Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


23. Kill Me, Kill Her.

Brook's Pov

'So where are we going?' I pestered Louis, he let out a gentle laugh 'You've asked about 7 times, and eight won't make a difference' he smiled, I pout in my seat. 'Your being mean' I tell him, 'You don't know the half of it' he gave chuckle, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. 'Zayn was looking a little bit better today' he spoke, 'Yeah' I nodded. 'It will all work out, trust me' he smiled lightly taking my hand. 'Were here' he spoke after a few minutes. 'You brought me to a cliff top?' I asked him, 'Yeah, its nice here, come on' he nudged me, he stepped out of the car. Why did I have such a bad feeling about this.

I stepped out of the car, and joined him. I smiled at Louis. Things actually seemed so perfect out here. There was no drama, they was me and Louis. No Zayn hurting me, No Harry loving me, No Liam being protective, No Niall not knowing what to say. I liked it, 'Why haven't you showed me this before' I shouted to him as I ran over to the edge of the cliff, 'I thought I would safe for a bad time' he told me, 'Thank you Louis' I smiled and ran over to hug him, he was reluctant at first but soon hugged back, 'I'm sorry' I heard him whispered, I don't know if I was meant to hear that. I walked back over to the edge of the cliff Louis watching my every move.

Louis's Pov

As she stands there with her hair whipping in the wind, I wonder if I will have the courage to do it? 'This is really nice Louis' she smiled lightly, I nod. 'I come out here sometimes, clears your head' he spoke, 'I can imagine' she softly whispered, the air taking her breath, as old words. A car came up the pathway, I looked over and so did Brook. No, Not now. Just a few more minutes of heaven with her. But the dusty black car continues to join us. Two heavy boots get out. 'Brook, get behind me' I whispered, 'What?' she asked turning to me, her bright plum lips, washed away by her fear.

'Louis, not done it yet?' he spoke, 'William not now' I whispered. Brook looked to me, 'William?... Louis you found him?' Brook gasped, 'No, sweetheart he never lost me' William smiled. Brook looked at me in horror, 'I can explain' I begged her, my heaven slowly falling. 'Tell her, how you were going to push her' William spoke, and my face fell even more, but her cheeks were no longer flushed, but white the wind slapped away the colour.

'Louis what is he on about' she stepped further away from me, 'Brook don't be scared of me' I begged her, 'No Louis, tell me what he means' she shouted, 'He was going to push you, he didn't bring you hear to be a good friend Brook my darling, he brought you here to kill you' William spoke, 'Would you shut up!' I shouted, 'Louis is that true?' she asked me, tears falling. 'No! … Well yes, I was going to push you, but seeing you here, seeing how much you mean to me, I wasn't going to do it!' I yelled, 'Louis' she whispered, and bit down on her lip.

'I will leave you too finish the job' William smiled and walked away, driving off in his dusty car. 'Why?' she quivered, 'Brook I-.' she cut me off, 'Why?' she insisted. 'William knows you can make a plan work or fail, with you out of the picture he could get away with so much, using the boys and me. He said he could get me money, and he could get my girlfriend back' I explained, 'girlfriend?' she asked me, 'Not Mia, no.' he shook his head, 'How long have you had a girlfriend?' she asked me, I looked down and shook my head, 'Louis!' she shouted, 'A year, she got arrested and if I had enough money I could get her out, bail' I explained, 'So you would kill me?' she whispered, 'I couldn't, I love you' I confess. 

'You have a girlfriend!' she shouted, 'Who I know cheated on me, and I know doesn't love me, but you... I could never kill you' I stepped forward, she held her hand to stop me coming closer. 'You were going to, you kill her or me' she whispered, 'So do it' she told me, 'Kill me Louis, then pretend love me' she spoke, 'Brook, I can't' he told me. 'There are other reasons, not just that' I told her, 'Reasons to kill me?!' she yelled at the top of her voice, 'Brook, I was forced too' I whimpered, 'You could of said no' she spat, 'the would of killed me and all the boys' I told her. 'Just do it, I have nothing better to live for anyway' she whispered.

Brook's Pov

'Do it!' I shouted to Louis as the dark air of 1am hit my face, 'You don't understand' he told me, 'Do it Louis, push me' I dared him. Disgusted by him. 'Brook, stop it!' he called me out, 'when were you going to tell me?' I shouted at him, the cliff top nearing closer to me, as I walked back from Louis. 'I wasn't' he sighed, 'I trusted you' I called at him, 'You still can' he whispered, 'No I can't' I shouted back to him. 'Don't go any further back' he warned, 'Why because you were told to push me?' I asked him, he shook his head softly, 'I don't want to have to do this' he spoke, I shook my head 'Do it or I will jump' I spoke. 'You wouldn’t do that' he told me, 'really? Dare me' I let a sick smirk flash before the boy.

I would actually do this? I wanted to this. Did I really feel like there was no other way out of this. Out of here. As my footsteps got further to the cliff top, I doubted more and more. Louis was crying, hands covering his mouth. 'B-Brook!' he sobbed, 'happy now Lou?' I smiled. 3...2...1... I fell, but I as dropped I caught my self on the rocks not wanting to let life slips, I did this too prove a point and now I see it was stupid and reckless. 'Shit!' I shout, the rocks making my arms bleed, and the wind blowing my body side to side. 'Brook!' Louis shouted. He rushed over to the cliff, and reach a hand down to grab me. 'Get away from me!' I shout to him, 'Brook please' he begged.

