Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


29. Murder or Me?

Brook's Pov


I stood up and paced the kitchen, 'Niall... this is serious, if the police know you have this!!' I shouted, 'Brook calm down, I am going to get rid of it' he told me, I shook my head, 'Niall that isn't the point, after everything... everything, he has done you did this for him' I yelled at him, 'Brook, he's my brother' he tried to calm me down. 'No he isn't! He isn't anything to us any more, he isn't my friend, your brother, or anything to us, you all agreed the minute he did what he did to me, that we could never see him again, and you went behind everyone's back' I grit my teeth at him.


'You don't get it Brook, he helped me through so much, he made one stupid mistake' Niall tried to defend him, nothing he was going to say was going to change my mind. 'How are you going to get rid of this?' I asked him, he shrugged, 'I have a guy who I know is going to get rid of it for me' he told me, I shook my head. 'Niall this is so ridiculous' I shook my head again. 'Look just relax' he told me, 'This is all going to be taken care off' he told me, and went to touch my hand, I pulled away, 'No Niall, I need a minute to take all of this in' I stepped back from him.


Harry's Pov


I sat down with Zayn at the bar, and Liam went and sat in the corner and played on his phone keeping a watchful eye on us. Two pints of larger were placed in front of us, in front of us on a beer mat. We both took a mouthful of beer, and peered at each other from the corner of our eyes. 'So' I spoke, 'Is it going to be this silent all night' I asked him, he wiped his mouth and looked at me. 'I don't want to be here, you don't want to be here, we are both here for Brook... so we both just say we had a lovely time and settled are differences' Zayn snapped.


'You seriously hate me that much?' I asked him, 'Yes' he replied coldly. 'Don't you hate me that much? Because the girl your in love with loves me' Zayn smirked, 'Yes, but the girl your in love with has admitted she is scared that she loves me' I smiled back at him, knowing this was going to start an argument. 'Don't go there Harry' he spoke, putting down his glass. 'Why, because you know I am right don't you?' I told him, he turned to face me. 'Harry, your causing a row... Brook wanted us to rekindle our friendship' he snapped.


'Can't you just admit your scared to loose her?' I told him, 'Im not scared that I am going to loose her' I could see him lying. 'I am not here to talk about her, and you... I just hope we can actually sort this out' I told him, 'Your serious, Harry I can't stand you, you have took her from me time and time again and I let you off easily' Zayn spoke, 'But the first time she was mine, I stopped anyone from saying anything about her' I told him, and he shook his head, 'Nearly killing me in the process' he snapped at me, 'I would do it again if it meant she wouldn't get hurt' I spoke.


He looked at me stopping everything he was doing, 'You love her so much' Zayn spoke, I nodded 'If you think leaving will make it easier you'll realise that it doesn't work like that, it doesn't stop your feelings, it just makes you realise how much you really love them' he spoke, 'Zayn, do you want me to stay?' I asked him, he shook his head 'I want Brook Happy, you can stay or go' he told me, continuting ripping up the beer mat. I stood up and looked at Liam, he shook his head telling me to sit back down, I rolled my eyes sitting down again beside Zayn.


'I don't want to loose you as a friend, I might hate you at time, and I think your an idiot for half the shit you have given Brook, and your an egotisical prick' I spoke, he laughed 'are you getting to a point?' he asked me, 'Yes.... but your my best mate Zayn, we have gotton through things like this before, and I don't want to loose you' I spoke, he looked down and turned his head to me. 'I think you a bitch sometimes, your too soft for half the shit we do, and I think your a dickhead because you get involved in everyone's buiness-...' I cut him off with a smirk, 'But?' I asked him, 'But, you have looked after Brook for me, and you have been there for me no matter what' he told me, not looking me in the eye but holding a smile.


'Are we cool then?' I asked him, 'Besides from you almost killing me, yes' he told me, I smiled at him softly. 'I am so sorry for everything' I spoke, he nodded 'Me too' he whispered. 'So when are you leaving?' Zayn asked me, 'Want me to leave so soon?' I smirked, he laughed 'I am going to leave in a few days' I told him, the vague look of disappointment on Brook's face flashed before me, and I almost cracked. 'You'll visit though.. right?' he said, almost insecure. I smiled lightly, 'I hope so' I told him, he nodded and finished the rest of his drink.


