Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


21. Safe Haven.

Brook's Pov

7th October 8pm.

'So where are we going?' I pestered Louis, he let out a gentle laugh 'You've asked about 7 times, and eight won't make a difference' he smiled, I pout in my seat. 'Your being mean' I tell him, 'You don't know the half of it' he gave chuckle, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. 'Zayn was looking a little bit better today' he spoke, 'Yeah' I nodded. 'It will all work out, trust me' he smiled lightly taking my hand. 'Were here' he spoke after a few minutes. 'You brought me to a cliff top?' I asked him, 'Yeah, its nice here, come on' he nudged me, he stepped out of the car. Why did I have such a bad feeling about this.

7th October – 10:09

I was sat with a coffee that Harry had just got for me, 'Do you remember anything else yet Zayn?' I asked, he shook his head. 'I remember bits of our fight' he whispered, I was use to seeing Zayn this fragile. Loosing his memory, he lost a little bit of him. 'What bit?' I reached forward, 'You were going, and you were scared' he looked me in the eye, and then blinked a few times. 'It might have been nothing, I don't really remember' he shrugged, trying to get a away from the topic. 'You just keep trying man' Niall smiled lightly.

'Has anyone seen Liam?' I asked them, 'He hasn't been home yet' Louis told me. 'I should call him' Niall whispered, 'Why what's happened?' Zayn asked, 'Nothing, just a … look its nothing to worry about' I lied, 'Your lying' he told me, 'I am not, I promise' I smiled, looking warmly at the boy who four days earlier broke my heart. 'No answer' Niall sighed. Then I chuckled softly, running my fingers through my hair. 'I know where he is' I smiled, 'Where?' Louis stood up, 'I will be back soon' I smiled, 'Brook?!' Harry shouted, but I didn't turn around.

I walked out of the hospital room, grabbing my arms tightly around myself. When Liam confessed everything, I knew he would be where I ran off too, when Perrie was kissing Zayn. I left the old building and moved as fast as I can, hailing a taxi driver, he dropped me off on the corner near there. I hopped over the fence, and walked up. When I got there, I found him, in a way I didn't want to see him.

His back was against the tree, and he had an empty bottle in his hand. 'Liam?' I croak, his head snapped, 'Oh its you' he rolled his eyes, 'Why are you being like this Liam?' I frowned, 'Just go Brook' he growled. 'No' I spoke, I went and stood in front of him, 'You don't need to be so immature' I frowned, 'You the one shagging anything with legs' he snapped. 'That hasn't happened!' I spoke, 'Oh give it a rest, Louis told me' he sighed. 'I needed to feel something, other that what I was feeling for Zayn... and you know what I did, I felt good, I felt loved, I felt better than I have in a long time' I spoke, 'Shut up Brook' he was angry.

'Why? You don't like the though of me and Harry? The though of him touching me, Liam your not my fucking boyfriend!' I shout, 'AND WHO'S FAULT IS THAT?!' He shouted, then it was silent. Liam stood up, 'You never gave me a chance' he whispered. 'Liam-..' I spoke, cut of by his words. 'You gave Harry a chance, you have given Zayn way to many, you've already been with Niall... Where's my chance?' he asked me, 'Don't this Liam' I begged him. 'I want to be happy' he spoke, 'I haven't been happy in so long Brook... when I had those three months with you... I fell in love' he spoke.

'Liam, tell me about your parents' I begged him, I wanted to know why he wasn't happy. We sat down on the bench. 'It wasn't all bad' he began, 'Mum was sweet, and then she met my “dad” …' he shook his head, 'What do you mean you “dad” Liam?' I asked him, 'The man you met... he isn't my dad... he met my mum and fell in love with her' he explained, 'So where is your dad?' I asked him, 'In prison' he spoke. I gasped a little bit. 'My “Dad” had my real dad jailed for a murder he didn't commit' he spoke, 'Why didn't you report it?!' I exclaim, 'There was no point, I had no evidence, my mum would testify saying he had a history of being violent, I couldn't have that... watch my dad go down for something... that he didn't even do' he sighed.

