “You don't understand how much you have broke her Zayn, she has nightmares, she barley eats, and she has this smile Zayn... this smile that is just so perfect, and it could make the blind see, but now she has this crooked one... with sad eyes, and you don't have to fix her Zayn, I do!” I shouted, “Isn't that what you wanted Harry?” he asked me, “I never wanted her to be broken, I wanted her to be happy!” I yelled at him.


“Then make her happy” he spoke quietly, “Why are you giving up on her?” I asked him lowly, “I had my fun” he spoke like he was speaking at a funeral, slowly, bowing his head ever so slightly. She wasn't dead yet. “Besides, she looked pretty fine in there” Zayn shrugged, “You know Brook, She's not the kind of girl that likes to show the world how she is feeling” I snapped at him, “Then you find out how she feels Harry, you fix her, fuck her is you'd like, I don't care!” he yelled at me, and I grabbed him, and pinned him against the wall, “Your really fucking saying that?” I dared him, “I don't care about her Harry, she is yours” he seethed, “She won't ever be mine, because she is always going to love Zayn fucking Malik” I snapped at him.


“I have that effect on women, besides wasn't she a bit of a whore anyway?” he smirked sickly. It always shocked me how he changed his mind so fast, and I threw my fist against his face in heat of the moment, and he banged his head on the back of the wall, and slid down it, I crouched. “I would thought you would have learnt after are last fight, not to talk about Brook that way” I seethed in his ear, and he laughed, wiping away the blood from his lip. “You know she is going to have a smile on her face, a real one, and a “Fuck You” attitude, because right now from this day on, she is going to be living... without you” I snapped at him, and stood up, and Zayn stumbled to his feet, “Hey!” he yelled, and I turned around to face him, and threw one more punch for him touching my shoulder, I wanted nothing of him on me. “Just because I let her go..” he paused catching his breath, “It doesn't mean I wanted to” he stopped, and I walked away with my bloody knuckles.


I walked inside and searched for Brook, before being stopped by someone. “Hello sunshine” I heard, I turned to see Dominic, and I wiped his hands off me, he punched me in the lower area of my stomach. “I really don't talk kindly to you rough housing with my friends” he seethed in my ear, “Zayn... he's working for you?!” I almost yell, but you can't hear over the now loud music, “I'm afraid so” he smirked, and dropped me by the collar. “Brook looks very... ravishing tonight” he smirked, “You keep your hands off her or I swear to god” I seethed, but he stopped me, “Or what?” he asked me, and I frowned at him, not wanting to cause a scene in the club.


“You know we could use a man like you on our side” Dominic spoke, looking me up and down. “Fuck off, I am not interested” I snapped at him, and shrug him off me. “I don't need to threaten you now to... do I?” he smirked, “Your threats don't work on me” I growled, he just smirked. “You know, I didn't think they would” he laughed, “Go to her, keep an eye on her... I am just around the corner, remember little things go bang” he smirked, and let me go. Then turning to see Zayn walk in, and follow Dominic to a private room. I scoff at him, and he looks across the room stealing a glance from Brook. “Get her out of here, Dominic takes thing too far, little things go bang?” he told me, “Why should I trust you?” I snapped, “You shouldn't, but what other choice do you have?” he asked me.


I walk over, and see that Brook is squaring me down. I then tense my hand regretting it as soon as I do it, the cuts from punching Zayn show, and the bruising begins. “I think we need to leave” I sternly speak as I reach Niall and Brook, however Brook thought this was coffee morning or some shit and wouldn't stop talking.


Brook's Pov


“Harry what happened!” I asked him, and rushed over to his side, and looked to his hands, then checking his face for cuts and bruises. “Oh you should see the other guy” he snarled, with a sense of humour shining through. “We do need to leave though, e you stay but I am taking Brook out of here” Harry spoke to Niall, “No we will all go, I will get the other two” Niall spoke, “Why are we leaving?” I asked Harry, “Who was that”? I asked him, question after question that he didn't answer, he just ignored me. “Fine don't answer me, but I am staying” I turned to walk away, “No” Harry growled, turning me, “Unless you have a death wish I suggest we leave” he told me. “I'm not leaving” I snapped, “Would you just let me protect you?” he snapped, “You don't have to protect me from everything!” I almost yell, then I am drawn back to his knuckles.


