Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


67. Just walk away.

Brook's Pov


"I am glad I waited for you” he whispered, “I never thought I would actually win” he told me, “I was never a prize” I told him, “You were always mine” he kissed me.“Come on Harry we are going to be late” I tell him turning away, applying the last layer of lipstick, as he is still trying to get dressed, I pick up my purse and walk over to him, helping him straighten his tie. “Are you ready for this?” he asked me, “Hmm... Are you?” I asked with a nervous chuckle, and he laughed back at me, “I am ready” he told me. “Why do we have to have an engagement party anyway I mean... I didn't have one last time” I mumbled, “Yeah, and look how that worked out” he cocked his head, and I tried not to look away from his sharp words, “We are doing things right, this time” he told me, and I smiled softly and he kissed my lips.


“Guys” I heard Liam called, “That's time” I smiled at Harry, who was throwing his blazer on over the top of his shirt. We walked down the stairs, and the boys were all waiting for us, we weren't driving separately. We walked out to the car, and I sat beside Niall and Louis, Liam was in the passenger seat, and Harry was driving. “Tell me I can get absolutely smashed tonight?” Louis asked me, and I chuckled, “As long as your sober through the speeches” I tell him, and he laughed, “So after that your saying I can?” he asked, and I nodded laughing. “Does that mean we all can?” Liam turned around, “No because the last time you were drunk, you made a pass at me” I chuckled, “That was not my fault” he told me, and I laughed shaking my head.


Many people were coming tonight, Courtney, Aria, Hanna – though I hoped she wouldn't bring Dominic. Cassie would be coming, Steve couldn't make it on account he had a lead on the people that had took Cassie and killed her mother. Though Harry didn't really complain about him not turning up. Many people which we had encountered, we going to be there. I had even invited Josh, though Harry wasn't happy about that one either, and he wasn't happy that I had invited Zayn's mother either, but he was wiling to make me happy, so he agreed. Obviously Harry's family would be there, which was the thing I was dreading the most. Not to long later, we pulled up outside the small venue, where the outside was covered in pretty lights, and a large water fountain.


I stepped out of the car and walked inside, with Harry holding my hand. We step into the low light room, and people are there and they walk up to us smiling and congratulating us. People stand in dresses, and this feels like the wedding party. Maybe that means, we don't have to have one now, we can just get married and go. I am pulled from my thoughts when a perky blonde is stood in front of me, “Hey Cas” I smiled and hug her, “This is wonderful” she smiled at me, and then looked around the room. “I can't take credit, I haven't seen Harry for a week, because he has been doing this” I grinned softly at her, then glancing over to Harry. “Thank you for inviting me” she smiled at me, and I sighed softly but still held a smile.


“Maybe it is a good thing I did go after Harry at all” Cassie smirked, referring to the night before my first wedding where the girls thought about getting her with Harry, “Good thing eh?” she asked again, and I smiled nodding. “How's Steve?” I asked her, and she smiled softly at me. “He is good, I am starting to feel normal again, like a family” she told me, and I give her a squeeze, “That's great” I smiled at her. “How do you feel about being a bridesmaid for the second time” I laughed softly at her, and she smiled “As long as there is a pretty dress involved” she laughed tenderly. “Ladies” Louis smiled at us, and stood beside me, “No Louis, she is 17” I told him, “And your only 18” he smiled at me, “I am 19 next week” I tell him, “Oh right, but either way...” he paused and smiled at Cassie, “No, Louis” I smirked at him, and he rolled his eyes playfully and walked off.


“How about we get a drink” I smiled at her, and she nodded. We walked over to the bar, and I ordered the drinks, they didn't question Cassie's age because she was with me. “So, have you spoken to Zayn?” she asked me, “No” I lied, and she sighed sympathetically, and saw my dis-comfort. “Sorry, I didn't mean to-...” I cut her off, “No, it's fine” I smiled at her warmly. The hours passed, and me and Cassie were enjoying ourselves, “Do you mind if I go and mingle?” she asked and I shook my head, “Just don't tell Steve I left you alone” I smiled at her and she grinned impishly, “I won't” and she hugged me and walked off.


I smiled seeing Josh stood a little bit lost the other side of the room, “Hey” I walked over, to the boy who I hadn't seen in months. “Well, Well, Well... Look at the blushing bride” he grinned, and opened his arms for me to hug him, and I hugged him tightly. I guess now that I was marrying Harry, he wasn't my best friend anymore, so it was either the boys who were more like family, Cassie who was like a little sister, or Josh who I hadn't seen in months, and it only hit me now how much I had actually missed him. The last time I saw him, was the night when me and Zayn had 24 hours to go and close old door, and I said goodbye to Josh. “You know I was starting to think you wouldn't turn up” I smiled and let him, and he grinned. “What and miss this?” he asked looking around, and I smiled at him.