'So your “dad” … why is he so...' I trailed off, being interrupted by Liam, 'He tried to make up for it, expensive cars, clothes, money... anything... he didn't seem to realise I didn't want any of it, I didn't want him' he spoke. 'Is it mad, I was so close to murder?' he asked me, but I looked away. The murderous look in Liam's eyes, was terrifying. Liam was scaring me, 'I could of done it Brook, I had a gun... and I was so close to just killing him' he spoke, 'W-What about your mum?' I asked him, 'I never forgave her, I never saw her as my mother' he shook his head.

'And your dad?... do you ever see him?' I whispered, 'No, I wasn't aloud until was 18... even then I couldn't go... I couldn't bring myself to do it' he shook his head. 'I will go' I spoke, he looked to me the murderous eyes gone, and sad ones in its place. 'You would?' he asked me, 'Yeah, I could tell him how your doing, and what your like, and-..' he cut me off, 'You'd do that for me?' he asked, 'After everything?' he spoke, 'I still care Liam, your like my big brother, I would be dead if it weren't for you, just because I ran of with Harry doesn't mean you aren't equally as important to me, okay?' I asked him, 'I am so glad you put up with my bullshit' he smiled, I laughed, 'Well no one else will' I laughed, he put and arm around me, 'Come on then, I should probably go and say hello to Zayn' he spoke, 'I think that's a very wise idea' I smiled.

October 7th – 8:15pm.

Louis's Pov

As she stands there with her hair whipping in the wind, I wonder if I will have the courage to do it? 'This is really nice Louis' she smiled lightly, I nod. 'I come out here sometimes, clears your head' he spoke, 'I can imagine' she softly whispered, the air taking her breath, as old words. A car came up the pathway, I looked over and so did Brook. No, Not now. Just a few more minutes of heaven with her. But the dusty black car continues to join us. Two heavy boots get out. 'Brook, get behind me' I whispered, 'What?' she asked turning to me, her bright plum lips, washed away by her fear.

'Louis, not done it yet?' he spoke, 'William not now' I whispered. Brook looked to me, 'William?... Louis you found him?' Brook gasped, 'No, sweetheart he never lost me' William smiled. Brook looked at me in horror, 'I can explain' I begged her, my heaven slowly falling. 'Tell her, how you were going to push her' William spoke, and my face fell even more,but her cheeks were no longer flushed, but white the wind slapped away the colour.

October 7th -12:45

Brook's Pov

Me and Liam stopped for lunch, but soon made our way to the hospital. We walked in, 'How much does he remember?' he asked me, 'he remembers up to when we all sat down for that dinner' I explained, 'so he doesn't know about-..' I cut him off shaking my head, he sighed 'Makes it harder for me to stay calm' he spoke, 'Do it...' I smiled, 'For you?' he asked, I shook my head, 'For yourself' I smiled again. He nodded and walked straight into the room. I followed, not knowing how Liam was going to be.

To my surprise he was fine, better than fine, he was laughing with Zayn. Such a sweet sound that filled my ears. Harry and me sat back watching the two of them, I smiled and put my head on his shoulder. 'Can things just stay like this?' I asked him, he smiled and put an arm around me, 'I wish it could' he sighed, 'Do you think Zayn will ever remember?' he asked me, I shrugged, 'I don't know, maybe' he I looked at him softly, he smiled and took a thumb to my cheek, just in case I cried, but I was stronger than that.

'Brook?' I heard Zayn's worried voice, I snapped away from Harry's touch and looked at Zayn. 'Can me and Brook have a minute lads' he smiled softly, they all nodded and walked. 'I will see you later' Harry kissed my cheek and walked away. I edged up to Zayn, and sat down in the bed beside him. 'You seem to be getting close with Harry again?' he told me, rather than ask me the question, 'He's my friend' I told him, 'I didn't ask you what he was' Zayn snapped, I nodded. 'You had the opportunity to get with him, so why shouldn't you?' he asked me, 'Zayn this isn't good for you to be thinking about that, you need to be resting' I tried to get him as far away from the topic as I could.

