Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


1. Never A Dull Day.

Brook's Pov


I looked over. There he was. Right before me, Zayn was there. Looking like an angel when he was asleep. I smiled down at him, it was a strange sensation waking up in his arms again. I looked at the clock read 10:34am. I rolled over, and from his arms it felt cold.


I stood up and looked around the room, sliding Zayn's shirt on over my head. I peered back to see he still hadn't woken. I grabbed my phone, and walked down the stairs. It was odd being back in this house after everything that had happened.


I mean, things are so different now. Steve is dead, so are most of his gang. I haven't been here for three months. The next challenge I think is Mia. For now though, I am taking this one step at a time.


'Morning' I mumbled stepping into the kitchen, being greeted by Louis with a mouth of toast.


'Good Morning' he grinned, and stood up for me to sit down, I nodded his way thanking him for the seat.


'Fun night?' I heard Harry's cheeky voice ring in my ears, I rolled my eyes and stood up grabbing a drink.


I didn't know what to say, if didn't feel odd being around them. I just didn't have anything to say, what do I say? Then I was saved by Zayn walking into the kitchen. His hair in a perfect mess, his eyes still dark and mysterious, shirtless showing his toned torso, and just pyjama bottoms.

'Your drooling doll' he winked at me, and walked over. His arms slithered around my waist, and his hot breath tickled my neck.


'I really missed you' he whispered, and felt weak at his words, my knees buckle and my heart stops. 'I missed you too' I turn and plant a firm kiss on his lips, no showing him what he is doing to me.


I walked to the living room with Zayn, he pulled me on the couch, and flung an arm around me, I smiled and let him hold me for a while.


'I was thinking, we go and get your stuff today?' he asked me, I was shocked. He didn't understand why. 'I am moving back in?' I asked him, he smiled half heartedly. 'Of course, why wouldn't you be?' he sighed, losing a smile. 'I thought you... you would want some time to adjust to me still being alive' I try to make it sound funny, but its not funny at all.


'I don't need time to adjust... I want you here with me Brook' he whispered to me, I smiled and kissed him softly.


My phone was ringing from the table. I looked at the caller ID. Aria. I smiled and gladly answered it.


'Hey!' I excitedly squeal, Zayn looked shocked, not knowing who the mysterious person was. 'Where are you, I am at your place?' she asked, sounding offended that I wasn't there. I laughed but rolled my eyes, 'I am back at home?' it sounded like a question, 'Oh... Well you could of told me, I am stood here like an idiot!' she laughed.


'Well, I will text you the address and you can come over... Liam is here' I told her, 'I don't like Liam!' she defends, 'Your the one that shagged him' I chuckled, 'Shush' she mumbled, 'Yeah come on over... you can meet the boys' I laughed, 'Okay see you soon' she laughed, I hung up the phone and text her the address.


'Care to explain?' Zayn asked me, I smiled 'That was Aria, she is my friend... why I was “dead” she came by to hang out with me' I told him, he nodded slowly trying to process the information. 'She is sweet, I promise' I smiled, 'what ever happened to Hanna?' he asked me, I blinked a couple times.


Hanna? What did happen to her, she was my best friend. Then that just stopped? I should call her sometime, she has probably moved on by now, but it would still be nice to talk to her you know?


'I don't know' I replied to him, 'But... Aria... she is nice, she is like me' I smiled, 'Two of you... I can barely handle one' he smirked at me, pulling me too his lap, so I was straddling him. The door then opened, 'God guys!' Louis smirked, 'Get a room' he mumbled, 'We have one thanks, you should knock' I giggled, Zayn nodded in agreement.


'Well come on, we need to go and get your things' he told me, 'No Aria is coming over' I frowned, 'Fine' Zayn moaned. 'How about you guys go and get my things, and me and Aria will stay here until you are back, then we all go out or something?' I suggest, Zayn looks almost sick at the thought of leaving me. 'I don't know' he whispered, 'Come on Zayn she is a big girl' Louis laughed walking out of the room.


'You won't-..' I stop him, 'I won't leave you again okay?... I promise, I will be right here until your back' I smiled, and he sighed uneasily, 'Okay' he spoke reluctant. 'I will really quick' he spoke, 'Zayn you don't need to worry' I sigh, and put my arms around his neck. 'LETS GO' I heard Niall's loud voice, I sighed and kissed Zayn.


