Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


31. Mine.

Brooks pov.

(Sorry for spelling, not proof read)

  Zayn didnt utter a single word, to anyone. I looked at the boys, Niall gave me sorrowful eyes, whilst I looked at Liam hisnwere full of anger. "Someone say something" I begged, Perrie smirked wickedly at me. "I will leave you to talk, ever get bored call me" she smirked at Zayn. I sighed as she toddled out. "Guys can you give us a minute?" Zayn spoke still not looking at me. The boys all diffused. The room was still silent.   "Do you do all of these stupid things just to test me?" His voice was low and dangerous. "Or is it to prove a point?" He finally looked up at me. "He got Niall in trouble I was only trying to help" I tried to defend my self, "Then let Niall deal with it!" He shouted, I looked down. "I can look after myself, Lou didnt hurt me" I whispered, "he could of though Brook" he spoke, his voice hushed.   "Do you want to know why I try to keep you away from everyone?" He asked me, I nodded unsure. "I am scared Brook. Someone, somewhere could take you and I might not know where you are, who the fucker is and all you keep saying is you'll be fine. Doll I dont want you too be fine, I want you to be happy... Do you know why I forgive you all the time, even when I know I shouldn't? Even when, you hurt me and I break you? ?... because were perfect" he whispered, "All those times you have kissed, or fucked or done anything with a friend of mine, I have forgiven you because it was my fault that you were looking for someone else to love you" he told me.   "I have hurt you so much, haven't I?" I whispered, he nodded. "I am not going to be able to always forgive you Brook, I am not always going to spread myself so thin" his eyes were full of sorrow. "But I know you wont always forgive me, when I loose my temper, or when I go out late and come back full of whiskey, when I fight, when I box... and I know your never going to forget that you were only ever meant to be a bet" he told me, "we have both been stupid, and not though about the other person" I spoke, he nodded.   "Last night... when I stopped us fron having sex, I said we had to wait... I said that because when I was kissing you all I could see him, Harry... I know you didn't love Liam, you wouldn't, you only tried to make yourself, and Louis you felt sorry for him, you've always been too sweet. Niall was never a worry. But him, Harry. The way you smiled at him, the way every move he made, you'd move... the night of the fire... when we were killing Josh and Jack stabbed you, Harry tried to save you... you lay with him in a fire, and then I knew you loved him" he whispered.    "You understand now don't you, why I didnt want you meeting my friends?" He lookedvat me, I nodded. "Zayn... I need you to come somewhere with me" I told him, "where?" He asked, "Please, dont ask anything... we can talk about Louis when we come back" I spoke, he grabbed his jacket, "I dont want to talk about Louis" he shrugged.    We walked outside, and down the street. We got to the little park, "I dont know if you ever got a plak sorted..." I trailed off, he looked down at me slightly confused. We walked down to the bottom of the park. There was a small cherry blossom tree, growing out of season, in front on the floor a small wooden plak. "Brook what's this?" He asked, I shrugged and smiled at him. "I was going to wait until all of this drugs business and Louis situation was over but I figure nows as good as ever" I smiled, digging my hands down in my pockets.   Zayn knelt down to read the small little sign. "To our little fallen angel - Charlie Malik" he whispered, running his finger tips across the metal plate. "I figured Charlie is good for a girl or boy... if you dont like it we can change it" I whispered. He stood up, and didnt look at me holding my hand, "its perfect" he smiled, but I saw the sorrow he held for our unborn child. I squeezed his hand, and gave him a smile.    "I know we have been through so much, and we have tried so hard and each time we have come back a little bit stronger. I love Harry, i do, but no where near as much as I love you, he is like my best friend, as for yor Zayn... your the person I want to spend forever with the person I want to have my children with, the person I plan on marrying someday, the man that I want there when I am 82 to talk to me and we talk about this moment, and then when we reach tge end we leave this world as we lived... together" I spoke, with a single tear drop falling.   He rose a hand to touch my cheek, "I promise, to love you forever" he whispered, "when this is all over, we are going to move away and start a new life, me, you, a few kids, and a dog" he told me, making me laugh. "Marry me?" He asked, pulling out the ring that you once had, "Marry me?" He asked me again, the breath left my body, and the wind seemed to stop. "Marry me and im yours, forever... we forget everything that ever happened between me and anyone else and you and anyone else... just be mine forever?" He smiled.    If he could forget every stupid thing I had done, and I could forget every mistake he made. Then I was sure we could work. It felt different saying yes this time, I knew if I said yes now, then that was it forever. He would be mine, and I would be his. Forever was a long time, and I didnt mind sharing it with him. As he stood in front of me, with that ring. I nodded slowly, and smiled "I will.... yes, Zayn Malik... I will marry you" I told him and he smiled placing the ring on my fragile finger.    