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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


27. Love Me Again.

So sorry I haven't updated in ages, I had exams then I got sick, then I had more exams, its been so crazy, but I will try and update again soon, but I do love this chapter.

Songs -

Thunder - Jessie J

Unconditionally - Katy Perry

Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus


Brook's Pov

I lay there on the couch for about Six hours after Harry left, sleeping then waking. Just thinking about everything, only one thing played on my mind. Louis. I don't even know why. I wasn't thinking of an intoxicated Zayn or a Runaway Harry. I was thinking of Louis the boy that tried to kill me. The sun as slowly rising, late at 7:30am. I sat up from my position on the couch, and looked out the window. I stood up and pulled back the blinds, hoping I would see a wobbly Harry who was hung over, but no I didn't. Just wind brushing leaves.


I heard noises in the kitchen and I found Niall in there. Rummaging through the draws, looking panicked. 'Your up early' I whispered, he snapped his head over to me, and slammed the draw shut. I cocked my head, 'Something your looking for?' I asked him, he shook his head fast, 'No, how are you?' he changed the subject, 'I am fine' I walked around him. 'Did you find Zayn?' he asked me, 'Yeah, you knew that' I told him, he chuckled nervously, 'Oh yeah' he smiled.


'Where's Harry I haven't seen him this morning' he told me, 'You never see anyone this early do you?' I asked him, he laughed again, shaking his head. 'Harry did go out last night though, and he didn't come home... well he hasn't yet' I told him, 'Where did he go?' he questioned, 'Just said he needed to go out' I spoke softly sitting down looking at Niall with my head in my hands at the breakfast bar. 'I am going to go and look for him if he isn't home soon' I told Niall, he nodded 'You know he is more than likely fine' he spoke, 'I know, but he left here in a pretty bad state and I-..' I was interrupted when Liam walked into the room, shirtless in blue bottoms.


'Why are you two up so early?' he asked us, 'I haven't been to bed yet' I sighed, 'Y-You haven't?' Niall asked me, 'Well no, I have slept on and off' I cocked my head, 'Oh right' he sighed in relief, 'What's with you this morning, you acting stranger than usual' I spoke, and turned to Liam. He moved behind me, and I sat there leaning with my back to his front. 'Why are you awake?' I asked looking up at him, 'I heard you two' he spoke, in a low gruff tone. Then I remember me and Liam were meant to have fallen out, I hate that I am so weak around all of the boys.


I sit up straight away, 'Well I should go and get dressed' I stood up, and looked at myself, still being dressed from yesterday. 'I should probably shower to' I smiled at them. I was drained, I could sleep for years but so many thoughts kept me awake at night. This time yesterday, Zayn was in hospital, I was fine with Harry, Louis wasn't trying to kill me, everything was as okay as it was going to get. But the minute I said yes to Louis it all went down hill.


I stepped into the shower and I stood there for a while letting the water run over me, washing old make up and tears away. I physically wanted to cry, and I was so close to it, until the water had ran cold. I jumped out and put on some jeans and a jumper, leaving my hair down. I walked down the stairs and slipped on my shoes, 'Tell Zayn I am going out, I don't know when I will be back' I called to Liam and Niall.


I closed the door and rang Harry's phone, begging for him to pick up. He didn't. I tried to think of different places he could of gone too, but I couldn't think off any of them. As I walked down the street to town, I bumped into someone. 'Hey, watch out' I heard a low snap, 'Oh Brook' the person spoke, I looked up and it was Joe. 'Joe?' I asked, 'Hey' he spoke. It was so awkward. Neither of us knew what to say, 'I am sorry about last night I guess' I spoke, 'It's okay' he whispered, 'About my sister... I didn't know she had done anything to you' he spoke, I nodded.


'What are you doing out this early?' he asked me, 'I am looking for Harry, he didn't come home last night' I spoke, 'I have just seen him' Joe spoke, 'have you even met him' I asked, 'No one around here doesn't know who Harry Styles is' he smirked, what was that suppose to mean? 'Oh, can you take me to him?' I asked him, wanting to try and cover myself up from the night before. 'Yeah' he nodded and started walking. 'So you went back home last night?' he asked me, I nodded. 'Yeah, I kind of made up with Zayn' I cocked my head, still processing the words myself.