We walked down to the table and got some drinks and talked for a while. “So Harry?” he asked seemingly surprised, “Yeah, I didn't really expect it myself” I smiled softly. “What happened with the whole Zayn thing?” he asked me, I explained the story like I had every other time, but this time with Josh I was brutally honestly, he had been there since the being of me and Zayn and it was nice because he knew everything we had been through, so I suppose he had a clear mind about it all. I even told him about seeing Riley, and all the things he said. “So, do you think he really just left because he didn't love you, or because he had to go and do something?” he asked me, “I don't know, I wish I did” I told him, and drank the alcohol in front of me. “So this marrying Harry thing... would it go a head if it turned out Zayn had to go and do something?” he asked, “Yeah” I said a little unconvincingly.


“I mean, I would feel awful, but Zayn still hurt me... and if he didn't trust me enough to tell me why he was leaving then, I just can't go through it again” I told him, and he frowned a little but kept a decent smile. “So your willing to marry Harry, though you still love Zayn?” he asked me, “You know what they say, the first person you love is the one that will always have a part of you” I told him. “Either way, enough about it” I told him, and he nodded. “Let's enjoy this” I smiled and stood up, “Dance with me” I smiled, “Why don't you ask Harry?” he asked me, “Because he has disappeared from the party, and I don't know where he has gone” I told him, “Ask Liam, or someone” he told me, and I looked around and frowned. Where are the boys? “They … They aren't here” I sighed, dazed and slightly confused.


“What?” Josh stood up and looked around, “Hang on, you stay here, entertain your guests I will go and find them” he smiled and me, and kissed my cheek, walking away. “Brook” I heard, I turned around and then saw Hanna. “Hi” I smiled, and she hugged me tightly. “It's been far too long” she smiled, “We saw each other last week to go dress shopping” I laughed at her, and she giggled. “Yeah, but... Well, never mind there is someone I want you to meet” she told me, and completely oblivious of what was to come, I followed her. We walked over to the bar, and I realised a good 78% of my evening had been spent here, “Dominic” Hanna smiled, tapping a boy on the shoulder, he turned around and smiled kissing her softly handing her a drink. “Babe, this is Brook” she smiled turning to me, and I gulped, and held a stern expression. “It's nice to finally meet you, I have heard great things about you, Hanna is forever talking about you” he smiled, and hugged me, I didn't hug bag, just the bare action of this made me want to vomit.


“I hope you don't mind, I brought some friends with me, Hanna said “The more the merrier” , You don't mind do you?” he smirked at me, and Hanna seemed thrilled that we were “Getting along”. “No, I don't mind at all” I plastered on a fake smile. “Great... I have left my purse in the car, so I am going to go and get it, I will leave you two to chat” she smiled, and kissed Dominic's cheek. “You are quiet a chatty one, aren't you?” I seethe at him, “Sweetheart, try not to be bitter” he smirked, at me, “Why couldn't you of just said no to coming tonight, don't you have body to bury or some shit” I snarl at him.


“You really are a sour puss, come on your one step closer to marrying the man on your dreams” he told me, and I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm. “Have you not noticed your boys aren't here?”he asked me, I turned back to face him slowly, “What have you done?” I asked him, he smirked and brought the glass to his lips, “I told you I brought some friends with me” he smirked, raising his eyebrows. “Can't you keep out of my life for one fucking day?!” I almost yelled at him, “Where is the fun in that?” he asked me, and I want to do nothing more than slap him, but then the speech from Hanna would be far to complex, and I had to take one dilemma at a time. “Where are they?” I asked him, “Love, it's like a game of cat and mouse, your the cat, go and find them” he smirked at me, and I rolled my eyes, “If you think I am going to sit back and let you fuck with my life, you have another thing coming, and if you seriously believe I am going to keep my mouth shut about who you really are, sweetie, your going to be single by the end of the night” I snapped, and turned to walk away from him.


We still hadn't done the speeches.


Harry's Pov


Brook was currently stood with Cassie at the bar, and she looked like she was having fun. I had been entertaining people, with the boys all night. “Harry, you need to come outside, so you do you Liam” Niall told me, and I frowned, looking at Liam. “I can't have just one night” I mutter to myself, walking outside with Niall and Liam. Louis was stood there, alone with the boys in front of him. “Oh you are fucking kidding me” I snarl at the group of boys. Every dick we had ever came across stood in front of me. Riley stood there, so did William -Louis hadn't seen him since he tried to kill Brook- and there was a few new faces too. However the main one that stood out, was in the middle. Stood with his hands in his pockets, the moonlight bouncing of his cheek bones. Zayn. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I snarled.


“Nice to see you too” Riley smiled, looking overly confident. “Get out of here” I snap. “We aren't even offered a drink” Zayn smirked cocking his head to the side. I stood my ground, and Liam looked over to me. “Let me ask you, how long did it take before you fucked her?” Zayn asked me, “Not long enough” I snapped back, and he smirked. “Tell me, am I invited to the wedding?” Zayn asked me, and I chuckled, “Is he serious?” I asked. “I am happy for you, really I am” Zayn gave a smouldering look. “Why are you here?” I asked, “Dominic told us, he wanted us here” William spoke, “I wasn't talking to you” I snapped. “Why did you even come back here?” Louis stepped forward to William, but Niall grabbed his hand, and pulled him back. “Touchy” William smirked, “Wait... Dominic is here?” I then realised what he said.


