Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


33. Police.

Brook's Pov


After talking with Harry, Zayn came back inside and talked to the boys before it got too late we ordered food. The rest of the boys went to tidy up, “Come on, we will go and sort our room out” Zayn held his hand out. I smiled at him and walked up stairs with him. We reached the bedroom, and I didn't really want to unpack anything that was in the room, “Let's leave it until tomorrow” I told him, he sighed and came over to me, and draped his hands down my waist. “Why don't you go and shower” he told me, “Romance isn't dead?” I said sarcastically, he laughed at me. “Well what did you have in mind?” he asked me.


I bit my lip, and kissed him softly. He moved one hand to my cheek and smiled at me and pulled away, “Your going to take advantage of me?” he asked me, “After such a day?” he smirked. “Your awfully playful” I smirked back at him, he laughed. “Do you want to...” I trailed of, it never failed to amaze me on how much he made me blush when he stared at my lips. “You really need to ask?” he laughed at me, “Well considering you didn't want to last time, I thought I should jus-..” he cut my off with a passionate kiss, and he grabbed my thigh making me wrap my legs around him.


He carried me over to the bed and lay me down. He kissed my neck, and I arched my back off the bed. “I love you” I told him, he grinned into my neck. “I will never get tired of hearing you say that” he told me, I laughed and he held me against the bed. I ran my fingers across his cover back, and edged for him to remove it. “Eager?” he asked me, I laughed and bit my lip. “It feels like you haven't touched me in forever” I gushed, he lifted his top off and then slid his hands up mine. “Shall we just pretend nothing ever changed, and I fuck you like you want it?” he talked hushed down my ear.


“You haven’t' fucking changed... you still like it when I talk dirty” he bit his lip, “There is no need to tease” I snapped, and pulled him down to my lips. I arched my back for him to unclasp my bra, “Loose the pants Malik” I grinned, he laughed and unbuckled them kicking them off. He then yanked mine down, “Now who is eager?” I smirked. I rolled over so I was on top of him. I laughed and rolled my hips whilst sat on top of him, and he moaned beneath me. He moved back so his back was pushed up against the back of the head board. “You don't know how much I have missed this” he told me, “You only slept with me about a week ago?” I told him, he smiled “Like you said it feels like forever, and this time your mine... indefinably” he told me.


I leant down and kissed him, and ran my fingertips through his hair. His hands touched my hips and they were soft, he threaten to move his hands to my throbbing sensitive area, “Nu-uh” I whispered in his ear. I felt him beneath me, and he pushed me off him so he was on top. I loved how he was so controlling in this way, he kissed down my body and got to my pelvic bone. “Please” I whispered, he came back up to my lips and whispered, “Any time” and kissed me.


Zayn pushed himself into me, and I moaned against his lips. “Fuck Brook” he moaned right back at me, I really missed him. The memories of the previous events left my mind as Zayn filled me and touched me in all the right place. “I love you” I told him again, reminding him. I clawed my fingertips down his back, I let the euphoric feeling take over me. “Oh My God” I moaned and shouted Zayn's name. Zayn collapsed next to me, and wrapped his arm around me pulling me close. Our bodies touching, and our faces close. Only our breathing could be heard, I smiled and kissed him softly.


We lay there for a few moments catching our breath. “That was great” Zayn whispered to me. I laughed and kissed him softly. “So what did you ask Harry about?” I asked him, I felt him chuckle beneath me. “I knew it wouldn't be long until you asked” he laughed at me. “Well I am curious, you didn't talk three days ago” I turned over propping myself up on my elbows. “It was just something I wanted to ask him” he shrugged, “Is that one of those things that is going to end up utterly surprising me?” I asked him, he laughed “It's something that your going to love” he told me and kissed me.


“Does that mean its a need to know basis?” I asked him, he nodded his head. We lay there for a moment, “Zayn?” I asked him, he replied with “Hmm?” I laughed, “I need to know!” I exclaimed, “You don't... I promise its fine” he told me. I sighed and lay down next to him. “We are going to have to sort out your moving arrangements soon enough” Zayn nuzzled into my neck. “I know” I sighed. “But first we can-..” I was about to pull Zayn in and kiss him, when a knock on the door made me stop. Liam poked his head round, blushed and laughed. “Sorry to interrupt, but er... Brook, the police they need to speak to you” Liam told me.


