Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


74. Sealed With A kiss.

Brook’s Pov


One month had passed, and everyone was not getting on with there day to day lives. It was august now, and Zayn had been teaching Luke how to walk on his own, and Becca had got a new boyfriend called Stanley. Stanley cared about Luke too, and soon it seemed like Becca and Luke were going to be moving out soon. I hadn’t seen Harry since I went to pick up my things, Niall told me that he had moved, left no contact number and just walked away. Liam had still not forgiven me, but we were okay. Louis had been seeing his ex girlfriend Alice, and he seemed happier than ever. Courtney was no longer with Thomas, they had broken up. Something about he was too dedicated to his work, they never had anytime together. As for me, I hadn’t changed much, I was still confused about how to feel about everything. I didn’t like not knowing how Harry was, and that made me feel worse, because I could never give Zayn my full attention when he required it. 


I had told Liam that I would go out with him today, he had bought a new apartment and wanted help painting and things, so I told him I would go and buy the paints with him. I was getting ready, as Zayn lay on the bed playing with Luke. “How long will you be out for?” he asked me, “I don’t know, most of the afternoon probably” I told him. “Well try to be back by five, I want to take you out, Becca and Stanley are taking Luke so I am all yours” he smiled up at me. I walked over, and I kissed him softly, and I waved to Luke. Liam was already waiting outside, he didn’t want to see Zayn, so he refused to come inside. I went down the stairs and gathered up my things, and went outside, seeing Liam waiting for me in his new car. I walked down the driveway to it, and smiled lightly at him, opening the door. “Hey” I smiled getting in, he looked over and gave me a warm smile. “You okay?” I asked him softly, and he nodded at me. “I have to ask, have you spoken to Aria?” I smirk.


“Focus on your own love life” he smirked over at me, “I have been telling you for ages, she like you, why don’t you just go out with her, and don’t give me all the bullshit your parents don’t like her, we both know you don’t value their opinion” I spoke, “She doesn’t have to live the life we do, if she can be normal then I am not going to be the one to stop her” he sighed to me, and I rolled my eyes. “Liam, Aria doesn’t want to be normal, she wants adventure, she wants you!” I exclaim, “Well maybe I don’t want adventure” he told me, “Your kidding me right, Liam adventure is practically your middle name” I tell him, and he smirked over at me a little bit. “I don’t want her to get hurt” he told me, and I smiled at him, “You’d keep her safe” I spoke. “Brook, it took five of us to keep you safe, and even then you still got hurt, I don’t want to risk it” he told me, “You don’t want her to end up like me?” I asked him, not hurt by his words, because no girl should end up like me. “That isn’t what I meant” he sighed at me, “Liam, I know” I told him, “Any girl would be lucky to turn out like you, though she might have a little more sense” he smirked at me, and I laughed, “I do lack that” I say. 


We pull up outside the shopping centre, and get out to walk inside. “Well now we have talked about my relationships, isn’t it about time we talked about yours?” he asked me, and I looked up to him, knowing this could go no where good. “Have you heard from Harry?” I asked him, and he shook his head, “Have you?” he asked me, and I mutter a “No”.“Your a fool for going back to him” Liam told me, “Maybe I am” I spoke, “Your going to get hurt” he spoke, “I have been told that countless time, thank you” I snap at him, “Your making the same mistakes” he frowned at me, “I know I am” I told him, “Then why are you fucking staying?!” he was getting angry, it never seized to amaze me how fast his moods changed. “Because like you said I am a fool” I whispered walking into the store a little in front of him, “Brook” Liam sighed, “No, I know everyone is right about him, but I can't help it, I don't want to be with anyone else, he can hurt me until I can't feel anything, it will be okay then” I sighed, and turned away from him picking up a basket, and Liam sighed. “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about relationships” he muttered, and I looked  up him, and we both just started laughing at each other, “It is a situation best avoided” I spoke, and he nodded my way. 





