Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


3. I'm not falling apart.

Brook's Pov


Zayn had left, I had left Harry. However he wasn't going to give up to easily. I sat there in the kitchen now, 'You can't ignore me forever' he whispered from the door frame. 'I can try' I replied, 'Look I am sorry for what I said, its... its just going to take some getting use to you being back' he spoke walking towards me.


'I thought you were my friend Harry, What you said it... it really hurt' I whispered, 'I am. I really am... I just... When you were gone it took so long for us all to be remotely normal... and now your back, its just a lot to process' Harry sighed, 'You think I am a stranger though' I looked up at his green eyes, he took my face in his hands 'Your not a stranger. I don't know why I even said that' he told me.


'Look just forgot what I said, it was heat of the moment' he spoke, 'Things have changed though haven't they?' I asked, he nodded. 'I mean, Zayn he's back to his old self, you all look at me like I am different' I sighed, 'You are. You've got more of an attitude' Harry spoke, 'You sound like Zayn' I rolled my eyes, he hugged me tightly. 'Yeah. But I like this new attitude' he laughed and let go of me.


'I guess I just don't want to loose you all again, I need to stick up for myself' I spoke, he nodded 'I promise you won't loose us again' he smiled. 'Really?' I asked him, he nodded. I sighed and looked around and laughed, 'How can I be angry with you one minute, then fine the next' I smiled, he shrugged 'I have that effect on women' he chuckled, I laughed at me.


'Look, I kind of see why you said I was a stranger, I mean I did change. I had too, I wasn't going to just sit back and go watch it all go by again' I told him, he nodded 'Well then I looking forward to getting to know you again Brook' he smiled, 'Just maybe I won't fall in love with this new Brook' he added, I sighed and looked down but his words tugged at my heart, 'I will try and stop that from happening' I laughed.


'Now come on, what say me you and Niall all go out for ice cream' he smiled, 'Make me sound like a five year old' I giggled, he rolled his eyes.


Zayn's Pov


We sat in the car for a good while before anyone said anything. 'Why did you tell Brook?' I asked Liam, he shrugged and looked at me. 'I just thought she deserved to know' he spoke, 'That was my choice, not yours' I snapped, Louis didn't say anything he just kept his eyes on the road. 'You weren't there Zayn, you didn't she what she was like for those months' he whispered.


'Well if you hadn't of taken her away, I would off' I almost yelled, 'Look Zayn, she needs to know things that are happened, look at what happened last time she didn't know things' he snapped, 'she was safe, when she knew what was happening she had to die' I snapped right back. 'Guys just stop!' Louis yelled, we both sat there like a five year old that had been told no.


We had reached the café that we were meeting Leo and Perrie at. I walked out of the car with Liam slowly following behind me, and then Louis came behind me too. We walked into the café and then saw Leo. I smiled lightly at him, and sat down beside him, 'Hey man, how you been?' I asked him, he sighed and nodded 'I've been good, now what's this all about?' he asked me. 'Brook, my girlfriend, she's in a bit of trouble, and we need some one with … your skill set' I sighed, he chuckled lightly, 'Everyone always wants something' he spoke.


'Leooo' I heard someone’s high pitched voice. 'Oh hey, you must be Leo's friends... I'm Perrie' I heard, I turned and saw her. She was extremely pretty, and had beautiful eyes. I smiled at her, then Brook's tone came into my head and I turned forward, 'Hey' I mumbled. She sat down beside me, and I smiled lightly at her, as she beamed at me.


'I'm Liam, that's Zayn and Louis' Liam said for us. 'Hi' she blurted out. I smiled and looked around, 'So you guys are going to be needing our help?' Perrie asked, I sighed and nodded. Liam explained it all too her, 'How about this.. My friend John boxes, how about he does the boxing for a while to get you out of that, then when the gang end up coming John goes with them and then we figure out what we do with Brook' Perrie suggested.


'Yeah that just might work' I nodded, 'Leo could you go undercover and find out about them? So then we know what were dealing with' Perrie then added. We all agreed, 'What do I get out of this?' Leo asked, 'We can pay you' I spoke, 'three grand' he asked, I nodded. 'What about the drugs?' Louis then asked, 'Well... I have an idea but from the way you talk about Brook your not going to like it' Perrie spoke.


