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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


36. Remember Me.

Brook's Pov

I walked back inside riddled with fear. I took a deep breath and pressed my back to the door. Harry came thudding down the stairs, “I out the window a guy who looked exactly like...” he stopped seeing me heavily breathing by the door. He shook his head a mumbled many no's rushing over to me, and leaned in close. “Did he touch you?” he scanned me with his eyes, I shook my head weakly. “I thought he was dead!” Harry bellowed, “He was” I whispered. I stood up and walked back in the living room with Joe still sat in there. “I hate to be rude but, something has come up, can we talk some other time?” I asked him, he stood up “Gosh, you look like you have seen a ghost” he told me, “I might have” I gave off a light laugh.

Soon enough I had rushed him out. I sat at the table and Harry placed a cup of tea in front of me. “Thank you” I mumbled, “What was he doing here?” he asked me, “Looking for Zayn” I sipped my drink, “Why?” he asked, “I don't really know, it all happened quite fast” I sighed, and placed down the cup, running my fingers through my hair. There was a silence, as Harry leant of the table with his elbows supporting him, “He said... good look saving me” I closed my eyes, and took in a breath. “What?” Harry asked me, standing up straight. “He is going to kill me” I whispered, “Did he say that?” he frowned, “No, but that's what he means, that is what he has always wanted” I stand up and push the chair back, pacing the floor. “You don't know that” Harry tried to calm me, “Bullshit!” I shout, taking all my anger out on poor Harry.

A loud bang stopped us both, but it was just the boys coming into the kitchen. They were back. “What's bullshit?” Liam spoke throwing his jacket down, I sighed and looked at Harry. Zayn came in then laughing with Niall, he stopped looking at my pale and worried face. “I have a feeling that this isn't going to be good” Liam spoke sitting down, “Brook?... What's happened?” Zayn frowned walking over to me. “Just when when we think we might finally get a silver lining, we get this” I let out a shaky breath. “Brook what are you talking about?” Zayn asked me, grabbing my arms twisting me so I face him, “You got fooled” I tell him, he cocked his head. “What?” he asked me, “You got fooled... Steve isn't dead... he never was” I whispered, “Brook, seriously” Zayn rolled his eyes. Then he stopped seeing I was serious.

“How do you even know?” he asked me, not completely convinced, “he paid me a visit” I told him, gulping. “Did he touch you?” he asked me worried, I shook my head “No, not yet” I told him, “Not yet, what do you mean not yet?” he asked me, “Well he is going to isn't he? He always does, we all know Steve always gets his way! He told me to tell you, good luck saving me” I stared him straight in the eye, “He said that?” he clenched his fists, “Yeah, he did... and just like the last time we are all going to get hurt because of me” I frowned, and turned my face letting go and crying into my hands. “Brook, doll” Zayn whispered walking behind me putting two hands on my shoulders, I moved. “I am sorry, I just need to process this, on my own” I cried, and stepped backwards.

“Brook don't push me away” Zayn warned with a sad voice. I am sorry I have to push him away but its my fault, he will get hurt again. “Excuse me, I am going to go to the shop” I spoke, I told them. “Brook, please” Zayn spoke, “I will come with you” Harry spoke to me, “I am going alone” I whispered, he nodded and let me walk away. Zayn ran after me in the hallway, he closed the door as I opened it a little. “Upstairs now” he told me, “Zayn, please” I begged him, “Go, now” he ordered me, in a low voice. I sighed and submitted. I walked up the stairs and went into our room, I walked in and sat on the bed, my feet still didn't reach the floor they dangled down. Zayn walked in and slammed the door. I jumped as he did it.

He paced back and forward a little bit. “What was it you wanted?” I asked him, he knelt down in front of me and touched my thigh and then my cheek with his understand. “You understand that I am never going to let him lay another dirty finger on you ever again, don't you?” he asked me, and I looked down to his deep brown eyes. “You can't stop him Zayn, you tried once before didn't you? What has changed?” I asked him, “What changed? … I lost you, three months of guilt, of blaming my friends, myself, everyone... I lost you once and you really think I am just going to let you go again?” he asked me and shook my head slowly.

“Brook I need to know what else he said?” Zayn asked me, “That you needed to give him a call... please don't call him” I begged him, Zayn moved from between my legs and sat down next to me, “What else did he say?” he asked me, I sighed “That you needed good luck If you were going to save me” I sighed, he rolled his eyes and stood up pacing the floor, “What else?” he asked me, “Nothing” I shook my head and looked down biting on my lip. “Brook... what else?” he encouraged, I looked up at him “He knows we are getting married” I whispered, “You told him!” he shouted, I went to speak, but his loud and angry words cut me off. “Don't even try and say your sorry, you do realise he is going to ruin out wedding, we probably won't even be able to have one” he shouted at me, I stood up.