“Yeah, he is here with his girlfriend, came to wish you, your happily ever after” Zayn sounded sarcastic. “Niall go and find Brook” I turned around, as Niall turned around, all heads turned to a boy coming out from the building. “There you all are” Josh sighed, “Brook is looking for you” he spoke, “Where is she now?” I asked him, “With Hanna, I think” he spoke, “That means she is with Dominic” I mutter, “Niall, you need to go and find her, Liam go with him” I told him, he nodded, and they both walked inside. “Hey Josh” Zayn raised a hand to wave to him, “Trust Brook to invite her ex's to her engagement party” Zayn chuckled, “You see that is the difference between me and you Zayn, I respect her choices, I am not insecure, I trust her to be around people she has been with in the past” I snapped at him, “Or maybe Harry, I was just more afraid to loose her than you are” he told me, “What is that suppose to mean?” I spoke, “Maybe that the way I loved, was different to the way you do, because I would loose her if it meant she was safe, you wouldn't, you'd ignore her safety if it mean just one more day” he told me.


“I want nothing more than for her to be safe, but I can keep her safe, so why loose her?” I dared to ask, “Because sometimes Harry, you have to try not care, you have to put the person you would give everything for above yourself, just so they can keep breathing” he told me, “And let me guess... That's what you did, is it?” I snarled at him. “I know you guys think, I am the bad guy, but if you really knew what happened, you wouldn't be thinking that” he told me, “Then tell us, convince me you really did love Brook?!” I boom at him, and he shook his head calmly, “No” he told me, “See, you can't” I snap, “It's not that, no matter what I say, you aren't going to believe me” he spoke, “Try us” I dare, and he just shook his head again.


“Am I invited to the wedding?” he asked me, and I thought about it. Maybe it would be a good thing, if I said yes. Maybe he could finally stop obsessing over the girl he left at the alter, and move on. Maybe it would be good for Brook as well, she could see he was fine with it. I know Brook, and if I know her as well as I think I do then, she would want this, she would want him there. “Sure, even bring a date if you like, or are we back to the “Zayn Malik doesn't date” Front” I smirked sarcastically, “Got it in one” he smirked back. “Your going to leave us alone after the wedding, we are starting a new life together” I spoke, “And I respect that” he said calmly, sounding more down about it.


“Anyway, how about we leave you too it” Riley spoke, “That would be perfect” I cocked my head smirking sickly. They turned together, and walked. “Fucking nerve of them” I rolled my eyes, “I am sorry about that, they just ruin it all” Louis spoke, “It isn't your fault” I shook my head, tired of this already. We walked back inside, and I saw Liam and Niall stood together, looking around. “Where's Brook?” I asked walking over, “We found her, she just said she had to go to the bathroom” Niall spoke, I nodded and stuck my hands in pockets, then seeing my mother in the corner with Gemma, I plastered on a smile, “Wish me luck” I spoke, and walked over to them.


Brook's Pov


I didn't need to use the bathroom. I needed air, I needed to get away from Dominic, and The boys, and I knew if I saw Harry and he just told me he loved me I would go insane, so I went outside. Liam had told me, they had a “Pest Control” problem, but it was all taken care of now. By that I guess the boys saw Dominic's gang, either got in a fight or talked it through. But knowing the boys it was the first one. I stood outside, and pulled out a packet of cigarettes from my purse. “Filthy habit” I heard, a low familiar voice. I turned around with the cigarette between my lips, and there he stood, clear as day in the night.


“I should of known you'd be here” I spoke softly, and Zayn pulled out a lighter, and lit the end of the cigarette between my lips. “I spoke to Harry” he told me, “Yeah?” I asked him, and he nodded. There didn't need to be conversation, it was simply me and Zayn sat with a shared cigarette, and it was far to enjoyable. “This has been my favourite part of tonight” I told him, and he nodded in utter agreement. “Harry invited me to the wedding” he told me, and I hummed a yes, “I thought he might of, to prove a point” I told him, and he nodded. “You know that “Things I wish I'd said” thing you left me?” I asked, and he hummed a yes.


“Thank you” I told him, “So have you given up?” he asked me, “On what?” I asked him, and he smiled at me softly, “Us?” he asked me, “I didn't have to, you already did” I spoke. “Brook” I heard a voice call, “That's my cue” I whispered, and turned to face him, and he smiled at me, brushing a short curl from my face. He leant forward and kissed my cheek softly, with his lips so tender like they use to be. As he pulled back, my hand touched his cheek. “Zayn...” I whispered, and he smirked at me, “You don't have to say anything” he told me, “I wouldn't know what to say” I hush my own voice. “I will see you at the alter” he told me, “I wish you could of said that months ago” I told him, and he smiled softly, kissing my forehead with his hand on the back of my head, and then just walking away. Again.



Seven Chapter's left. Arghh I am so excited, three chapters until the wedding. 


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