'Take my hand Brook!' Louis shouted at me, I struggled from breath as I knew my body was going to fall, I hung there like a fly on a wall, but I didn't have the wings to save myself. I hung from the cliff top, the waves beneath bashing at the rocks below, and I was going fall. 'You need to hold on to me' Louis told me, 'This is your fault! I am never going near you again!' I shouted, 'Of course you won't because your going to fucking die if you don't take my hand' he gave me his hand, 'Five minutes ago you would of pushed me, why save me now!' I called, 'I-I... Fuck... Brook just take my hand' he yelled, 'Fuck off' I spat, 'Brook, you asked me yesterday if you could hold my hand, now I am begging you hold mine!' He shouted at me, I sighed and considered it.

I grabbed his hand and he pulled me back up to him, and I lay there for a few moments. We were both silent neither of us wanting to say the first word. 'Here let me take to you home?' he spoke, 'No, I can walk' I told him. 'Please … Brook' he begged reaching for my hand, 'No Louis' I shook my head. 'You know everything Zayn has every done to hurt me, you just topped it all, he's a prince charming compared to you' I told him, standing up. 'Brook, I didn't want hurt you' he yelled, 'It's too late, you already did' I told him, and turned my back on him. 'Brook I love you!' he shouted, 'You wouldn't do this if you did' I told him.

I wandered. Leaving Louis alone on that cliff top, the cold wind whipped. my arms. I wasn't crying because I was sad, or because I was angry. I was scared. If Louis would do that to me, who else would. I couldn't get close to anyone any more not after tonight. What if Harry tried to kill me when I was asleep, what if Liam secretly hated me and wanted me dead. So many thought broke my mind, the worse was what if Zayn was lying about the whole things, what if he knew what Louis was up to. And Niall, he was close to him, what if he knew it too.

'Your still breathing then?' I heard a low voice, I turned around. William. 'What are you going to try and kill me too?' I snapped, 'No... I couldn't kill such a pretty thing' he spoke walked over to me and touching my cheek, I didn't flinch away. I stood my ground, he silently chuckled. 'I knew he wouldn't do it, not even for is brother' he spoke, 'Coward' he snapped, 'Maybe he is just a better man than you are' I defend him, why am I defending the boy who just tried to kill me?! 'Don't say that darling' he smirked and grabbed my neck with both hands so tightly, I couldn't breath. 'Your going to die one way other another, would you rather have someone you love do it, or someone who you thought love you?' he spoke through seethed teeth, I coughed and he dropped me, leaving me sitting on the floor holding my neck. 'Think about who your enemies are in future' he snapped and walked away his black boots stomping on the ground.

I stood up and held my neck knowing it was going to be bruised. I looked through my contact list, Zayn was in hospital and have just told me he never wanted to see me again, Liam, Harry and Niall would all just ask and ask, then get angry and then I would leave with one they would say they love me the same old thing. Louis was top of the No list. I saw Joe's name, the stranger from earlier, I could call him. Then again a stranger picking me up from a cliff top, nope.

I walked for a while not knowing the way home. I came across a poorly lit diner. I pushed the door open and they were busking tables, 'Closing time now' the man said, 'Please, can I just have a drink and then leave' I begged, 'Yeah' I heard a girl's voice, I turned around. 'Courtney?' I asked her, she smiled and I ran over to her and hugged her so tightly. 'I am sorry I didn't call' she giggled, 'Where have you even been!' I almost yell, 'Come on lets sit, I will lock up Paul' she told the man, I smiled and he left.

'So why are you so far out?' she asked me, 'I-...' I stopped. Then cried, and sobbed, and cried some more. 'Brook' she worried, I shook my head. 'You know, people aren't always who they say they are? They tell you one thing but do another, they make life so difficult and I don't think I want to be with anyone every again, I want to die on my own that way the only person who can hurt me is myself' I told her, 'Come on we should go and sit down' she hugged me.

Zayn's pov

'Man what are you doing?' Liam spoke walking into the room, I was sliding on my boots. 'Leaving, pass me my jacket?' I asked him, he shook his head. 'You can just walk out' Niall spoke, 'I can, I discharged myself' I told them. 'What's brought all this on?' Harry asked, 'I need to get away, and I am going to pack all my things tonight, get on a plane a go away from here' I told them, 'Why what's happened?' Liam rushed over to help me up, 'Nothing' I lie, 'Zayn' Harry spoke, 'What?' I asked him, 'Brook came here before, what happened?' he asked me, I shrugged. 'I don't know, she left after we spoke I thought she would come home' I told them, 'She didn't come back, she went out with Louis' he told me.

'She moved on quickly' I mutter, 'What?' Liam asked. 'I told her to go, to leave that I didn't want to see her again' I told them, 'After everything, you have the nerve to tell her to go?!' Harry shouted, 'Yes! I did, because I wasn't just hurting her, she was hurting me... Do you think I found it easy?... have you make her smile, having her feel safe around you, having her look at you like she should of looked at me!' I shouted at Harry. 'She chose you Harry! She ran away with you, she stuck by you after you did all this to me, she stuck by you, because if you are too blind to see she is in love with you!' I continued. 'She is in love with you, and I don't want to love her because she loves you' I whispered. 'There was a moment of silence, Louis told me you know?... that you to had sex... whilst I was nearly dead, I was fighting for my life and you were fighting to make her scream your name instead of mine' I snapped. 'Walk away Harry before you kill someone' I spat.

The door flung open, Louis. We all looked, he has messy hair and dirt on his face. 'Have you seen Brook?' he gasped, we all shook are head. 'Why!?' me and Harry both spoke worried. 'I did something stupid, and your all going to hate me' he whispered, 'What did you do?' Liam stepped forward, 'I was going... I was.. I was going to kill her' he spoke, and the room fell silent.



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