“I didn't tell him!” I shouted, Zayn suddenly topped and the room was calm only the floor boards beneath us creaked. “Who told him?” his eyes were red with blood boiling anger. “He saw the ring... no one told him” I sighed. He took a deep breath and exhaled calming himself down. “What are you thinking?” I asked him, “Bad thoughts” he whispered with his hands together in front of him I bent down in front of him and touched his hands. “He tried to get us apart once, and it didn't work, you said it yourself we are strong this time, if he thinks he is getting passed us, he has another thing coming” I told him.

Zayn nodded and held my face in his hand, “I won't let you go” he whispered, and pulled my lips to his. I pulled back, “I love you” I told him, he smiled “I love you too” he told me and kissed me softly. “Zayn!” I heard someone shout, it sounded like Harry. “What?” he shouted back, “We have company” he called up, I grabbed Zayn's hand. “Don't do anything stupid” I warned him, he nodded and kissed my forehead. “Stay here” he ordered me, “Zayn” I warned, “Don't worry about me” he frowned, “You don't move from this room, do you hear me/?” he asked, I nodded not sure of what I should do.

Zayn walked out and down the stairs, and I sat down on the bed, changing into some shorts and white vest top, I began to fill my head, reeling with the thoughts of the passed couple of days. I stood up and moved to look out of the window, out side two motorbikes were parked. The people weren't with them, I would take two guesses to say they were in the living room with the boys. As I looked more outside, I saw a familiar silver car down the street, “No” I whispered, I knew he wouldn't of just left that easily, he wouldn't would he? I looked to the door, and locked it. “Zayn is going to kill me” I whispered, he should know by now I never do as I am told. I need to keep the boys safe, and if this is what is takes then I will do it.

I walked back to the window and opened it, I climbed out of it my green shorts catching on a screw, almost knocking my phone out of my pocket. I looked back once more and then looked down to the floor, I could probably make that jump. I let go of the window ledge and fell to the floor landing on the grass. I moaned slightly then remember I needed to move fast, ducking from sight of the living room window, I got out of the garden, and jogged down to the silver car. I stood in front of it with my arms crossed, banging loudly on the bonnet. Steve looked up.

Pushing his sunglasses down, he smiled a me. He opened the door, “Fancy seeing you again so soon” he smirked, “Who have you just sent in?” I held a stern voice. “You know who I have sent in, don't you?” he asked me, “Dominic?” I asked him, he nodded “And Riley?” I whispered, he nodded again, “Your so clever” he told me. “How did you get them to agree, to join you?” I frowned, “I am a persuasive man” he told me, “I find that very difficult to believe” I snapped, “I have missed this” he smirked, “Where did you go?” I asked him, “Holiday, I was in Miami for a while” he explained, “Why can't you just leave us alone?” I begged him, “Because my dear, your far to important to let go” he whispered, and touched my face with his large hand, I moved backwards.

“Then take me, leave Zayn and the boys out of this” I begged him, “I find it cute when you beg” he told me, I shook my head and closed my eyes. “Zayn and the boys have nothing to do with this, so leave them be” I shouted at him, “They are going to stop at nothing to keep you safe, they are part of the problem” he whispered, “Harry is leaving, Louis is gone... there is only going to be three of them, I will tell them to let me go, if you just leave them alone” I sighed, “You'd do that? For me?” he asked with wicked smirk, “No, I would do it for them” I told him. “You seriously expect me to believe they would just give up on you?” he sighed, I looked down, “Exactly” he chuckled, rolling a cigarette up.

“What have you sent them in there to do?” I asked, “Beg for forgiveness” he told me, “Really?” I asked him, he laughed “Yeah, infiltrate” he spoke, I lost all hope I had left. “They are going to fool them, take them, and then we have you all to ourselves... they have bombs placed in the living room” he smirked. “You'll never have me, you can't just kill us” I shook my head, and went to turn away. Steve grabbed my wrist, “Really Princess?” He asked, “You don't get to call me that” I snapped at him, remember the fragile nick name that Niall had given me. “I can call you what ever I like” he growled, and tugged me so I was close to him. “Are you going to come with me now or later?” he asked me, “How about Never” I smirked at him.

“Well in about ten minutes, the people in that house could be dead, I have the button that could blow them all up... come now and you can buy them a little bit more time” he spoke, “Your bluffing” I told him, “I am not” he spoke. I gulped and sighed, looking back too the house, “What if I say no?” I told him, “Bang” he whispered from behind me. I nodded slowly, “Don't hurt them” I told him, “I wouldn't dream of it” he spoke, and opened the car door for me. I turned and walked into the car. Then slammed it onto Steve's hand, and he fell to the floor, and as I turned to run, he stuck on hand out and grabbed my ankle, but I kicked and knocked his jaw. Scattered to my feet, and ran to the house. I opened the front door, and turned to see Steve trying to reach me.