“Who did you fight with?” I persist, “No one, I didn't fight” he told me, “Then how did this happen?” I raised my eye brows, “I hit someone, they didn't hit me, now Brook can we please go!” he said urgently, gazing over his shoulder. “What's the rush to leave?” a voice spoke from over Harry's shoulder, just as Niall, Louis and Liam turned back up, and Harry moved out of the way, and Dominic stood there. “What are you doing here, you bastard?” I snapped, “Lovely to see you too” he chuckled, “Would you join me and my friends for a drink?” he asked us, I looked to Harry for some sign that this is what he was trying to protect me from.


“No, we were just leaving” Harry snapped, “So soon, I promise we will make it … worth your while” he smirked looking at me, I shivered. “We have things to do, so fuck off” Liam snapped, and I nodded in a hurried agreement. “A friend of yours is here Brook, you were rather close” he told me, “Who is it?” I asked taking a step forward, but Harry put his hand out to stop me. “I think you should leave” Harry growled, “Wait” I spoke and moved passed Harry. The boys all looked at me like I had a death wish. “Still chasing me princess?” he smirked, “hey, get your own nickname” Niall snapped.


“I'd watch your mouth considering you dating my best friend” I snapped at him, and folded my arms. “You know Hanna?” he asked me and I nodded. “So you the Brook she was always going on about?” he smirked, “What a small world” he added. “What's your game with her?” I asked him, “I don't have a game” he murmured. “Why the fuck did you go to her the night I faked my death” I asked him, “It was fate” he smirked and cocked his head, “Well that's bull shit” I snapped at him, “Are you ever going to tell her about your past?” I asked him, “You ask a lot of questions” he told me.


“No, she doesn't need to know” he told me, “Your a murderer, you in a gang, for god sake you've tried to kill me, you don't think she needs to know?” I almost yell, “Brook” Harry warned me. “Your not going to hurt her” I warn him, “and your going to keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut... how was the wedding by the way?” he smirked at me, and the words punched a giant gaping hole into my chest. “ Oh and why wouldn't I tell her that your a sick bastard” I snapped, ignoring the question about the happiest day of my life. “Because, I know where Zayn is, I know how to get him back” he told me, “and why would I care where he is?” I snarl, and he gave a smirk. “Keep your mouth shut, and I will make sure Zayn is safe... tell her, and I kill him” he told me, “And I thought Steve was an ass” Louis murmured, “What was that pretty boy, I still haven't forgiven you for the whole Mia incident” he smirked.


Louis turned white, like he had just seen a ghost. “Ignore him” I reached for his arm, “You stay away from Hanna, and if you even think of hurting her... then well... your a dead man” I seethe, “I love it when you talk dirty” he teased, “Fuck off” I snap, and I feel an arm pulling me away. “Harry, get off me” I snapped at him, and shrug him off. Marching out of the building. Then I froze. Dominic had a friend that he wanted me to go and see, he was far to chatty about Zayn, and Harry had only ever fought with one person. Zayn. I turned to Harry, “It's Zayn... isn't it?” I asked Harry, “Brook” he began, I slapped his hand away, “No!” I shouted at me, “You knew he was in there and you didn't even tell me” I run passed him to walk inside. “Brook” Niall called, “What?” I turned with tears.


“You shouldn't go to him, trust me” he begged, “Niall, I need answers” I told him, “We will find them out another way, you don't need to see him, not in the state that you are in” he told me. “I want to though” I cried. “I want to see him, I feel like it has been forever” I cried softly. Niall opened his arms, but I shook my head. “I won't even talk to him, can I just look?” I asked him, and Niall sighed, looking and Liam and Louis, Harry had turned his back, finding the whole thing ridiculous. “Please” I begged, “I will go with her” Liam announced and took my hand, and I smiled up at him, thanking him, and he led me inside, and with each step it hurt a little less, knowing I was close to him. Then as I peaked around the corner, and I saw Dominic by his side, and Riley by his other, and a girl with no shirt of serving them drinks, I had to trust Liam to catch me when I fell.


Zayn eyed her. He bit down on his lips, and toyed with the end of his jacket, watching her as she bent over the table to give him a smirk. “That's enough” Liam whispered, I shook my head still looking at Zayn. He was smiling. If what we had was ever real, how was he fine. I wasn't. I didn't think I ever would be again. “Your just torturing yourself” Liam hummed in my ear, “Do I deserve this?” I asked him, and he shook his head for the poor girl that was broken. “If he was dumb enough to walk away from you, you need to be smart enough to let him go” he whispered, “and what if I can't?” I asked him, my voice cracking, “Then you'll learn too” he spoke, and he gave me a light squeeze, “Come on, you can cry to me and we can sit and talk” he offered, “That sounds perfect” I wanted to smile but it just ached. This fake smile was dropped and left so many Zayn could trample on it when I left.


