Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


44. Like Father, Like Son.

Brook's Pov


I walked down the lobby of the hospital, Zayn was meeting me there. I had been thinking a lot about everything that had been said. The things that had happened in the passed two days, with Zayn and me, and Niall and Harry, and Liam and Louis. We were all in such a mess about everything, and maybe when we got everything sorted it would be okay, and everything would just fall into place.


I looked to see Zayn leaning against the wall when I step outside. I smile lightly at him, and walk over to him. “Before we argue, before we get mad, and become a mess... kiss me?” I asked Zayn, he smiled and nodded, wrapping to large arms around me, and kissing me softly, I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled in close. “I am sorry” I whispered, “Me too” he sighed into me. “Where are we going?” I asked, “Home” he told me.


“That means we should probably talk about harry then doesn't it?” I sighed, and nodded. “You first?” he told me, “I was sad, and the 24 hours I had were crazy and you left, and I was alone with the boy that nearly died because of me, and I needed someone to stay with me and hold me and he was there... I needed reassuring” I whispered, he looked down at me. “What did he do?” he asked me, “Made me smile, held me in his arms...” I trailed off seeing the vain in his neck pump hard, “But I wanted you” I whispered


“Your turn?” I tried to make this now so his would be worse, but I knew it wouldn't. “I told everyone what I thought about them honestly” he began, digging his hands down deep into his pockets. “I hoped that they would be understanding” he carried on, “Harry was at first then, he yelled and I yelled, and we both said some stuff and he is leaving on Saturday now...” he spoke rubbing the back of his neck, “Zayn that's in like two days!” I yelled.


“Don't shout at me!” he shouted at me, “You know I was understanding what happened between you and Harry at the hospital, and now you need to be understanding too!” he stopped dead in the street and stared at me. “I am not being second best Brook” he warned me, “Your not... your not” I whispered, and walked over to him and grabbed his hands, “I don't want him to think he doesn't have a place here with us, because if you like it or not he does” I tried to explain.


“I want to be the only guy you think off” he begged me, “I wasn't the only girl you thought off... you thought of Lola... Perrie...” I trailed off, “Don't bring them up to make yourself feel better” he snapped, “I am not saying it justifies what I have done” I spoke, he nodded slowly. “I don't want to feel like this any more Zayn” I spoke, “Like what?” he asked, “Tired, I am so tired Zayn... I am … I am dreading waking up in the morning because I don't know who is going to be alive or dead when I wake up” I almost cry.


“I want to wake up and come down stairs to you shirtless standing in our kitchen, with breakfast on the side and seeing your amazing smile every day” I sighed, “You never told me that” he whispered, “You never asked” I told him. “I promise things will be different” he whispered and wrapped his arms around me. “As soon as Niall is better, Louis is gone, Liam finds somewhere, and Harry leaves things will be better I promise” he spoke.


Then I remembered I needed to tell Zayn something. Something that would hurt, it would upset him and make him mad, but if he didn't agree. I wouldn't marry him. I wouldn't, because I want to make everyone happy and if that is what it takes, that’s what will happen. “Zayn, I need to tell you something” I spoke, he nodded slowly and unsure. “Your going to be mad” I told him, “Your going to be so mad” I whispered.


“The other day when I was telling Harry about us getting married... I kind of made a deal with him... and he didn't ask, I did.... so you don't blame him” I told him, “Brook, what has happened?” he asked, “I know you don't want any of the boys at the wedding, I know that... but I have asked Harry to give me away” I spoke, he shook his head “NO... Thats stupid, that isn't happening not one bit” he snapped. “Well that's the thing... it is happening, or I won't marry you” I told him.


Harry's Pov


I walked down the stairs in the late afternoon, I found a flight for today. “Zayn and Brook aren't here are they?” I asked Liam, he shook his head. “Why?” he asked, “I am leaving, now and I didn't want to say good bye” I whispered, “Man...”Liam spoke, walking over and hugging me. “Good luck out there man, take care yeah... call me up some time soon” Liam smiled, I laughed and nodded. “This wasn't exactly a reunion we were expecting was it?” he asked me, I shook my head and laughed, “Defiantly won't be doing it again any time soon” I spoke.


“Brook is going to be so sad you didn't say goodbye” he spoke, I nodded and sighed. “I know it will hurt us both more if we do say goodbye” I ran my fingertips through my hair. “Can I tell you something?” I asked Liam, he nodded. “Brook wants me to give her away at her wedding, and I want to I mean I really really want to, but if I give her away, I mean its actually me doing it isn't it... I am giving her to him.. forever” I spoke, that is all I have thought about.


“That's a big step” Liam spoke, “Can I tell you something?” Liam asked me, I nodded. “I love her too” Liam whispered, “I don't like seeing her get hurt by Zayn, or Louis or even you hut her just by loving her... I know I hurt her too, but I can always fix what I have done... you three need to always fix what you have done instead of letting others do it for you... by you giving her away... your fixing every horrible thing you have done, intentional or not... you hurt her... and Zayn, your helping them both by doing it” Liam spoke.


“I am going to go and say good bye to Louis, and then I will be on my way” I spoke, he nodded and patted me on the back, “Good luck man, I will see you soon” Liam smiled and walked away. I went to find Louis and he was lying asleep on the couch. I walked in and smiled nudging him awake, “I am off now bud” I smiled lightly, he sat up and sighed “Going to miss you man” he spoke and hugged me lightly, I hugged him back. “Keep in touch yeah?” he told me, “I will” I spoke.