Then he swept me in his arms, and kissed me so softly but full of passion. I kissed back, then remember there was children around. I kissed him once more before standing on my tiptoes with my forehead against his with a smile. He put me down and touched the name on the wood, "Mummy and Daddy are going to live happily ever after" he smiled, and looked up at me. I grinned and bent down with him, let him put his arm around my shoulders. "I love you" he spoke, I utter the words back.    "Are we going to tell them?... The boys" I asked him, he sighed. "I want them there, I do... but given your past withe everyone, I don't know if its the best thing to do" he sighed, I took his hand, 'they don't have to be there, but can we tell them?" I begged him, he sighed and kissed the side of my head, "you know it will cause a huge argument" he told me, "I domt want any lies... dont you want them to know that now I am permanently of limits" I asked him, "don't do that" he frowned, "try and black mail me" he spoke.    "I am just saying, they are atill your friends, you want them to share this with us dont you?" I asked him, he shook his head "not when they all want to get in your pants" he spoke. "How many times do I need to remind you, I am yours" I told him. "As many times as I meed to her it, and I am always going to need to hear it" he told me, I sigjed but held a smile. "You want me to tell Harry don't you?" He asked me, I hated how he could read me like an open book. "Zayn... if I tell him, there us every chance he will try and talk me out of it... and I dont want him to, I want you to... test this new found old friendship"I spoke.   "Let's go tell my mum" he turned to me, "what?" I asked him. "If I have to tell Harry, then you have to tell my mum" he spoke, "thats not a fair bargin" I pout, he smiled. However, we went. Walking down to his mum's house was an odd feeling, I hadn't seen Trisha since the whole betting incident.    As we got closer to the house, my hand started to feel heavier with the weight of the ring. "She stopped talking to me, after she knew I bet on you... she didn't like what I had done thats why I need you too tell her, she wont let me see my sisters, none of my family" Zayn confessed, "Zayn... I had no idea" I whispered, "If she sees that you have for given me there is every chance she will want me again" he told me, I held his hand and smiled, "I will talk her around" I smiled at him, he smiler with a sorry smile.   As we reached the front door, I knocked with my heavy hand. I could see Zayn was nervous. Especially when the door opened, "Zayn, Brook... what are you doing here?" She asked, I looked from her to zayn and instead of telling her with words, I lifted my hand and held it for her to see the ring. "You two better come in?" She spoke opening the door for us to come inside.    We sat down at the table, iced tea in front of us. "When was this decided?" Trisha asked, "after I was fighting for my life in hospital, I am fine thanks for asking mum" zayn spoke sarcastically. "Please don't argue" I whispered. "Brook, you dont have to do this... not many girls would forgive him for this, marriage doesn't always fix everything, beileve me... I know" she sighed, "Whats that suppose to mean, how do you know?" Zayn asked, anger boiling him over the top.    "Zayn, let her talk" I whispered, we both looked to her and shd sighed knowing she was going to have to tell us. "I tried to fix a broken relationship, with marriage and a baby" she spoke, "What?" I asked, so did Zayn. "Before I met... look Zayn I havent beem completely honest with you" she spoke. "What are on about? " he asked her concerned. "Zayn your dad... isnt your dad" she spoke, and stood up straight. "What are you saying?" He whispered. "Before I met him, I was with a man called Drake... we didnt want to be apart, so we though a baby would fix things... then we got married. Thats when you were born. You were so perfect, and even when I look at you now.. I see him... his eyes... your just like him, in everyway" Trisha spoke.   "Thats why I need you to be sure Brook... that you dont fall for a man.. as wonderful and as thrilling as he maybe, then realising three months later, you should of made the other choice and goje goe the safer option" she spoke, and I couldn't help but think that Harry would be my safe choice. "Luckily my safer bet took me back and now I am married to him, and he looks after us keeps us safe, but your dad Zayn... your real dad broke me, like I am scared your going to break Brook" she sighed.    "Slow down... your telling me now after 20 years that I have... that dad isnt my dad" Zayn snapped, "I did it to protect you, because I hoped that you would turn out like-'" Zayn cut her off, "like the saftet choice. I get it" he spat. "Here's the thing mum, we are nothing like you and this Drake guy... because we want to get married, its not two safe our realationship, its because we love each other and we are moving on from all this shit!" He shouted at her, walking over to her. "Tell me where he is?" A low a threathening growl came from his lips.    "I couldn't tell you" she spoke, "I dont about you hating me anymore... but you arent my mother" he snapped, "come on Brook, we have stayed long enough" Zayn told me, "Trisha, I love your son, and I know he loves me... we arent fixing anything, because we arent broken" I told her, "I still respect you, and love you for being there for me... but I am marrying your son if you like ot or not" I told her.     "See, we are nothing like you and Drake... having a fake marriage... and as for a baby?" He asked her, stepping forward. "Our baby is dead... just another soul in the sky" he snapped, such soft words. "Come on Doll" Zayn lead me out. I looked at Trisha who was shocked, frightened, but so broken at the fact she had lost her son, but I had gained him. ?......... How did we feel about that? Really important that you  comment so in know what you guys want next.     
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