I sat up straight and so did Zayn, “They are here?” Zayn asked, Liam nodded. “Its about Louis” Liam spoke, and Zayn went stiff, “We will be right down” Zayn told me, “I knew it was a fucking bad idea you going around there, and I was more than willing to drop it but fucking hell the police” he yelled, “Well its not my fault!” I told him, “Who's fault is then, huh?” he asked pulling up his jeans. “What did he do?” he asked me angrily, “Did he touch you again?” Zayn grabbed my arm, I yanked it loose. Then he crouched down in front of me, and put his hands on my thighs, and my feet dangled of the bed not touching the floor.


“What did he do to you?” Zayn asked me, looking down, speaking with a low and very dangerous voice. “He didn't touch me” I whispered. “Then why the fuck are the police here?” he asked me, “Louis... he killed Mia” I told him shaking. He looked up at me, “What do you have to do with any of that?” he asked me, “Niall was hiding the knife for him, but I took it and went to Louis's after Niall explained, and told him to leave Niall out of it” I explained, “Niall could of looked after himself” he stood up, and ran his fingers through his hair. “Here is what your going to do, your going to go down there and your going to tell them everything you know, I don't care if Louis goes and rots in fucking jail... its not our problem” he ordered me.


I grabbed my clothes and put them on, leaving the room with Zayn hot on heels. We got to the bottom of the stairs, and I heard voices in the living room. “Officers” Zayn spoke from behind me. “Brook is it?” one of the officers stood up and walked over to me, I nodded and held my hand out for him to shake. “Perfect, now I need to ask you a couple of questions about... a young girl called Mia?” he asked me, I looked to Zayn and then back at the officer, and nodded.


As everyone stared, the officer took my arm. “Could we do this somewhere more privately?” he asked, I nodded quickly. Zayn soon voiced his opinion. “I think its probably best if you stay here” Zayn spoke, “It needs to be formal, no one else twisting her arm” the man said, “Well I am not going to say anything” Zayn spoke folding his arms, “Its either another room here or down at the station” he told us, “Come on to the kitchen” I told him, he smiled and nodded following me.


We stood in the kitchen and I sat down opposite. “How would you describe your relationship with Mia?” he asked me, “she didn't exactly like me, she'd wished me dead a couple of times” I told him, “did you like her?” he cocked his head, I shrugged “I didn't really know her” I told him. I was concerned, I couldn't drop Louis in it I had promised. I don't break promises. Then again I didn't want to make Zayn angry. “Now, Mia was found dead earlier yesterday, and there were reports of you going to visit the person who we think may of murdered” he spoke, I looked shocked when I wasn't. “Who?” I asked, “Louis Tomlinson?” he asked me, I gulped.


“What makes you think he did it?” I asked. “Louis was seen leaving his new apartment at very late hours, he went to see his brother I believe- who gave us less information than the dead girl- then he was seen to be cutting through a back ally, and that’s on CCTV. Finally the ally he went down is exactly where her body was found, forensics say that the time she died matched the time he would have been there... there is no murder weapon, we think he gave it to a friend... Niall... Then he came here and hid it” he paused, as I stood up straighter realising that the draw was directly opposite us, the draw that hid the knife.


“What's your theory after that?” I breathlessly spoke, “We don't have one, all we know it less that 24 hours later, you were around his house and left very weary eyed” he told me, “I had a falling out with him a few days ago, and I went to tell him goodbye” I explained, “What was your falling out about?” he asked me, I sighed. I could tell the truth, but I went for a lie. “He didn't want me to be with the person I am currently with, he though that I would get hurt and I didn't want to hear it” I spoke, “oh really?” he asked me, I nodded. “Brook, have you ever had any sexual relation with Mr. Tomlinson?” he asked, I blushed “how is that relevant?” I asked him.