When we got home. I just went to bed, I didn't say goodnight. I didn't' take Liam's offer, I sat in one of Zayn's shirts, crying. Until I ran of tears, and I lay there in a sea of sadness.


Three day's later.


I hadn't spoken in three days. We had gone back to the house that was once mine and Zayn's. I just sat in the same old black shirt of his, and cried. I heard a light knock on my door, and Harry walked in. “Hey” he gave me a weak smile, I gulped my throat dry. “Hi” I croak out the first word in three days. I was going to have to talk eventually, and three days was long enough for me to be silent. I let thoughts race in my head, and I was tired of thinking about the same thing, and replaying the same events in my head; happy and sad, were both equally traumatising. “So, I need to ask you something” Harry spoke, and I sat up a little under the sheets I lay in. “Go ahead” I sniffled, and pulled my hair up into a bun, so it didn't cover the face I wanted to hide.


“I'm leaving today” he spoke, and my heart sank. “I know it's too soon for this to be said, but I am leaving because your not asking me to stay” he looked down, not meeting my eyes that were sweating with tears. “So what was it you needed to ask me?” I squeak, “Will you come with me?” he asked me softly and looked up, our eyes meeting. “You mean leave? Here?” I asked him looking around the room, that I liked to be in, because it reminded me of all the fights, all the make ups, all the nights me and Zayn had spent loving each other, though I know it was killing a huge part of me. “You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy, Brook. Somebody who won't complicate your life... Somebody who won't hurt you” he spoke.


“Someone like you?” I suggested softly, but aching inside and out, and he smirked and chuckled half heartedly. “I suppose so” he told me. “Leaving this house, and this place... Brook, it means leaving him” he told me, and reached for my hand. His hand was warm, and soft, large. Covering mine. I didn't mind him touching me now, any physical contact was warmly welcomed, after five days of nothing. “Where would we go?” I ask quietly, “America, I have my own place out there remember?” he asked me, and I nodded slowly. “But I was thinking, we do a road trip. Just you, me the high way, and the radio” he began, “the blue sky, the open roads, windows down” and he smirked at me, “We will talk about... everything and nothing at the same time” he told me, and I smiled for what felt like the first time in a long time. “We will make memories we will never forget, ever” he told me, and I smirked at him.


“So what do you say, me you and the high way?” he asked me, and I looked around the grey and dusty room, with scattered clothes, broken glass, holes in the god damn walls. Anywhere is better than here. “I'm not a therapist, but I will listen, and I sure as hell care” he told me, and I smiled taking in a deep breath. “When do we leave?” I asked him, and he smiled softly at me and opened his arms and I jumped into them. “Your going to be okay” he told me, “I am?” I asked him, and he nodded, “I am going to make sure of it” he told me, and kissed my forehead. For a split second I swear, I was home in his arms.


“Harry are you-... Sorry am I interrupting?” Niall asked from the door, and I pulled away from Harry. “No, it's fine... We are discussing our road trip” Harry smirked, “You said yes?” Niall looked at me shocked, “I can't sit here forever, pretending like this is all going to be okay, I need to get out of this place, clear my head, and surround myself, with people who are going to make my life better” I smiled to Harry. “Well your mum is on the phone” Niall told Harry, and Harry stood up, “Get packing, we leave at six” Harry told me and left. Niall looked at me with blue eyes and his head cocked to the side.


“Your sure this is what you want?” he asked me, “No” I smiled at him, and he laughed and came and lay beside me in the bed. “Your going to be fine” he told me, “I wish people would stop saying that, I am not a stray cat that just got sent to the vets” I snap softly at him, he chuckled. “What will you do whilst I'm gone?” I asked him, looking up to him, “Wait for you to get back” he smirked at me, and I hugged him. “I love you Brook” he told me, “and I, you” I told him, and he smiled at me softly. “Call me, won't you?” he asked me, and I nodded softly at him, “I will, of course I will” I told him. “Through the good times and the bad, whether I win or I loose, I know are the one true constant of my life... you are my best friend, remember that” I told him, and he smiled, “I am going to really fucking miss you” he hugged me harder than ever before.  


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