'Really? After all of that?' he almost stopped dead, I nodded 'I know, probably not the wisest choice I have made' I tried to laugh. 'You must really love him' he spoke, 'I do' I nodded. We walked in silence, 'It's a shame I thought maybe-..' he stopped, 'You thought what?' I asked him, 'That maybe we could fall helplessly in love' he joked, I nudged him slightly. 'So where is Harry?' I asked him, he pointed just up the road. He was getting into a car, 'He was walking out of a girls house, and kissed her' he told me, I looked around and sighed. That shouldn't make me feel as bad as it does. 'Brook?' he asked me, 'Hmm?' I looked up to him, 'You zoned out' he chuckled.


'He is still in the car, that's the house he came out of' he told me pointing, 'Why hasn't he drove off?' I asked him, 'I don't know' he shrugged. 'If you want to go and see him alone I will leave you too it' he spoke to me, I smiled and hugged him. 'Thank you, oh and about your sister...' he cut me off, 'Don't worry, I am going to be having some serious words with her' he told me, I smiled at him. I wanted to rip his eyes out for being related to her, but he was a nice guy, or was this part of her plan? Did she want me to get close to him and then let him hurt me like everyone else does. No. No, that isn't Joe. 'See you soon then' he asked me, I nodded and let him walk away.


I walked over to Harry's car. His head was pressed against the head rest, a red bandana was in, and he looked restless. I banged on the bonnet, and he jumped and gasped seeing me. I held a stern expression, and stomped around to the passenger seat and opened the door and sat inside. 'Why didn't you call!? You just ran off in the middle of the night, I didn't know where you were, if you were safe, if you were dead! Harry I haven't slept, in almost two days, I don't need this... where were you, some cheap tramps house!' I shouted at him, 'Don't shout anymore, I have a headache' he told me.


We sat there in silence, 'are you finished shouting at me?' he asked me, I nodded and sighed. I turned to him, 'Harry have you been smoking?' I asked him, he nodded 'You don't smoke' I tell him. I could smell it, it was heavy. Smoke, Alcohol, and drugs. 'Drugs too?' I asked, he nodded. 'I wanted to take the edge off' he told me, 'And you got them from her?' I snapped, he nodded again. I grabbed his face, 'Are you still fucking high?' I yelled at him, he nodded again. I stepped out of the car, and slammed the door.


I looked for the house Joe told me Harry came out of. I banged on the door heavily. A pretty girl opened it, with pink coloured hair, and curved lips, which held a familiar smirk. 'Hey' she asked me, 'Listen, I don't know who you are, or how you know Harry but stay away from him, he doesn't want anymore of you drugs okay? He is a good person just having a bad time, that doesn't mean shove drugs and vodka down his throat!' I shout at her, she smirked the full time, 'I was hardly shoving them down his throat love, he asked for them' she told me, 'I am telling you to turn him away next time okay, love?' I bite back at her.


Harry got out of the car, and stood behind me. 'Gemma this is Brook' he smiled behind me, 'Oh this is Brook, the same girl from the shop?' she smirked, 'Feisty isn't she?' she asked looking at me, but asking Harry. 'Brook, this is Gemma...' he paused, and bent down to my ear. 'My sister, we met her at the shops when we went shopping for Greece' he smirked, I turned up to him and snapped my head between him and the girl called Gemma. 'Please tell me your joking?' I closed my eyes, I was so embarrassed. She didn't even look like the same girl, in the space of a few weeks she had dyed her hair and lost all motherly quality she had. I turned around facing Harry, 'You let me come out here knowing what I would say, and chat shit to your sister?' I asked him, he nodded. I was getting so sick of him nodded.


I turned around, 'I am sorry' I sighed, 'Should I stay away from him still?' she smirked, I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. 'Look don't worry about it, Harry explained everything that happened to you last night, its fine' she smiled, 'I am so sorry' I told her again, she smiled. 'I do have to say something though, considering what you just said to me' she spoke, I nodded thinking she was going to joke around but by god I was wrong. 'You sound lovely, really its sweet. But you need to stay away from my brother, you aren't good for him, your leading him on and breaking his heart, the state he came to me in last night I would of gladly killed you... so you stay away from my brother... love' she snapped, Harry stepped in front of me.


'You said you wouldn't ever say anything to her' Harry whispered, suddenly down to earth. 'Well she needed to hear it' she snapped looking at me, 'Stop pretending like nothing ever hurts you Harry' she spoke to him, he didn't pretend did he? He was always so honest with me, wasn't he with her? 'Harry its fine' I whispered, 'Can I take you home now, nice to meet you Gemma' I took Harry's keys from his hands, and walked to the car. Opening the drivers side, and taking a deep breath. I looked out the window to see Harry, shouting at Gemma. I am such a family wrecker.