We all edged for her to continue. 'What if, John boxes, Leo goes under cover. I take this Brook out of here for a little while... we do the drugs' she spoke, 'No. No and No' I snap at her. 'Look think about it, she is gone for a week while you guys really sort out your plan' she exclaimed. 'Think about it Zayn, it would make sense' Liam spoke, 'Anything to get rid of her again?' I snap at him.


'Look just think about it, it might be your only option' she spoke, Liam and Louis nodded I was reluctant too. 'So here's what we do now, Perrie you will come back to Zayn's house with us, you stay there. Tomorrow Leo you can go and meet Riley and then your undercover, also take that John with you... Then we will talk to Brook about Perrie's idea' Liam spoke, 'Not going to happen, Brook isn't going again' I snapped.


We all stood up and walked to the car. 'How about we all go out tonight, for a meal?' I suggested, 'Relax the tone a little?' Louis asked, I nodded. 'Well are bags Perrie's in the trunk of the car now, I moved them into your car when you went the toilet' Leo spoke, 'How did you know she'd be staying with us' I asked, 'I had a feeling' Leo spoke, 'Kind of like a welcome party for her then' I spoke.


'Well come on then, lets take you home' Liam smiled to Perrie. She seemed really nice, incredibly hot but I had Brook, Brook was perfect. I need to remind myself that. We sat there in the car, until we got home. Perrie was actually really nice, too nice. 'So do I get to meet the famous Brook then?' Perrie asked me, 'Yeah, she will come out with us tonight' I spoke.


We arrived at home. 'This house is so big' Perrie exclaimed, I laughed at her. 'Go inside boys, tell Brook to get ready, I will help Perrie with her bags' I told them, and the left no hesitation. 'Thanks for helping us out' I told her, 'It's okay' she shrugged. 'Why are you helping us, you don't even know us?' I asked her, pulling out her first suitcase.


'I don't know, I think because I know what its like to loose someone you love, and if I could help someone else then it would make me feel better... besides I am bad ass' she winked, taking out the suit case, I laughed at her and closed the boot of the car. 'Your going to be a tough one to crack' I leant against the car, 'That's why you need me' she smiled, and walked in front of me. I followed her.


Brook's Pov


The boys were back, well two of them were.


'So wait, this Perrie chick she is like living with us now?' Niall asked, Liam nodded. 'Yeah, she is going out tonight with us, kind of like a welcome dinner' Louis shrugged, 'Oh' was all I said, 'Yeah was Zayn's idea' Liam spoke, and walked out of the room. I sighed and looked down. Harry's hand reassuringly took a place behind my back.


I moved and walked to the window, to see Zayn standing there with a walking definition of perfect, I learnt to be called Perrie Edwards. Zayn was laughing at something she said, I rolled my eyes, I already don't like her. 'I'm sure he is just being friendly' Harry whispered behind me, 'Yeah. Sure' I smiled lightly, but breaking. 'Come on help me choose what to wear tonight' I sighed, and pulled Harry upstairs with me, just as I heard the door close and voice call my name.


Mid way up the stairs, I turn around my hand in Harry's. I looked to see Zayn with raised eye brows. 'In a rush?' he asked, I looked at Harry and he nodded for me to talk to Zayn. 'No. Just going to get ready' I sighed, and let go of Harry and walked to Zayn. 'Come on meet Perrie' he smiled. 'Do I have to' my mind whispered.


I was stood before, she looked absolutely incredible.'Brook?... I have heard so much about you, seems like your quite the trouble maker' she smiled, even her smile was perfect. 'Yeah, seems that way' I sighed, 'I am Perrie' she introduced, 'Hi' I whispered, 'You don't talk much do you?' she asked me, 'I have problems trusting strangers... they all seem to just turn around and back stab, so sorry if I am not so chatty' I snap, 'They were right. Your feisty' she grinned, folding her arms.