'Wait right here' he warned me as I stood up, I nodded. I hated him telling me what to do. Zayn stood up and walked to the door, hugging me tightly as if it was the last time he would see me. 'Go I will be right here when you back' I smiled and kissed him softly, he let go and walked out with the boys.


Moments later the knock came that I was expecting. Aria. I opened the door and she walked in smiling, 'Hey' she beamed, 'Where are these boys I have heard so much about?' she asked me, I rolled my eyes and laughed 'They have gone to get my things' I giggled, she laughed and walked around the house, making her self at home.


I sat down next to her in the living room, after getting us drinks. 'So what's it like being home?' she asked me, 'Strange' I whispered. Aria knew everything that had happened. 'But I am more interested in you and Liam' I smiled, she rolled her eyes 'I slept with him, when I was drunk okay? … Not a big deal' she blushed.


'Do you like him?' I asked her, 'No... Not in the way you think anyway' she laughed. I rolled my eyes, 'Were going out after by the way' I told her, she nodded. There was a bang in the kitchen, I looked at Aria.


'I thought you said the boys are out' she spoke, I nodded 'they are' I whispered. I debated if I should call Zayn or not, I don't want to make a big deal over this. It might be nothing. I will leave it. 'You should go and check it out' I told Aria, 'Its your house' she mumbled, 'Together?' I asked her, she nodded.


We stood up, I didn't shake like I would have months ago. We walked to the kitchen slowly. I peered around the corner, I didn't see the persons face they were in black. I walked in the kitchen, with Aria clinging on. The person turned, and panic flashed before their eyes.


I examined him, and looked him up and down. 'Who are you?' I asked, 'Your worst nightmare' he scoffed, and came closer. 'Aria run!' I told her, she looked at me thoughtfully debating if she should leave me or not, 'Go!' I yell at her, she did.


I was left with this stranger before me. I looked around for anything to defend myself with, I picked up a small knife, the only training I had had with a knife was when I was going to Spain and Jake taught me how to use a knife.


'What are you going to do? Stab me?' The man teased, 'Who are you?!' I pester him, 'Riley' he spoke. 'What do you want?' I snap. 'You have met Mia right?' he asked, I nodded and gulped. 'She was a friend of mine, she was to find out about you' he spoke.


'Why?' I asked him, 'Because darling.. People want you... You really thought, your little disappearing act would work?' he smirked at me. 'You caused quiet a stir' he spoke, walking closer. 'Stay away from me' I tell him, he walked closer, taking the knife from my hand.


'I am not going to hurt you...' he whispered in my ear, 'Hmm... I can see why everyone made such a fuss over you' he spoke, and brushed my hair behind my ear. I wafted him away, 'What do you want with me?' I asked, 'now... that would be telling' he smirked.


I went to move, but he swiped the knife over my hand, causing a cut. 'Now... Do you as your told' he snapped, 'I am not doing anything for you' I snap. 'You will' he smiled, 'I didn't do anything for any one else like you, so what makes you so different?' I growl, 'I suppose your right' he fumbled with the Knife, whilst my hand bled more.


'Get out' I snap at him, 'Listen to me. Mia didn't quiet find out enough, because Louis wouldn't spill it... but your closer to Mia than you think... here's what you need to know... You do as I say or your friends get hurt' he spoke, 'That's been a threat before and nothing has happened' I tell him, 'Well... they haven't encountered me' he smirked.


'All I want you do is help me' he smiled, 'You want my help?' I asked. 'I want you to get rid of Zayn, your close enough to him' he smiled, 'I am not doing that' I snap. 'I thought you would say that... listen here Darling... Steve and those people... are light compared to me' he spoke and turned around to walk out. 'Oh... and Dominic says hi' he winked at me, leaving.


Dominic was still alive? He is the one that caused me to have to “died” … He is still after me?


I fell to the floor, the blood still dripping but my hand numb. Aria came rushing back in, and stood there almost in tears. She was scared, but this was what I was use to now. I stared at the wall in front of me, I didn't ask for this shit.