We walked around for a while until we had found colours that Liam actually liked. We talked about how the boys had been since I had left, and we talked about how we though Harry was. I had thought about bringing Aria back up into conversation, but I knew Liam wouldn’t of appreciated it. “Oh for god sake” Liam muttered under his breath, as we left the store. “Liam” I heard a familiar voice, I looked over and Liam’s mum and dad, were standing in front of us. “Did you ever explain to them, what was going on?” I asked him, and he shook his head smirking at me. “Liam” I whispered. I was going to have to lie again, “So let me guess, we worked everything out?” I asked him, and he laughed at me softly, and quickly picked up my free hand with his. “Oh and Brook” Liam mother tried to keep a smile at me, and I smiled back. “Hey” Liam smiled, it always made me laugh at how well he could play the perfect son, he could do no wrong in the eyes of his mother. Then I looked as his father, and I remembered the story of how Liam had caught him cheating on his mother, and he had tried to bribe him. I had little respect for the man before, I had none now. 


“What are you two doing out?” his father asked, “Buying paint” Liam told him. “Oh, you two moved in with each other then?” his mother asked, and I smirked. Why was I doing this again? “We thought, we could try it once more” Liam spoke for me, and I laughed at him. “Your going to be inviting us over then I guess, well I am assuming you bought a new house?” she asked, and I looked to Liam. “It’s an apartment, we decided against a house” he spoke, “Why?” she asked. I then remembered, I was suppose to be ready to give birth to mine and Liam’s child, I could of hidden it well, I was wearing a baggy hoody anyway. “Well, considering things with the baby didn’t go to plan, we thought it would just be better” Liam spoke, “What do you mean, didn’t go to plan, you said you were pregnant” Liam mother exclaimed. “It was a false alarm” I spoke, “And your not even going to try again?” she asked, “I don’t want children” I spoke, and she sighed. I was the devil in her eyes. I had “Broken her sons heart” and now I was denying him children. Really, I think my mother in law hated me. We stood there for a while and spoke with Liam’s parents, Liam’s dad offered us money for lunch, but Liam just rolled his eyes and eventually pulled us away from them. His dad was still trying to buy him off after all this time.


We sat in Liam’s car in silence, and I sighed. “That was awkward” I spoke, and he nodded, taking the car onto the road. “Why didn’t you tell them, we weren’t together?” I asked him, “Because it would of involved to much explain, and I don’t know if you have noticed but my mother is nosy enough” he cocked his head, and I nodded. “So what’s all that, “I don’t want children” thing about?” Liam asked, and I laughed softly. “You really think after everything, I would want a baby to be involved in all of this” I asked him, and he nodded “Yeah, you’ve got that motherly vibe about you” he spoke, and I laughed, “Yeah, well, I had this conversation with Zayn already, and I’ve had the lecture” I spoke smirking at him. “Zayn wants kids?” he asked me, wincing slightly at his name. “He’s already got one” I spoke, “That was a low blow” he smirked, “I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I am happy for him, Luke is great” I spoke, “You sure about that? You happy that he has a baby with another girl?” he frowned slightly, “When you put it that way no, but I love Luke, and he makes Zayn happy, so I can’t complain” I spoke, “You can complain about it, I wouldn’t be happy if it was my girlfriend that had a baby with another dude” Liam spoke, taking a sharp left. “Is this another two bit attempt to make he leave him?” I frowned, and Liam glanced over at me. “I would say yes, but I won’t because you wouldn’t listen anyway” he told me. 


We pulled up outside the block of apartments Liam was now living in. We took the bags out the car and walked up to the room, it was room. 211. Liam pushed the door open, and the room was spacious, it had white walls at the moment. One large white couch, and wooden large chair too, also a TV above the fireplace, you walked through and it was a marble kitchen that you came upon next. “The bedroom is through there, and there’s a smaller one next to it, out all the paint in there” he told me, looking at the bags I had in my hands. “I will get us a drink” Liam spoke, and I nodded. I placed the bags down, “Your dad’s money is clearly good for some things” I spoke walking over to Liam, who handed me a beer. “I didn’t use the money he gave me, I gave that to some charity for the homeless, I got this from the drug smuggling shit, I got a little extra for doing it on my own” he spoke, “I would complain, but this place is too nice to complain” I smirked at him. “Right are we going to paint now, or like order some food and then do it?” he asked me, “Let’s paint and then do food” I smiled at him.