“Well we need to know why you might lie for him?” he explained, “I use to-... Well we kissed but it wasn't anything important” I tried to keep calm, “Is that why he didn't want you with your current partner?” he asked me, “I don't know maybe?” I sighed, “Is it fair to say Mr. Tomlinson was in love with you?” he asked me, I shook my head “Louis doesn't love me” I shook my head, “Mia was his girlfriend, wasn't she?” he pressed the questions fast. “Yes but I-..” he cut me off, “She didn't like you, maybe because she knew he loved you?” he asked me, I shook my head. “I didn't say that” I told him, “but what you said could imply that couldn't it?” he asked me.


“Did you like her?” he asked me, “I told you I didn't know her” I spoke, “Well you didn't look too shocked when I told you she was dead” he squinted at me, I sighed and ran my fingers through my head. “Is it fair to say you didn't like her because you were jealous?” he asked me, I shook my head “No, I was jealous of her” I laughed holding back tears, “Really, from what I have heard you and Louis have been close since he got released from prison, is that true?” he questioned, I nodded. “How did you feel when you knew he had a girlfriend?” he asked me, “Happy” I told him, “did he tell you?” he asked me, “No, Harry did” I explained.


“Did Louis do it?” he asked me, “No” I shook my head. “How do you know?” he asked me, “Because he wouldn't do something like that?” I snapped, “Did you ever have feelings for Louis?” he asked me, “No” I told him. “Did you ever Love him?” he frowned, I shook my head. I could feel myself getting ready to explode. “Do you still love him? Weren't you jealous of Mia? Your not telling me the truth because you know he did, you know what he did and your glad she is dead” he whispered the last part.


“You know what, I do love Louis... he might of hurt me and broke me, but he is like family and I would do anything to protect him, and maybe he did do it to Mia, I don't know... but I am glad she is dead, because everything she got she deserved, she deserved to die... she has planned to kill me in the past and I had no doubt she would do it in the future, she played a lot of people, she hurt a lot of people, so yeah, I am glad she is dead, and yes I do love Louis, he might make some stupid fucking choices, but I love him, and I wasn't jealous, because I knew he didn't love her.... he didn't kill her, I don't know who did... but Louis should of done it, I wouldn't stop him if he would have had the chance” I snapped at him.


“One final question, why wont you take your hands from that draw?” he asked me, and I looked down and the whole time my hands had been clutched to the draw, I let go of the draw. He laughed, “That will be all” he told me, and picked his hat up from the side, and opened the door. Zayn was stood there with Harry, Niall and Liam. “Excuse me boys, I will leave you sort out your domestics” he told them with a smirk. I watched him walk out and I sat down at the kitchen table, all the boys came and sat down staring at me. Zayn was deadly opposite me and glaring insistently. “I thought we had deal, you were going to tell him the truth” he shouted slamming his hands on the table.


“I wasn't going to let him get sent to jail” I told him, “Well with what you just fucking said, they are going to think you did it” Zayn growled, “I wish I fucking had” I told him, pushing the chair from beneath me, and grabbing my jacket from the side and storming outside to the back garden. It was raining, and I went and sat in the shed. Inside was only a bike a table and six chairs. I sat down and wrapped my jacket around me. Kicking my feet back and pulling out my phone, Zayn was going to kill me but I didn't care. He didn't understand how hard it was going to be for me to just drop Louis. I knew he didn't want that, and I knew he wanted to keep me safe, but he couldn't protect me from everything, and I wanted him to know that.


So with my phone in my hand, I stood up and locked the shed door, turned on the small battery lamp in the corner, and sent Zayn a text saying, “I love you and I am sorry”. I scrolled through my contact list and got to Louis. I pressed call, and his lowly tired voice answered. “Brook?” he whispered, “The police have been round, if they ask you anything here is the story your sticking too...” I trailed of and began to explained. Soon enough there was shouts in the garden calling my name, but soon I drowned them out with Louis's voice in my ear, “Now tell me again what your going to tell them” I spoke to him, and he took a breath and went through it word by word.


I love the tension in this. I know your going to say she needs to stop upsetting Zayn, but you want Louis back don't you. YOU NEED TO COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, AND WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF. - LOVE YOU ALL.

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