Harry opened the car door, and I started the car. We drove in silence, 'Your relatively calm' he spoke, I nodded back at him. 'I am sorry about her' he spoke, 'It's okay' I spoke to him, keeping my eyes locked on the road. 'At least you tell your family about me' I lightly chuckled, so did he. We both started laughing at nothing, from tiredness. I was to tired to do anything else. The laughed stopped when Harry spoke four little words. 'I'm moving to America' . I slammed down the brakes, and pulled over. We sat there once again in silence.


'What do you mean your moving to America?' I asked him, not looking at him. 'My mum has remarried and thinks it will be a fresh start for us all, Gemma told me last night' he told me. 'So because we argued your running away' I asked him, gulping down my tears. 'Brook it isn't like that' he whispered, 'You know what, go' I whispered and started the engine up again. 'It's a great chance for you, for you to forget us all, forget everything that has happened, forget the boys you call brothers, forget me, forget … me' I whispered again.


'B`rook' he spoke, 'No, don't... I am doing what your sister told me, I am not leading you on, I am just trying to be happy for you, so stop being charming, stop being sweet, stop being Harry Styles for two seconds and just say thank you' I told him, 'Thank you for what?' he asked me, 'Thank you for setting me free' I whispered, 'I don't have you Harry, I don't look after you or stay with you or keep you back from being happy, I am setting you free, so say thank you' I told him, he nodded 'Thank you' he spoke.


We arrived back home, and walked inside not speaking. 'Hey, your back' I heard, I looked and saw Liam. 'Yeah, Harry has something to tell you all, I am going to go and see Zayn' I told him, Harry went to speak to me and I mouthed Thank you to him, he nodded. I walked up the stairs and sighed seeing, Zayn still asleep. I left him. I walked into the room that I had been staying in since me and Zayn broke up, I suppose I am going to be moving my stuff again. I looked around the room. I let myself go, I turned and locked the door, no one was going to disrupt me.


(Say Something- a great big world.... please play this song here, it fits so perfectly!)


I grabbed all my things from my desk and threw them on the floor. I smashed my lamp I ripped my bed sheets off, and pulled all my clothes onto the floor. I snapped my vase that held flowers, that gave a loud crash to the floor. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I cried and screamed. I cursed and threw more things around. The fragile white wood of my bed side table snapped on the floor as I threw it, I flipped over my desk and cried again. My face dripped wet. I felt my shoes crackle on the broken glass. I threw another lamp that was in the corner against the wall. Soon enough there were loud bangs on the door. 'Brook?! Let us in!' I heard voices shout.


I didn't answer, I kept throwing and crying. I stopped momentarily. The long mirror that hung on the wall, I stared at myself, and saw a mess. My hair was messy and tatted, my eyes were puffy and red, and my cheeks rosy, my plump lips red with anger, my eyes a deep blue. I kicked the bottom of the mirror and the crash was so loud, I then sunk my fist into the top of the mirror. Making my knuckles bleed. I turned my back to it, and sat in the middle of the room, squeezing a piece of shattered mirror. I pulled my knees to my chest, and whimpered, crying hard, though my sobs were silent. No noises were out side the door. Until a loud bang, opened the door.


And two heavy black boots, hit the shattered glass on the floor. His dark brown eyes examined the damage, before examining my damage. He walked in front of me, and knelt down in front me. He touched my leg, and I dropped the glass onto the floor. 'Brook' he whispered, I shivered, tears not stopping. 'Brook, look at me' he whispered, and my eyes slowly moved to his, but my body couldn't move. 'It's okay' he told me, after a moment of hesitation, I let myself fall. I sighed and cried wrapping my arms around his neck and falling into him, crying into his shirt, sobbing softly, as his felt lightly sitting in the mess with me on top of him. 'I am here now' he whispered, and stroked my hair, kissing my forehead softly.


'Brook, please say something' he begged me, he was scared, he didn't know what was wrong with me, 'Brook, I am so sorry' he whispered, I finally spoke. 'Please save me, I am scared' I cried to Zayn, he went cold. 'Please Zayn... I-I love you' I whispered. 'I'm still learning to love you, but I promise I won't let you go again' he whispered into my hair. 'I need you' he whispered again. I let his arms fight away all the demons that were fighting me, I let his heart beat be mine, and I let him love me again.


I love Brook's part at the end there broke my heart.

What is Niall up to why is he so shaky eh?

Harry is leaving!

Joe... good or bad.


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