“Another adventure coming to an end then?” Louis pulled back, I nodded “Defiantly not the last one” Louis smiled, and I laughed. “Last one for a while, I need recover from this one for another five years” I told him, he laughed and hugged me. “I am sorry for everything” Louis spoke, “If Brook can forgive you then I can” I told him, “Where is Brook?” He asked, I shrugged “I don't know, I am not saying goodbye... that will be too hard, I will call her later” I spoke.


“She will call you first you know that” he laughed, “I hope she chooses you man” Louis whispered, I looked up and sighed. “Don't get me wrong, I love Zayn I do... but she would just be better with you” he spoke, “Thanks man” I spoke, he nodded. “I mean it, your a good guy Harry and someone, someday is going to see that” he smiled at me, I laughed and nodded. “It just isn't Brook” I sighed, “The girl I want” I sighed, I stood up and coughed. “Right my flight leaves soon, so I better get going” I told him, he nodded and gave me one more hug. “Call me, I will hit you up when I am down in America” he laughed, I nodded and walked away grabbing my back, leaving my new life behind, leaving the girl I loved and all of my friends behind.


I had to tell myself it was for the best. It was for the best leaving was the only way I could ensure everyone’s happiness.


Brook's Pov


“Your fucking kidding me right?” Zayn asked, I shook my head. “Your not going to marry me if I say no to Harry giving you away” he spoke. “I want him to, if he gives me away its him letting go and me” I told him, “Your should already of let him go” he snapped, “Zayn, please...” I whispered, he ran his fingers through his hair. “I never wanted to be married you know? I was more than willing to stay boyfriend and girlfriend, but with you everything changed” he spoke slowly.


“I am still going to marry you” he spoke, I sighed in relief. “That doesn’t change anything that has happened thought, with him” he growled, “I know” I whispered. “Everyone is going to be gone by next week and it will just be us” he told me. I nodded and continue to walk with him. “What else did you do?” he asked me, I sighed. “Wasn't the whole point not to talk about it?” I asked, he nodded slowly “I think we both fucking knew that wouldn't happen” he spoke.


“I went to your mum's house, then to see Josh and then Perrie” I spoke, I wasn't telling him about Steve not just yet. He didn't need to be hurt any more by me tonight. “You went to see Josh?” he snapped at me, “Yes, too tell him to leave us alone, not to speak to us any more... because I was with you” I explained, he soften slightly. “Perrie?” he asked me, I nodded “She talked about you, saying she could make you happy, and then she got her things and left” I spoke.


“You didn't listen to her did you, you don't believe her do you?” he asked me, I shook my head lying. I did believe her she was more like him, braver, louder, better. “Are you going to ask about your mum?” after a minutes silence, he shook his head. “She is sorry” I spoke, “Don't go there Brook, I don't need that now” I sighed at him, “Okay” I told him, “What about you?” I asked him, he shrugged, “I didn't do much” he spoke.


“I went to see my dad, talk to the boys... that's all really” he spoke, “Liar” I spoke, he looked at me and smirked “You can read me so well” he spoke, “I bumped into your brother, and we had an argument, but nothing bad happened” he shrugged, I sighed. “It wasn't too eventful then?” he asked me, I shook my head. Apart from Steve, that was eventful, but he didn't need to know that. I knew it would hurt him, and I didn't want to risk that now.


“Let's go home” he told me, I nodded and walked with him in silence. We got back in and the house was empty. “Louis?” I called, “Liam?” Zayn yelled. We walked into the living room where Louis lay asleep, I went and woke him up and Zayn sat down in a chair, Liam walked into the room. “Everything okay?” Liam asked, me and Zayn nodded. “Where's Harry?” Zayn asked Liam, who then looked down at Louis.


“What is it?” I asked, worry filled me and Zayn noticed. I stood up, and back away from them. “He's gone” Liam told me, I shook my head. “He is leaving on Saturday” I whispered, “He booked an eariler flight” Liam spoke, “Zayn told me he was leaving on Saturday, is that why you didn't want to go home, because you didn't want me say goodbye to him, you wanted him to leave with out saying goodbye!” I yelled at Zayn, “Brook I didn't know a fucking thing about this!” Zayn shouted.


“He didn't know, Harry didn't want to say goodbye to you Brook, it would of hurt you both” Louis spoke, I shook my head. “He promised we could say goodbye” I whispered. I went to walk out of the room, but Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me to hug him, and it was okay again. The moment of anger was gone, but a knock came at the door. “I will get it” Liam spoke, and turned away to get it.


“Zayn, its for you” Liam called, Zayn sighed and let me go kissing my forehead and then walking to see the stranger. After a few moments Zayn called me, “Doll, come here” he spoke. I wobbled to my feet and walked around to the door. “Brook, this is my... dad” Zayn spoke, like a nervous teenager. I stood still seeing the man at the door, “Brook?” he asked me, I shook my head “Drake” I gulped. “Your a face didn't expect to see again” he smirked, “You know him?” Zayn frowned at me, I nodded. “Yeah” I croak, “Don't just stand there” Drake smirked at me.


I knew now why I fell in love with Zayn. Zayn was like his dad. His dad was Drake. Drake was the man that worked for my dad, and he was the man I fell in love with, for the same reasons I fell in love with Zayn. Like father like son.




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