'So you did' he shook his head looking down, 'I didn't say that' I told him, 'They look on your face said it all, I know you Brook you can't lie to me' he spoke, 'I didn't-..' he cut me off, 'What was he for? Did you get your fix?' he frowned, 'It wasn't like that' I shook him head, 'Oh so now you admit it?' he asked me, I looked down. 'I'm not mad, I'm disappointed' he told me. 'I should be the one who is disappointed' I whispered to myself, but he heard. I was so close to bursting telling him what really had happened.

'What's that suppose to mean?' he asked, 'You may of only forgotten a day, but a lot happened in that day, that I wish never did because that day broke my heart in so many ways, and you couldn't fix it, and it hurts so much to be alone in this room with you right now, but I am doing it for you, even though exactly what you did!' I was getting angry, it hurt me even more because the confusion on his face brought memory back clearer. 'I ran away from you, so I couldn't be hurt by you any more, and yet some how, I managed to get myself back here! Alone with you... and I was so scared Zayn when I thought you could die, seeing that monitor go off, seeing you have no heart beat-... I couldn't cope not having you, not being you is one thing but loosing you was another' I shouted.

All the feelings that had been bottled up for the past few days came out now, to the boy that didn't know what he did wrong. 'I am in love with you Zayn, and I don't want to be!' I yell at him, tears close to falling. '...but I don't want to loose you either' I whispered. 'Brook, I don't know what I did' he spoke to me. I walked to the bed and sat down beside him holding his hand, and lay down so my head was against his chest and wires. 'Tell me what I did' he begged me, his large hand on my head. 'I know about the bet, I know about it all... how you only loved me for a bet' I whispered, crying into the reason I was crying.

'Brook... you ran away from me... with Harry' he spoke, I sat up and looked him in the eyes. 'You remember?' I asked wiping my eyes, I watched him carefully. Pain flashed before his eyes, and he looked at me with horror, and then shock, then anger. 'I hurt you' he spoke, I nodded slowly. 'Fuck... Brook please come here' he spoke, and opened his arms for me to lie down in. 'I can't do this again Zayn' I shook my head, 'I am asking to hold you, not a proposal' he shook his head, I did. I sat in his arms and for about ten minutes. I needed this, it was so wrong. 'You know the worst part of all of this?' Zayn asked me, 'What?' I looked up to him. 'Well, your never going to forgive me again, I lost you... and having to remember all that, and see you face when you found out, and your tears because of me... that hurt so much more than any of this' he spoke looking around the room, 'Zayn' I whispered, crying. 'Don't cry over me' he begged, I nodded. I looked at him, and he stared at me.


And for a moment it was heaven. No one else, the beeping of the machine was all there was. 'Zayn, can I-... Kiss you?' I whispered, 'Since when did you have to ask?' he whispered back, and brushed my hair behind my ear. 'Since I found out you didn't love me' I told him, 'I do love you' he tried to remind, but I didn't believe him. 'You didn't answer my question' I told him, 'Yes, Brook, please... Kiss me' he whispered. I did. Pushing my lips against his felt like home, I shouldn't be doing this, less than a week ago I found out he did it all for a bet, what can I call this? Our last kiss? Yeah. The last one, because tonight I am going out with Louis, then going home to Harry. I kissed Zayn back, and he kissed me harder, before I pulled away, and pushed my forehead against his. That's what I was going to do, go home to Harry. No more Zayn. But then Harry wasn't home. Zayn was home, Zayn was my safe haven.


I really love this chapter! We see a softer side of Zayn, and Liam's past is found out and we see that he has a reason to be so mad. We see why Louis is doing it, we understand more now. And that kiss at the end is just so sweet. I love this, I hope you guys do too! Should get another update this weekend, love you!

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