I looked over to Liam, and told him to go. 'So where should we go now?' Harry asked, Zayn stood up and put on his leather jacket, I was going to miss that. 'Wherever you want to go' Zayn spoke, and I smiled. 'Your still soft styles' he smirked, and rolled up a cigarette in his mouth, and held it between his lips. 'Some things never do change' he laughed at me, flicking up his collar and walking out letting me follow.


Louis's Pov


I stood looking at myself in the mirror, I looked at my hands, and I still saw the blood on them. I was shaking and sweating. I was close to tears, I didn't feel guilty and that is what scared me the most. I hated her so much, the girl that I loved, I hated and she was dead, because I stabbed her. She did deserve it though, it wasn't like it was unnecessary. I washed my hands for the sixth time, and dried them wiping away sweat droplets. I sat down on the couch. Any loud sirens that passed made me shake. I heard thudding on the door, who is it. Who knows I am here.


Brook's Pov


After endless searching through Niall's texts to Louis. I found his address. I told Niall, I was going to bed, and I let him fall asleep on the couch and took that as my primary opportunity. I grabbed my keys and left. I hailed a taxi to the apartment Louis was living in. I was hoping it would be the wrong address so I would have to face him, then again I told myself I needed to face him. I ran up to floor three and apartment 7k caught me. I shook as I banged on the door. I banged again, and there was no answer. I sighed, and banged once more.


The door then opened, and a pale faced Louis stood there. Shaky and tearful. Was it the murder or me? I hope its both. I hope he is fearing everything around him. Though I wanted to wrap my arms around him and hug him tell him that I understand everything he did. But I didn't understand everything he did, I didn't want to. The one thing I wasn't going to do, was forgive him.


'Brook' he spoke, and weakly smiled. I stormed in passed him, and turned my back to him. 'Your an idiot do you know that?' I asked him, and held my head in my hands having my back to him. He closed the door, and I heard a heavy sigh fall from his lips. I turned around and threw the knife at his feet, he stood looking down at him, and a moment of drowning silence was held. 'I should of known Niall would tell you' he shook his head, 'that's all you have to say?' I asked him, 'I didn't know what I was doing' he whispered, 'you murdered her' I whispered, 'I hated her as much as the next person but Louis stabbing someone!' I shouted at him, 'I was angry' he spoke. 'I am angry now to should I stab you?' I yell.


'Why did you come here?' he asked me picking the dirty knife up, 'you need to leave Niall alone, you got told to leave us all alone' I shouted at him, 'that's not why you came here' he spoke, wrapping the knife up. 'You came here because you were worried about me' he spoke, I shook my head. 'Admit it Brook' he whispered, the silence still loomed but it wasn't as drowning as the previous one. 'Your in the same room as a murder' he spoke, I shook my head 'Your not a murder' I told him, 'You know I am, I killed Mia, and I was going to kill you, how is that not a murder' he told me.


'I knew you wouldn't kill me' I told him, 'How?' he asked, 'What?' I replied, 'How did you know? You don't know what I am capable of' I told him, 'I knew you wouldn't' I told him, 'then why did you flip?' he asked me, 'because you were considering it, that's why I jumped, I knew you would save me, that's why I was telling you to push me so you could say no' I explained. 'Do you still hate me?' he asked me, I nodded 'I hate you for what you did, and what you became... but I still like Louis Tomlinson, if he is in there' I told him, he nodded.


Then he cried, and sobbed. I didn't go near him, I just watched him, like a lion would watch a bleeding animal, staring not helping, because like a lion eating the animal, I wouldn't stop saying “it's okay” when it wasn't okay. 'Please, leave Niall out of this, I have lost you, Harry is leaving, I don't need Niall going too' I spoke, he nodded. 'When is Harry leaving?' he asked me, suddenly the main focus had changed. 'I don't know' I whispered, as the looked of disappointment on Harry's face when I ignored him flashed. 'I will tell Niall, to text you when he is leaving so you can say goodbye' I spoke, 'what about Zayn?' he asked, 'he can know, he will have to accept it, this doesn't mean I forgive you though Louis' I told him, he nodded.


'Oh and about Mia, I won't tell anyone... but when then find her, they are going to ask questions, I suggest you lie big time, say you were with your brother' I spoke, he nodded. 'Thank you' he smiled, I nodded. 'Goodbye... again' I smiled lightly, he nodded and went to walk to me, and I just shook my head and left. I was still left wondering, if it was the murder or me that made tonight worse for him, why did he break?


---- Sorry such a bad chapter, filler chapter, so I can set up the next things that are going to happen. Tell me what you think will happen. --- CAN WE GET TOO 400 FAVS! xx

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