I got inside and closed the door, “Zayn!” I shouted out of breath. “Brook?” Zayn yelled coming down the stairs. “Where did you fucking go we were banging on the door for you!” Zayn shouted, coming down the stairs and pulling me into him tightly. “Zayn, Steve is outside, I went to see him, he sent Dominic and Riley in, they didn't want you to forgive them, they were tricking you” I panicked to explained, “You went out to see Steve?” he frowned, “Yes, keep up... you need to get out now all of you!” I told them, “Calm down” Zayn spoke, “What happened?” he asked, then three knocks came from the door, and he knew exactly what had happened.

“Open up” he cooed, I walked forward one step, but Zayn pulled me back seven. “Stay there” he ordered. The door then opened, and Steve walked in with a bloody mouth. “I don't really appreciate being hit, kicked, having my hand slammed in the car” Steve spoke looking at me. “You understand, you just made things ten times worse don't you?” Steve asked me, “Don't talk to her, talk to me” Zayn ordered. “Boys come out here” he spoke, Dominic and Riley came out from the living room. “They know, let your guard down” Steve spoke. “What now?” Dominic asked, “I didn't have you down as someone’s bitch Dominic” I spoke from behind the boys, “What did you just say?” he turned to me with a deadly look in his eye, whilst the boys laughed.

“Grab them” Steve spoke, Riley suddenly grabbed me and pulled away from the boys, Zayn turned to reach us but Steve pulled him around and struck and hard blow to the face. “Riley get off!” I shouted, and struggled in his grip. “I am sorry” he whispered, “Your not” I spat, “Your right, I'm not” he smirked, and twisted my arm around my back, and one hand tight around my throat. Liam had Dominic pinned against the wall, and threw punches, Harry came to get me from Riley. I was threw to ground and pushed down, a hand on my wrist cracking it. I moved and held my wrist in agony. Niall spotted me and went to walk over, but then everything went in slow motion.

As Niall's feet pondered over, Steve saw. He threw Zayn too the ground making him fall in shock, and bang his head on the table, Harry was now punching Riley. Liam had Dominic half dead. As Niall reached me, Steve pulled out a small black pistol. Niall helped me up, so I was leaning on my elbows. Niall's bright smile made the seconds tick faster, his hand touched my cheek, cupping my face. “N-Ni...” I tried to talk, but the previous pressure on my throat have stopped my voice. Then the room went silent as Zayn screamed “No”. The loud bang erupted my ears, and there was smoke coming from the gun's end. Niall moved his hand from my face, and looked down his stomach was bleeding, and he cupped his hands around it.

I sat up straight, and shook my head. “No, No, No” I whispered, and Niall fell down on his side, and rolled to his back. “Don't just stand there and watched call an ambulance!” I shouted to the boys, “Come on, Dominic, Riley... nothing more for today” Steve spoke, and grabbed the gun putting it back in his pocket. I turned back to look at Niall, and cupped his face like he once had cupped mine. “Niall, please...” I whimpered, “Brook” he croaked, “I am right here” I cried, and he held one bloody hand for me to hold. I grabbed it with both hands. “Don't forget me” he begged, I sniffled and let tears roll. “I won't … but your not going anywhere” I told him, and cried into him. “We had some fun” he smiled, “Niall” I cried, I could hear Liam on the phone to an ambulance.

“Can anyone hear that?” Harry asked, and we all looked up. “That clock tick” he spoke, “No...” I shook my head, remembering. “Grab Niall, quick!” I shouted, “Take him outside” I shouted, “Why?” Zayn asked, “There is a bomb in the living room” I spoke, they all exchanged a glance. “Go!” I shouted. Harry and Liam grabbed Niall. “Brook come on” Zayn grabbed my hand and we ran outside. We sat on the grass in the garden. “Niall” I whispered, and ran to his side letting go off Zayn's hand. I replaced it with Niall's hand. “It hurt princess” he whispered, and cried hearing that name. “Your going to be okay” I told him, “I can't hold on much longer” he told me, “You can, I won’t let you leave me” I whispered.

Within one minute, we no longer had a living room. The bright orange light now covered the garden, and the bricks came flying out, and landed around us. I covered Niall's body with mine, and felt small objects bounce off me. I pulled back when it was over, and his eyes were closing as the blue lights came forward, paramedics jogged with there bags, and the fire engine stood large behind us.. I had his blood on my white shirt, and I held his hand still. “Don't forget me” he begged, I shook my head sobbing, “I am not going to” I whispered, and bent down kissing his cheek softly, and hugging me so it didn't hurt, but it still hurt. It hurt everyone, knowing in a matter of minutes our friend would probably be dead. “Remember” he begged, and I did... I remember everything.



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I cried. I am not ashamed. After seeing your opinions on things its gave me some really great new ideas that I think you are all going to love. What do you want to happen next, and how heart broken are we about Niall?! </3

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