Carly's Pov


The music was loud, as I laughed and danced with my friends. Three of them were doing cocaine in the bathroom , two of them were getting a lap dance, and I was watching it all unfold. ’I am going to get a drink' I told one of the girls who had her tongue down some strangers throat. She nodded and stopped for a moment, “You want to watch out. I hear that new guy is out” she told me, I laughed and shook my head, “Sweetie, he isn’t anything, he hasn’t met me yet” I smirked, I walked to the bar. “Three Vodka shots” I smile at the bar man, leaning a little to far forward, making my chest visible, biting on my lip. “Make that four” said a low dark voice from behind me. I turn and I am greeted by a look that could kill. A mop of dark curls all pushed back with a purple bandana, and pair of green eyes. “I’m not paying for yours too darling” I smirk at him


He sit's down next to me. “Hey Love” he smiled, the drinks are now in front of us. “I need to get back to my friends” I tell him standing up, he was the kind of guy that didn’t need my help to be bad, he seemed to be doing a good job of that on his own. “What's the rush?” he asked pulling me back down to sit, “Okay… I suppose it won’t hurt” I flash a smile, and sit on the bar stool next to him, “So, what’s your name?” he asked me, curved lips. “Carly, and your Harry if I am not wrong” I smirked at him, He smiles and bites his lip. Looking me up and down, Like I am a piece of meat. 'Would you mind if i-..' he stopped, put his large hand on my thigh and came closer, 'Did this?' he asked finishing his sentence, kissing just below my ear.


As his kiss got harder, I struggled to move, I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I didn’t mind though, I felt the blood rush to my skin where his lips had just been, and I smirked as he pulled back biting his bottom lip. As he brought a hand near me, I touched it softly. “You know Carly, I think we might get on really well” he smirked at me, “Darling, you don’t know what I am capable of” I laughed sweetly, “You don’t know what I am capable of” he teased me, grabbing my thigh. “Darling, you’ve got the eyes of a broken man, how could you possibly be dangerous?” I smirk at him, “I was a broken man, but I am looking for something different, something better, something… like you” he smirked at me, I stood up and took his hand, pulling him through the crowd. “What’s a boy like you doing here?” I asked him, “Every other club was full” he smirked, “Your seriously expecting me to believe that?” I asked. 


“Listen Harry, I don’t fuck around, you hurt me… I hurt you ten times worse, do you understand that?” I asked him. “Your in a gang” he told me, and I nodded. “What would you know about gangs?” I raised my eyebrows, “I know enough.. i’ve just left one” he spoke to me. “You know, we are currently recruiting” I tell him, “You want to prove your not just some desperate broken hearted puppy dog?” I smirked at him, closing the space between us, touching his finely lined jaw, that was now tense. “What do you want me to do?” he asked softly, with a hint of mystery in his voice. “That’s just what I like to hear” I laughed lightly. Taking his hand leading the boy on, and away from the crowded area, “So you want in darling? You have to talk to the boss” I smiled at him, and he nodded. “What do I get out of it?” I asked him, “You didn’t just expect to come here and we wouldn’t know anything about you… we can’t offer you a lot, but we can offer you taking down that old gang of yours, your top of the food chain with us” I smirk at him, and pout my lips at him. “So what do you say?” she smirked, “Just met the boss and I am sure your guaranteed everything you want” I tell him. “Okay” he told me, and i smiled walking a little bit closer to him. Sealing our deal with a kiss.



Brook’s Pov


I laughed at Liam as he pushed up on the blue wall, and left a hand mark in it, “You dick” I laughed, he rolled his eyes and walked over to me, taking the paint brush from me washing it over where he had ruined, he walked back over and tapped the paint brush on my nose, “Liam!” I shout, pushing him away from me “Now who’s the dick?” he asked me, “Still you” I laughed wiping my nose. We had done Liam’s bedroom, and the guest room in five hours, with one break. I didn’t think you could have fun painting a room, but Liam somehow managed to make it bearable. “I am starving” i complained, “I will go and order us so pizza or something, you go wash up” he told me, and I nodded. I washed the paint from my face, and hands and went to sit on Liam’s couch whilst he was in the kitchen on the phone. I looked at the time and sighed seeing it was 5:30. “Shit” I whispered, I pulled my phone out and saw a missed call from Zayn. I rang it back. 