'I am going to get ready' I snap and turn on my heel, I get to the first step of the stairs, when to hands on my waist pull me back. 'What's your problem?' Zayn harshly whispered, 'Nothing' I shook him off, and Harry held his hand for me looking at Zayn. I took Harry's hand, 'Come on then, let's get dressed' I sighed and tugged Harry along beside me.


We got to my room, 'You okay?' he asked me, 'Oh perfect!' I snap at him, though its not his fault. I sit down on the bed, 'Sorry... I just don't get him! … he promised me when he came home tonight it would be me and him, and then he goes and says we'll all celebrate Perrie!' I yell, and stand up. Harry opened his mouth to speak, 'Don't try and defend him' I snap, he closed his mouth.


'You know what, if he wants to be best friends with Perrie then fine, I am going have a good time tonight, with all my friends who I love and have missed, and you know what I might even get wasted' I smile at him, he laughed 'Your seriously going to do that, ignore Zayn?' he asked, 'If that's what it takes for him to see he's a dick then yeah' I spoke.


I chose a hot red dress matched with heels, and then a black leather jacket, smoky eyes and curly blonde hair, red lip stick. I wanted to make an impression. Harry came into my room, 'God' he whispered, 'Do I look okay?' I asked him, he nodded 'Amazing' he smiled.


We walked down the stairs, and Louis and Niall were already stood there. 'Gosh!' I heard Louis say, 'Better be careful, you look like your on a mission' Louis smirked, I looked at Harry and he laughed, I was on a mission.


Zayn came down the stairs ruffling his hair. 'Hey doll' he smirked at me, I fought of a smile as he approached me looking gorgeous. 'Hi' was all I said. He grabbed my arm, 'Go and wait in the car, we'll be out in a minute, you too Perrie' he spoke, speaking to the beautiful girl walking down the stairs.



Zayn stood there in the kitchen. 'What's your problem?' he asked me, 'Nothing, can we go?' I asked him, no emotion in my voice. 'No! Not until you tell me what's wrong?' he spoke harshly. 'What's wrong?... What's wrong is that, you promised it would be just you and me, and he you go planning an outing for Perrie, who you have known not even a day!' I yell at him.


'Don't be so over dramatic! She is trying to help us' he snapped at me, 'I am not being over dramatic, sorry but three months and I haven't seen you and here you are making plans with another girl' I snap at him. 'Are you jealous?' he asked me, 'Of course I am Zayn!... Why do you think, I took Harry with me? So he could make feel better after you didn't!' I yelled at him, yanking my arm from him, 'Now let's go' I bit down on my lip to stop the tears, Zayn follows me silently.


We got to the car and I sat beside Liam, 'Everything okay?' he whispered, 'Perfect' I sighed. I saw Zayn sit beside Perrie, and she smiled 'Where too guys?' she smiled, god. 'A restaurant' Louis spoke from the drivers seat. Harry turned around in the passenger seat, and looked at me, I nodded to tell him I was fine.


We got to the restaurant, and Perrie wouldn't stop asking questions all the way. I am not going to lie, she was nice, pretty, the complete package, Zayn could drop me right now and take her. I mean I she is drooling all over him after all.


We walked inside the resturant and all looked over the menu, surprisingly Zayn once again sat with her. I shook my head, and looked at Harry. 'Remember, its a mission' he whispered and winked at me, I laughed loudly drawing attention to me and Harry. He bit his bottom lip laughing too. Then the waiter came over to the table, and smiled down at me. 'Hello, I am Caleb' he smiled, 'Hello' I greeted back, 'Can I take your drinks order?' he asked us, but looked at me.


'All vodka's and cokes' Zayn piped up from the back, looking into the bluey-green eyes of Caleb. 'I will have wine' I interject, 'White or Red?' he asked, 'Surprise me' I laughed at him, he nodded then took our food orders and walked away. 'Any need for that' I heard Zayn speak to me, I roll my eyes and look the other way.


The next half an hour is filled with meaningless chat, Zayn flirting with Perrie, Harry constantly asking if I am okay, and me just sat smiling. Also Caleb walking by every now and then smiling at me. Six and a half glasses of wine later, I have picked at my plate of food, getting fed up of seeing Zayn keep on whispering in Perrie's ear and her giggling.