The front door opened, and I heard familiar voice. Zayn was back. Aria turned around and ran out before I could stop her. 'Liam... guys, you need to..' she panicked. I rolled my eyes, and went to stand, not before Zayn came in and saw him, his skin was pale.


I shook my head 'I am fine' I moaned, and stand up. He came over to me, 'clearly you can't be left alone' he rolled his eyes, and moved me to sit on the side. 'What the fuck happened' he snapped, 'Nothing...' I whispered, still in a daze from it all. 'This clearly isn't fucking nothing' he growled. 'Someone was in here, she confronted them' Aria spoke up.


The rest of the boys were now in the room. 'Who was it?' Zayn asked me, 'He said his name was Riley' I spoke, as Zayn examined my hand. 'Riley?... That's Dominic's brother' Niall spoke, I gulped as they all looked at each other. 'What did he say?' Zayn asked me, I shrugged 'Brook I need to know' he gripped my arm. 'Er.. He said that I had to get rid of you' I spoke looking at Zayn.


'Dick' he muttered, 'He said if I didn't then the boys would be hurt... and he said Mia was involved and that I was close to her' I muttered, 'Mia?!... Well done Louis!' Zayn shouted, turned over to Louis and going to grab him, 'Zayn!' I yell, he turned his eyes dark. 'Don't' I whispered, 'What the fuck do you expect me to do?' he snapped.


'We do what we have always done, we take it one step at a time' I whispered to him, 'Now someone please sort out my hand' I rolled my eyes, Liam came over with the first aid kit and quickly sorted it out.


'I thought you said all of this shit was going to be behind you?' Aria asked, 'It was' I sighed, and Zayn nodded agreeing with me. 'You should have called the moment you heard something' Zayn was clearly annoyed. 'I thought I could handle it, and I did he isn't here is he?' I sarcastically speak, 'You could have been killed' Zayn moaned, 'But I wasn't' I reply.


'Guys can you give us a minute' Zayn asked the guys, his eyes not leaving me. They looked at me, and I nodded saying it was okay to go. Liam would keep Aria with them too.


Zayn stared at me blankly again for moments. 'Your not Brook' he spoke, I chuckled 'Excuse me?' I asked, 'Brook wouldn't speak to me like that' he coughed, 'Zayn your being ridiculous!' I exclaim, 'Am I? Brook... You need to realise that is my way or no way' he snapped at me. 'Zayn... I am not property you don't own me!' I yelled.


'Your mine remember?' he scowled. This felt like the time we first met, when he had the power over me in that little pub. However this time, I would talk back, but I couldn't find the words to say. 'Here's what's going to happen, your going to stay here with Niall and Louis, the others are going to come with me and we are going to find that Riley... and show him not to mess with us' he ordered me.


'Well I am not just going to sit here, I am coming too' I told him, walking into the hallway. He followed me out, 'Stop being stubborn Brook' he moaned, 'Let me come then' I spoke. 'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice.


He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped again. 'I can make up my own-..' he stopped me, kissing against my neck. Leaving a fresh bruise like the day we met.


'Your mine aren't you?... Say it' he snapped, 'I'm yours' I surrender. He pulled up and looked me in the eyes, his hand against the wall. 'Your going to stay here' he told me, 'Zayn I-..' he stopped me, 'Don't argue with me... I never did like that' he mumbled.


What happened to him in the time I was gone. He like when we met, the way he would behave. His mood swings, his angry its all the same as the start. When I came he opened up, said what he felt. Now its back to this, the moment I left he changed back. I left, I was the only person he trusted. I left.


'Liam, Harry... We going out' Zayn called, and moved from over me. Leaving me short of breath. Harry and Liam came out of the living room, 'Where we off?' Harry asked, 'To teach Riley a lesson' Zayn growled, and threw on his leather jack on. 'Louis, Niall keep an eye on Brook' he called out. I rolled my eyes, 'Don't follow us doll' Zayn went to kiss me, but I turned so he kissed my cheek.


'We'll be back soon' he told me, and walked out.


I walked into the living room, and sat down on the couch. Louis, Niall and Aria all looked at me. 'Well...' Louis asked, 'Don't even ask' I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes. 'I wonder what Zayn is going to do' Niall spoke, 'Yeah I am wondering that myself' I moaned.


Never a dull day around here, I forgot that.




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