“Zayn?” I asked with the phone against my ear, “Brook, where are you, you didn’t answer my call” he was frowning, “Sorry, I was decorating” I spoke, “When will you be home?” he asked me, “Well, Liam just ordered us some food, so I will have that and then come home” I told him, “I was going to take you out, but if he already ordered it” he sighed, and I sighed. “I am so sorry” I told him, “No it’s alright, you can stay with Liam, I mean your friends… and I have to share you” he told me, and I smiled, “Since when did Zayn Malik think like that?” I asked giggling like a school girl. “I have to trust you…” he sighed, “hey..” I whispered, “I am sorry, I will make it up to you” I spoke, detecting the disappointment in his voice, “I will take your apology in sexual favours” he smirks, and I laughed. “That’s defiantly more you… I don’t want you to try and change Zayn, if you want to get mad at me, get mad at me, if you want me to come him, you tell me, if you want to scream out your lungs at me, then do it… because that is the Zayn I fell in love with, not the one that let me spend all day with another boy, and was calm about it… I refuse to let you change for me” I told him, “Brook?” Zayn asked, I hummed a yes. “Get the fuck home” he spoke, and I laughed at him. “And I will say no, because I am not going to change either, since when did I let you ever tell me what do to and who to hand around with” I laughed. 


“So we are in the same place we were five minutes ago, your not coming home” he chuckled, “Yeah, but we went around it our way” I smiled softly, “Did we just resolve something, instead of arguing about it?” he asked me, and I smiled, “We argued, calmly” I spoke. “I love you” he told me, “I love you too, pick me up in an hour or so, so we can do this not arguing thing again?” I asked him, and he gave a breathless laugh, “I will” he told me, and I smiled. “I will see you later then” I smiled softly. “I will be counting down the seconds” he smiled, “Bye Zayn” I grinned hanging up. I turned and walked back into the living room, where Liam was sat on the couch watching TV. I went and sat down beside him, “Just like being dead again” I smiled, reaching over and taking the beer bottle from his hand, and taking a mouthful. “You know, It’s a good thing you don’t say that with company around” he smirked, “You never have company anyway, I am the furthest you socialise” I smiled at him, as he took the bottle back from me. 


The pizza came, we ate and we talked. But now I wanted to go and not fight with Zayn. However he would be the one who was picking me up. So we sat there watching poor TV and laughing at it, as Liam made jokes about the stars of the show. “When do you want me to come back and help finish up?” I asked him, “Same time next week?” he asked me, and I nodded smiling. I begin to gather my things together, and then hear a car beep outside. “That’s Zayn” I spoke, and pulled my things into my bag. “Thank you for coming over” Liam smiled, and hugged me tightly, and I hugged him. “It’s fine, you know I love hanging out with you” I told him, “Stay safe” he warned me, and I laughed softly at him, “You’ll see me soon” I smirked at him. “See you soon” he spoke, closing the door behind me. I walk down to the bottom, and smiled seeing Zayn’s car. I walked forward, and opened the door laughing slightly, Zayn looked over. “You got everything?” he asked me, and I nodded. I look over at the man I love as he starts the car engine, but reach out and stop him, turning his face to mine, holding it in my hands, I kiss him warmly and passionately, I pulled back, and turned to face the front with a smirk on my lips, “What was that for?” he asked me, “For being you” I told him, “I am still me, can I have another?” he asked me, “Save it for when we are home, I have to apologise in sexual favours, remember” I smirked. Zayn had never drove so fast in his life.



One chapter left guys. What do we all think of Carly?! I can't do this. Arghh its so emotional. Please COMMENT YOUR FAVOURITE DARK MOMENT. LY.

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