'Excuse me' I whispered, and stood up 'Where are you going?' Harry held my hand softly, 'I need to get out of here, I can't watch that any more' I sighed and walked out the door. I stood outside the window, so they still could see me. I looked up and the sky, it was now dark with stars. The restaurant was almost empty expect our table, and one old couple.


'You must be cold' I heard, I turn to see Caleb. I laughed, 'No I am fine, just... needing air' I sighed, and he looked up at the sky like me, 'Its pretty right' he spoke, his hands in his pockets. 'I guess' I sighed. He placed to glasses on the small table beside me, I glance back inside to see Liam is looking at me, now Zayn is too but he doesn't move.


'You look like you need some more wine' he smirked, and pulled out a bottle from behind his back. 'Can you do this?... Like your working' I laughed, he shrugged 'This is my good deed for the day' he laughed, and leant against the railing holding a glass for me.


'So which one is your boyfriend?' he asked, 'Me what makes you think that one of them is?' I spoke to him. 'Well the one with the bluey-green eyes has been making you laugh all night, the one with Brown eyes keeps watching you, the blue eyes looks every now and again, The curly one has been making sure your okay, and the other one... I can't figure him out, the black haired one, I have no clue' he laughed, 'Louis, the one who made me laugh I have done stuff with him but were friends, Blue eyes, is Niall we use to date, Liam looks after me, Harry the curly one, he is my best friend and I had a thing with him... Zayn, he is hard to figure out... meant to be my boyfriend but flirting with her' I sighed.


'Well you know what I think?' he spoke, standing up straight. 'I think, he is crazy to be ignoring you' he told me making me blush. 'Can we get out of here?' I asked him, 'In half an hour sure' he spoke, his shift still hadn't finished. 'Can I help you then, I don't want to go back and sit with them' I asked, 'how good are you at pouring wine?' he asked me lightly, 'Really good' I chuckled, 'then you can keep out drinks topped up' he laughed.


We walked back inside, and they all looked at me expectantly. I sat at the bar with our glasses, as Caleb busted the tables. The boys and Perrie all stood up, and grabbed there jackets. 'Brook, were leaving' Zayn told me, I looked to Caleb then him. 'Your leaving, I'm staying' I told him. He shook his head and walked over, 'Stop it, you've made you point now come on' he snapped, pulling my wrist.


'Zayn stop!' I yelled, good the thing the old couple had left. 'Brook!' he shouted, 'I don't want to tell you again, we're going' he snapped, 'Harry tell him' I begged for Harry to stop him. 'Dude, she will be fine' Harry stopped. 'The usual running to Harry for help' he snapped, 'Well your never the one helping are you!?' I shouted at him, he dropped my arm.


He turned to Caleb. 'Caleb is it?... You better fucking look after her tonight, I swear you lay even a finger on... your a dead man' he growled, 'Nice to see who you have choose Brook' Zayn snapped, 'Coming from you' he snapped. 'What's that suppose to mean?' he asked me, 'I am never shocked when you let me down now Zayn. I hate when I put myself in the position to be let down in the first place' I whispered.


'Maybe we shouldn't fix us then? We're broken. Maybe its about starting over and creating something better than what I had with you Brook!' he yelled at me, 'Maybe your right, so go home and leave me here' I say letting a tear roll down my cheek. He walked out, 'You too guys, go' I snap. 'Oh and Perrie, Touch him and your dead' I tell her.




I sit at the bar with Caleb. The next bar, is the 7th one now?'Do you make a habit out of this?' I half slurred, 'What do you mean?' he chuckled also drunk. 'Giving girls wine one the first day?' I laughed, 'Only if they are extremely beautiful' he spoke, I blushed. 'Where to now?' I asked, 'I should get you home' he spoke, 'No. Not yet. I am not ready' I sighed, thinking of the hurt look on Zayn's face when I told him to go.


I swear, I am not falling apart.





Awhhh poor Brook </3



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